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Nostalgia is a ZERO-G virtual instrument powered by Native Instruments, featuring over 1.3 gigabytes of sounds and more than 1,300 patches from four decades of electronic instruments. Programming wizard and all-round synth enthusiast Steve Howell has used his 30+ years of experience and knowledge of these various instruments to create arguably the best and most accurate representations of some of the world's greatest synths, keyboards and beat boxes that he has either owned or used in a professional capacity as either a sound designer, sound engineer, player or composer in one way or another. Steve has also used his 16+ years of developing professional sample libraries to provide highly optimized and memory-efficient, seamlessly looped samples of a heritage of instruments that have paved the way for where we are today - over 40 years of innovation and (often naive) pioneering spirit encapsulated in one definitive sample collection of abject 'NOSTALGIA'! Whatever your chosen musical genre there's a place for any of these sounds in your music. Whether it's old-skool lo-fi beatboxes, huge Gothic Tron sounds, smooth Prophet pads and strings, beefy Moog basses or leads, classic electric pianos, swirly string synths, cheezy toys, classic samplers, brittle digital synths, evolving S+S textures.

Zero G Nostalgia Keygen Download

ZERO-G NOSTALGIA is now ready to load into your copy of Native Instruments KONTAKT. It features around 1.3GB of WAV sounds (over 4500 samples) from four decade.

Mintek Rc 600b Manual Arts. You name it - with over 5,000 samples and more than 1,300 patches, it's probably there in this huge Kompakt collection that has effectively been 40 years in the making. The whole Nostalgia library is presented within NI's stunning state-of-the-art Kompakt Instrument sampler interface, which makes no compromises in the playing and performing of sample-based instruments.

Powerful multi-mode filters, envelopes, and LFOs give this sample library enormous flexibility and a wealth of creative possibilities. The integrated high-quality reverb, chorus, and delay effects can give each sample life and depth. You will find that the clean and intuitive Kompakt Instrument interface doesn't let technology get in the way of your creativity! All important instrument parameters can be immediately adjusted without the need to page, scroll, or fumble through a manual! Programming notes: Sound Quality All the sounds were recorded and processed at 16 Bit resolution and 44. Download Film Digimon 2 Full Episode on this page. 1KHz sample rate.

The Instruments list groups the sounds into categories. The categories are as follows: 01 US Classics 02 Euro Classics 03 Japanese Classics 04 Playback Keyboards 05 Organs 06 Electro-Mechanicals 07 Digital ROMpler synths 08 Vintage Samplers 09 Cheap n Cheezy 10 Obscure Synths 11 Drum Synths 12 Classic Beatboxes 13 Obscure Beatboxes 14 Sci-Fi 15 Atmosferics 16 String Synths 17 Basses Memory Size All programming has been carried out to minimize the size of the patches thus reducing CPU and Memory Usage. However, the software interface will allow you to activate a Direct from Disk (DFD) functionality if you prefer, thereby enabling the streaming of the samples direct from your hard disk drive. Modulation Wheel Assignments Every single virtual instrument has the Modulation Wheel assigned to a function.

This gives a lot of dynamic control over the character of the sound. Please try out the modulation wheel when playing each patch. The Mod Wheel may be assigned to one of several different controllers including Tune LFO, Filter Cutoff, Pan and Volume depending on the patch in question. Polyphony All instruments are programmed at the default polyphony of 32 notes except for a selection of patches from synths that were originally monophonic and some bass sounds which have thus been programmed as monophonic.

If you wish to increase the polyphony please do so. Multis Up to 8 instruments can be combined in a Multi giving a vast array of possible combinations of the supplied single instruments. For example try combining a couple of bass instruments for some really fat and thunderous sounds.

Or how about combining a Sawtooth and Square wave pad and then using the modwheel to crossfade between them. This latter effect is easy to set up in Nostalgia by over-riding the pre-programmed Mod Wheel assignments. Simply set the Mod Wheel to control one instrument with positive volume control and the other with negative volume control. CPU Load The exact CPU load of any given sampled instrument depends on a myriad of factors - the power of your computer, notes played, complexity of the instrument etc.

However if you find the CPU load is too high for any particular instrument the quickest way of reducing this is to see if the instrument uses any of Kompakt's own built in FX. If so these can be turned off to maximise CPU efficiency. Supported Interfaces & Standards: • VST 2.0, DXi, ASIO, Soundmanager, OMS, Audio Units, Core Audio, RTAS. Minimum Requirements: • Windows XP/ME/98, Pentium III/ Athlon 400 MHz, 256 MB RAM • Mac OS 10.2.6 or higher, G3 500 MHz, 256 MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive. Recommended System: • Windows XP, Pentium III/ Athlon 700 MHz, 512 MB • Mac OS 10.2.6 or higher, G4 733, 512 MB, DVD-ROM drive • *PLEASE NOTE NATIVE INSTRUMENT'S KOMPAKT PLAYER IS NOT INTEL MAC COMPATIBLE, IF YOU WISH TO USE THIS PRODUCT WITH AN INTEL MAC YOU NEED TO OWN KONTAKT 2.2 OR LATER.