The Sims Freeplay Hack Money

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The Sims Freeplay Hack Money

5k money and inspired sims cheat WORKS EVERYTIME AND SIMPLE!Added 1 Jan 2013, ID #1785. All the other 5-10k cheats have stopped working for me so I decided to experiment and found this one that works for me all the time even after the xmas update. Go to sims freeplay 2. Exit the app and go to settings.

Get your Sims inspired. Inspired Sims earn more Simoleons when they complete tasks. You can inspire Sims by fulfilling their needs. To see a Sims' needs, select him or her and look at the bars. If the Sim is hungry, use the fridge to eat. If the Sim is low on Fun, rest by watching TV or playing on the computer.

If your Sims' social needs are low, try petting your dog, talking to other Sims on the phone, or meeting them in person. • You can quickly and easily raise your Sim's Energy by drinking espresso. You don't actually need to sleep if you use this constantly! • When interacting with other Sims, 'Be Funny' will usually raise the bar to the maximum. • You can purchase Cupcakes for LP that will make your Sims inspired, or you can buy a Cocktail at the Nightclub for Simoleons. Use the Sim's dog to dig up money and Lifestyle Points. After the dog digs up Lifestyle Points, praise him so he knows that he will get praised if he digs up Lifestyle Points.

This will mean more rewards for you later. You can also buy the bone for 2LP for your dog. It will get you Simoleons and LPs faster. • The more expensive your cat or dog is, the faster it will gather Simoleons and LP. • If your dog doesn't have the dig/pounce sign on it, get a toddler to play with it or an adult to praise it. Do this twice and it should run or slowly walk away. Usually this will lead it to find something, and repeating the process can get you even more stuff.

Grow vegetables. When they are completed, you will earn more money depending on what you grew. Overnight, while you're asleep, have your Sims gardening (all the ones who aren't at work or busy). If you garden 7 or 8 hour crops at night, you'll wake up to lots of Simoleons and XP. Make sure they are inspired because they'll earn 1.5X the Simoleons.

• Try planting bell pepper seeds, as bell pepper seeds are free and it only takes 30 seconds for them to grow and be ready to sell! After they are ready you can sell them for a few Simoleons.

Download Free Kaki King Until We Felt Red Rar Software Cnet. • You can dedicate one lot in your town to gardening. 4 Groups Sanguine 4 Regimes Pdf To Jpg more. Place at least one garden on the lot per Sim in your town. Get all or most of your Sims inspired at once, and take them all to the lot to garden.