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Bootcamp Bluetooth Driver Windows Xp more. UPSC Combined Defence Services Exam papers Download previous years,CDS Solved Papers PDF free download,CDS Preparation Material Important topics and ques. GS Score PT Test Series 2018 with 27 Tests & 13 Revision classes will start from 7th Jan, 2018. UPSC Mains 2017: GS Paper 3 Model Hints. IAS Preliminary Exam Syllabus (General Studies).

Books for UPSC Civil Service Main Exam overlap with many books recommended for Prelims. But Mains stage demands certain additional books as there are new topics like Foreign Relations, Internal Security, Ethics etc. We suggest a mix of NCERT Books, Government websites, newspapers along with new textbooks in the market for mains preparation. Don’t forget to read our online study materials for mains too. The mentioned books are based on the feedback from many aspirants/toppers who found them useful for the exam. We keep updating this page when new books worth the time and money of candidate appear in the market.

So come back to check this page again! Books for UPSC Civil Service Main Exam Preparation (Click on the links to buy online) •. (Geography) •.

(Geography) •. (Geography) •. (Science and Technology) •. (Environment) •. (Environment) • (Current Affairs) •. (Current Affairs) • (Essay Paper) • (History – GS1) • OR (World History – GS1) •.

(Indian Society – GS1) • (Arihant Manual – GS2) •. (Governance – GS2) •. How Many Years Is A Michigan Driver License Good For. (Foreign Policy – GS2) •. (Foreign Policy – GS2) •. (Arihant Manual – GS3) •. (Internal Security – GS3) •.

Upsc General Studies Books Pdf Free Download

(Internal Security – GS3) •. ( Ethics – GS4) •. ( Arihant Manual – GS4).