Visual Studio 2010 Express Download Offline Installation Java

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Updated: November 16, 2016 The new home for Visual Studio documentation is on For the latest installation documentation for Visual Studio 2017, see. To view installation information about previous versions of Visual Studio, click the 'Other Versions' link at the top of this page. This page includes detailed information to help you with installing Visual Studio 2015, our integrated suite of productivity tools for developers. We've also included links to get you quickly to information about,,,, and more. Before we dig in to the details, here's a list of our most frequently requested links.

Visual Studio 2010 Express Download Offline Installation Java

Downloads: To install Visual Studio 2015, you can download a product executable file from the page (subscription required), or use the installation media from the boxed product.. Features: To learn more about the features in Visual Studio 2015, see the release notes for,,, and.

Visual Studio 2010 Express Download Offline Installation Java

SKUs: To find out what's available in each edition of Visual Studio 2015, see our page. System Requirements: To view the system requirements for each edition of Visual Studio 2015, see the page. Product Keys: To locate your product key, see the topic. Licensing: To find out about licensing options for both individuals or enterprise customers, see the white paper. When you install Visual Studio 2015, you can include or exclude components that you'd use on a daily basis. This means that a Default installation will often be smaller and install faster than a Custom installation. It also means that many components that were installed by default in previous versions now are considered Custom components that you must explicitly select in this version.

Custom components include Visual C++, Visual F#, SQL Server Data Tools, Cross-platform mobile tools and SDKs, and third-party SDKs and extensions. You can install any of the custom components at a later time if you don't select them during the initial setup.

How to launch the Android SDK Manager to download and install additional Android SDK components. How to prepare an. However, you may wish to configure Visual Studio with custom locations for these tools (for example, if you have installed the Java JDK, Android SDK, or NDK in a different location). Click Change. This tutorial will guide on how to create an installer for your Visual Studio solution. After the build is completed successfully, it will create two main files: HelloWorld.exe which is the output from the C# project and Installer Project.msi which is the. Let's suppose we have an Enterprise edition of Advanced Installer.

Note A Custom installation automatically includes the components that are in a Default installation. You can install Visual Studio by using installation media (DVDs), by using your Visual Studio subscription service from the website, by downloading a web installer from the website, or by creating an offline installation layout (see the page for more details). Important You need administrator credentials to install Visual Studio. However, you don't need them to use Visual Studio after you install it.

Your local administrator account must have the following privileges enabled to install everything in Visual Studio. Local Policy Object Display Name User Right Backup Files and directories SeBackupPrivilege Debug programs SeDebugPrivilege Manage auditing and security log SeSecurityPrivilege For more information on this local administrator account requirement, see the Knowledge Base article,. Using installation media To install Visual Studio, in the root directory on the Visual Studio installation media, run the installation file for the edition you want: Edition Installation File Visual Studio Enterprise vs_enterprise.exe Visual Studio Professional vs_professional.exe Visual Studio Community vs_community.exe Downloading from the product website Visit the page, and select the edition of Visual Studio that you want. Downloading from your subscription service Visit the page, and select the edition of Visual Studio that you want. Creating an offline installation layout If you do not have the Visual Studio installation media, or you do not have a Visual Studio subscription, or you do not want to install Visual Studio by using the web installer, you can perform a 'disconnected' installation by creating what is known as an offline installation layout. For more information, see the page.

For information about how to deploy Visual Studio over a network, see the. Installing Visual Studio in a virtualized environment Video Issues with Hyper-V If you run Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V enabled and an accelerated graphics adapter, you may experience system slowdowns. For more information, see the following page on the Microsoft website:. Emulating Devices with Hyper-V When you install Visual Studio 2015 on real hardware without virtualization, you can choose features that enable emulation of Windows and Android devices using Hyper-V. When you install into Hyper-V, you will not be able to emulate the Windows or Android devices. This is because the emulators are themselves virtual machines, and you cannot currently host a VM inside another VM.

The workaround is to have real Windows or Android devices to which you can directly deploy and debug your application. Extract Windows Cab Files Xp on this page. After you install Visual Studio, you can download additional Help content so that it will be available offline. To install or uninstall Help content • On the Visual Studio menu bar, choose Help, Add and Remove Help Content.

• On the Manage Content tab of the Microsoft Help Viewer, select the installation source for your Help content. • If you're looking for a specific Help collection, enter the name or a keyword in the Search text box, and then press Enter.

• Next to the name of the Help collection you want, choose the Add or Remove link. • Click the Update button. For more information about how to install or deploy offline Help, see the. To repair Visual Studio • In Control Panel, on the Programs and Features page, choose the product edition that you want to repair, and then choose Change.

• In the Setup wizard, choose Repair, choose Next, and then follow the remaining instructions. To repair Visual Studio in silent or passive modes (that is, to repair from source) • On the computer where Visual Studio is installed, open the Windows command prompt.

• Enter the following parameters: DVDRoot [/norestart]/Repair. Use these resources to get help for setup and installation issues: • forum. Review questions and answers from others in the Visual Studio community. If you don't find what you need, ask your own questions.

Read knowledge base (KB) articles and learn how to contact Microsoft Support for information about issues with Visual Studio installation. • For releases of Visual Studio 2015, you can report your issue by using the Connect site. It’s best if your issue includes the installation logs. You can prepare your logs for the issue report by using the Microsoft Visual Studio and.NET Framework Log Collection Tool, as described in the following steps.

• Download the installation diagnostic tool from. • From an elevated command prompt, run the collect.exe program. • After the collect.exe program completes, fetch the file from your Temp directory and upload that into the issue report.

Title Description Describes how to install Visual Studio when you are not connected to the Internet. Provides information about how to install multiple versions of Visual Studio on the same computer. Lists the command-line parameters that you can use when you install Visual Studio from a command prompt. Describes how to uninstall Visual Studio. Provides information about deployment options for Visual Studio. Provides information about how to install graphics that you can use in Visual Studio applications. Includes information and links that can help you use Visual Studio more effectively.

Because Xamarin is now included with all editions of Visual Studio at no extra cost and does not require a separate license, you can use the Visual Studio installer to download and install Xamarin tools. Riviera The Promised Land Torrent Download more. • • • • • • Requirements The following are required for installing Visual Studio tools for Xamarin: • Windows 7 or higher. • Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 (Community, Professional, or Enterprise). • Xamarin for Visual Studio. Note that Xamarin cannot be used with Express editions of Visual Studio due to lack of plug-in support.

For more information about the pre-requisites for installing and using Xamarin, see. Installation Xamarin can be installed as part of a new Visual Studio installation.

To achieve this, use the following steps: • Download Visual Studio Community, Visual Studio Professional, or Visual Studio Enterprise from the page (download links are provided at the bottom). • Double-click the downloaded package to start installation. • Select the Mobile development with.NET workload from the installation screen: • While Mobile development with.NET is selected, have a look at the Summary panel on the right. Here, you can deselect mobile development options that you do not want to install. By default, all options shown in the following screenshot are installed ( Xamarin Workbooks, Xamarin Profiler, Xamarin Remoted Simulator, Android NDK, Android SDK, Java SE Development Kit, Google Android Emulator, F# support, and Intel HAXM): • When you are ready to begin Visual Studio installation, click the Install button in the lower right-hand corner: Depending on which edition of Visual Studio you are installing, the installation process can take a long time to complete.

You can use the progress bars to monitor the installation: • When Visual Studio installation has completed, click the Launch button to start Visual Studio: Adding Xamarin to Visual Studio 2017 If Visual Studio 2017 is already installed, you can add Xamarin by re-rerunning the Visual Studio installer to modify workloads (see for details). Next, follow the steps listed above to install Xamarin. For more information about downloading and installing Visual Studio 2017, see. Adding Xamarin to Visual Studio 2015 To add Xamarin.Android to an existing installation of Visual Studio 2015, use the following steps: • Right-click the Windows Start button and select Programs and Features.

• Right-click Microsoft Visual Studio and click Change. • When the Visual Studio Installer dialog appears, click the Modify button. • In the Features tab, scroll down to Cross Platform Mobile Development.

Click the checkbox next to C#/.NET (Xamarin): • Click the UPDATE button to add Xamarin to Visual Studio. Verifying Installation In Visual Studio 2017, you can verify that Xamarin is installed by clicking the Help menu.

If Xamarin is installed, you should see a Xamarin menu item as shown in this screenshot: If you are using an earlier versions of Visual Studio, you can click Help >About Microsoft Visual Studio and scroll through the list of installed products to see if Xamarin is installed: For more information about locating version information, see Next Steps Installing Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin allows you to start writing code for your apps, but does require additional setup for building and deploying your apps to simulator, emulator, and device. Visit the following guides to complete your installation and start building cross platform apps. IOS For more detailed information, see the guide. • • • (To run your application on device).

• • • Android For more detailed information, see the guide.