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To ask other readers questions about Thai for Beginners [With 2 CDs], please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Thai for Beginners [With 2 CDs]. Tones and Pronunciation in Thai; Do I Need to Learn to Read and Write in Thai? 6 Steps to Learn to Speak Thai as a Beginner; Recommended Resources, Teachers and Schools. I've also prepared an amazing PDF bonus to accompany this post: 150+ Essential Beginner Thai Words & Phrases for Effective Conversations.

Thai For Beginners Becker Pdf ViewerThai For Beginners Becker Pdf Viewer

The following list of links mostly comes from who shares Thai language resources, learning tips and techniques as well as local quirks and insights into Thailand. Here it is, the mother of all FREE Thai resources: Free Thai courses, ebooks, audio books, songs, dictionaries, audio files, videos, podcasts, YouTube channels, alphabet lessons, grammar lessons, cheat sheets, flashcards, typing tutors, keyboards, games, quizzes, study aids, iOS apps (iPhone, iPad, iPod), radio, tv, newspapers, spoken Thai, written Thai and more. I've gone through, edited the list a bit, cut out a few and added a few of our own gems you might like. Top Thai language learning websites WLT shares Thai language resources, learning tips and techniques. As well as local quirks and insights into Thailand. Internet resource for learning the Thai language: Lessons, forums, dictionary with an excellent search criteria, and Thai language reference.

Has a huge free reading resource called 'Learning Thai with Maanee' that uses the Maanee books that were used to teach Thai primary school children from 1978-1994. You can download all 12 PDF books. But they have gone one step further in providing side-by-side transliteration & translation of each page along with audio of the full text and individual words and sentences for the first 5 books, with more in the future. Streaming live 90 Thailand TV/cable channels - most in Thai but some in English A friendly, intelligent spaced learning system. For Windows, Mac and Linux.

Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Free online Thai courses The complete set of AUA’s ALG videos. Download the sound files here. The book for the online files,. Animated course teaching the basics of Thai. Reading, writing, grammar. Online flashcards, quizzes, lessons created from the FSI materials, sound included. Thai language course developed by the Foreign Service Institute.

Pdf and mp3 downloads. FSI supplementary textbook for self-study. Pdf download and MP3. Updated FSI Thai materials (a work in progress). A greatly revised and expanded version of his dissertation, ‘An Outline of Siamese Grammar’. Free download but need. Defense Language Institute - Reading and listening lessons taken from articles, TV, radio, etc.

Educational materials for kids. A lot of material but the site is written completely in Thai.

The lessons are written for English-speaking expats living in Thailand, travelers to Thailand, those doing business in Thailand, and those who are simply learning the language. Mp3 audio and mp4 video downloads. Learn the Thai writing system via the AUA Thai Course Reading Book. Produced by the Thai Language Program, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Includes pdfs and sound.

These are the same materials as 'Learning Thai 101' above, but with a different url. A 100% aural based series of flashcards which automatically adjust to your level. Supported by Northern Illinois University, this site is slightly old-fashioned but well worth the time it takes to dig into all the various nooks and crannies. Includes sound. Spoken Thai has been adapted from the book of the same name authored by Mary R.

Haas and Heng R. 30 lessons, includes sound. Created by Chiangmai University, with a Creative Commons license. It is an excellent online course for the Thai beginner.

Includes activities, animation, sound and pdf downloads. Thai course with 26 lessons. By Stuart Campbell and Chuan Shaweevongs (Fifth Edition, not under copyright). This book is designed to be used with the and the Thai Vocabulary. By Mary Haas. Free online Thai mini lessons. • • • • Thai Language Survival Kits • • • • • For a conflict situation Pdf and mp3 downloads.

If you can’t read the Thai script, click on the icons. Learn Thai online with simple games. 400 + short lessons sponsored by 101 Languages has an overview of the Thai language.

Also beneficial are the notes detailing his. Learn to read Thai via photos of signs. Includes sound. Excellent resource with Thai consonant / vowel flashcards, printable flashcards for the Thai consonants and vowels, consonant shape learning aid, chart of the 44 Thai consonants arranged by similar shape, voice viewer, the five tones of the Thai language, the consonant sounds of Thai, the vowel sounds of Thai, pronunciation guide systems for Thai.

Lessons cover greetings, how to wai, how to make a suggestion politely, giving a snappy retort, how much money to give a beggar, dialects. Ten basic lessons for speaking Thai. Thai transliteration only, no Thai script or sound. Thai alphabet and phrases (with sound). Articles on the Thai language. Interactive game to learn Thai numbers, colours, fruits and vegetables.

200+ YouTube videos created. Use mnemonics to get a handle on a handful of Thai words. A language learning system using association and transliteration. No Thai script or sound. Thai iPod language guide.

Thai language guide app for iPhone & iPod touch. Pdf and Mp3 downloads. Thai Language cheat sheets and free downloads. (pdf) In Stu’s post, Jazz Lessons on Language – Improvisation 101 – Stuart Jay Raj’s Indic Script Compass, there are two cheat sheets mentioned. One (Indic Script Consonant Compass) you can download from his post. First edition of David Smyth’s popular grammar book. Pdf download.

(Pdf download 41 kb) Tod Daniel’s cheat sheet to study the initial and ending sounds of the Thai alphabet. (Thanks Tod) (Pdf download 124 kb) (Pdf download 124 kb) This intensive and well-researched cheat sheet includes classes, tone marks, clusters, symbols, final consonants and more (beginners will need keep a grammar book handy). English, transliteration and Thai script (thanks NguuMuu). Ben Crowder from Riverglen Press has three downloads on his site. The last two are for the religious minded, the Thai script card is for everyone.

Written by Veradej Wisetjarkhun, this is a wonderful cheat sheet to learn the Thai alphabet and tones. (Excel download 38 kb) This handy sheet covers ceilings, foundations and footings, windows and doors, electricity and bathrooms (thanks Andy). Download a free, bilingual English-Thai housing/shop rental contract to use to rent from a Thai landlord. From, these flash cards solve the transliteration dilemma by leaving the choice up to you. Free Thai lessons from pay sites Software which includes a collection of lists to learn Thai.

Download software with sound. Conversation course (400 Thai words with sentences), 5 lesson vocabulary course (50 Thai words), and the first 3 lessons free for their Thai script course. Online course. L-Lingo Thai uses content from their language learning application, L-Ceps Personaltrainer Thai.

Thai exercises, phrases and vocab. Using a flashcard system, you can go with either a free or premium account. Thai Vocabulary Includes almost 5000 Thai words with translations. English-Thai Thai-English dictionaries Contains more than 83,000 English words and phrases translated into Thai. Community forum with live chat, online Thai keyboard.

Glosbe has translations and examples of usage. A dictionary with recordings of words, phrases, dialogues and recordings A serious English-Thai, Japanese-Thai, German-Thai, French-Thai dictionary. Official dictionary of the Thai language. Based on data developed by the Mary Haas Thai Dictionary Project.

Thai – English Dictionary Online. Handy dictionary with a whole lot more as it’s designed to assist in learning the Thai language, as well as translating from Thai to English. Dictionary of over 36001 Thai words and phrases with English definitions, and 13146 audio clips. Database of 14m words from books, newspapers, legal and other sources with part-of-speech tagging for comparing word usage.

This is a single search dictionary (one word, not sentences). Dave’s BangkokMac online Flashcards:, and. Learning the Thai Alphabet:,,. Vintage Thai alphabet poster at Thai tones and pronunciation A simple Thai tone test.

It can be accessed from your smartphone (excellent for testing yourself from speeding taxis). A small quiz from Crowdsourcing site where you can add words (record and upload), pronounce, listen & learn. YouTube and video Thai language You can also get the ALG videos on the site at: Learn Thai Language Videos Automatic Language Growth (ALG), is a language learning method.

Ditto with in Bangkok. This is a growing list of Thai TV shows compiled by Josh from. The scripts for this channel can be found.

Mp3 audio and mp4 video files for learners of the Thai language. The free podcasts from. The YouTube home of Benjawan Poomsan Becker (, etc) More lessons can be found on her website: Polyglot Stu from.

While there, be sure to check out his new Thai TV Show เหนือชั้น 1000 แปลก. Translated into English by WLT at (taking out most of the rude parts;-). Thai-American John makes his way through learning the Thai language. It’s a learning process as he doesn’t get it quite right in the beginning. Thai Language Lessons: For more, check out. So far he has and.

Online Thai radio and tv stations. Stream in 16 channels.

Streaming live 90 channels Streaming 24 stations Streaming 41 channels and stations Almost 60 radio stations with live streams VOA broadcasts news, information, educational, and cultural programming. Mp3 downloads. Online Thai newspapers. (ไทยรัฐ) Online Thai audio A Thai Podcast Channel Thai radio in Japan. Free Thai downloads at the Paknam Web Thailand Forums.

Various styles of Thai speech: royal speeches, academic lectures, oral literature. Thai script and audio. Thai listening and reading Each post has a short article in Thai and English, with audio for both. You can read along with the audio online, or copy everything to your computer to study at a later time. Using articles from VOA () Self Study Thai has Thai audio, transcripts, English translations and flashcards. Five minute audio clips with transcripts covering a variety of topics for intermediate learners of Thai. WLT Review: For intermediate Thai students who aim to improving their reading.

Also provides insights into Thai culture. Thai music and language learning sites Practice reading seven songs. Each song is accompanied by culture notes, grammar notes and explanation. Online Thai readers. Has a huge free reading resource called 'Learning Thai with Maanee' that uses the Maanee books that were used to teach Thai primary school children from 1978-1994. You can download all 12 PDF books.

But they have gone one step further in providing side-by-side transliteration & translation of each page along with audio of the full text and individual words and sentences for the first 5 books, with more in the future. Hugh Long from generously released three free pdf downloads, which includes a vocabulary list to go with it. Thai Literature audio books. Pdf and mp3s downloads. English language poems with Thai translations Daisy Stories:,,,.

Manii Reader 1 and 2, as well as online vocabulary tests. It’s old and clunky, but it is there if you need it. Pdf and mp3 downloads.

Rikker from points us to these online jewels for the advanced Thai reader. The motherload of online Thai-English reading. Sounds are lacking for whole paragraphs, but when you click on individual words the search takes you to a dictionary with sound and video. Be sure to check out the while you are there. The lexical range represented in the early lessons is approximately that of lessons 1 through 50 in the Thai series prepared for A.U.A. Translated modern Thai literature, by Marcel Barang. By the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

There are two readers with 76 lessons. Volume I is for beginners up to high readers, Volume II is for intermediate to advanced readers. Includes pdf downloads And don’t forget the Reading a foreign language is usually more interesting when reading a subject you enjoy. Typing in Thai software and online keyboards A fantastic multilingual typing tutor for the Mac. Note: check out the Thai-English-Thai dictionary (editable), along with the quiz generator (uses the dictionary). Thai Notes has a Thai typing trainer, Thai speed trainer, custom speed trainer, Thai typing game, flashcard game, IPA typing tool and Thai typing tool.

Browser based typing trainer. By Josh Sager, hosted on Type in Thai offers an interesting way to improve your typing skills. First you practice by typing out the different Thai phrases. Then, when you feel you are ready, you can move on to the challenges. Simple online Thai keyboard for learning the Thai language.

If your keyboard does not support typing in Thai, the Virtual Thai keyboard can help. Typing in Thai advice Logic for learning the Thai keyboard.

Tips on typing in Thai from Stuart Jay Raj. Thai fonts A collection of collected Thai fonts to download and links to others. Language forums with Thai learners Online polyglot community for self teaching many languages; Thai included. Be sure to check out (gleaned from Paknam Web Thailand Forums. Forum sections for beginners and intermediate, Thai grammar, Thai songs translated. Hundreds of mp3 files to download.

Forum for A decent mix of beginning to advanced Thai learners. Online language exchange partners with Thai learners Through you can have three types of language exchange: Face to face conversation, correspondence (pen-pal), text and voice chat. International language exchange. Language learning network. A social network and online resource for learning foreign languages.

You write in the language you are studying, native speakers correct your entries, you correct theirs. Windows File Protection Wfp Patcher Switcher Locomotives here. Language exchange via email, text chat and voice chat. Learn at your own pace, connect with foreign language partners around the world.

Learn & practice languages with partners around the world. Conversational foreign language learning social network. Language exchange community. Language exchange via Skype. Learning in tandem means you exchange your language with an other person, who maybe lives in the other part of the world and speaks an other language. A language exchange community for everyone. is a an online language learning platform that brings language teachers and students together using Skype internet telephony. The social network for learning languages.

Cannabis Sativa Monograph Pdf there. About the Thai language Brief overview of the Thai language (consonants, vowels, reading, writing, etc) in the left nav. History of the Thai script. Posted by the University of Electro-Communications. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Basic sentences using Thai script and transliteration. A brief site on the Thai language. Includes sound.

An outline of the Thai language. Thai language schools, dictionary, words and other resources about Thai. Outline of the Thai language from the ESL Teachers Board Misc Thai Language Resources Food normally used in Thai cooking.

Photos, transliteration and Thai script. Children’s site with animation. I need to poke around more Multilingual, multi-script plant name database. Reading from Signs is part of a mini-grant project for Less Commonly Taught Languages at the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition at the University of Minnesota.

An extensive list of papers, books, and Thai courses. (From Rikkr, in Thai) 2107 Thai words with their language source (where applicable). A growing list of Thai words that are similar to English words. Same concept as above, only with Thai letters (Quote: the goal is to introduce letters one by one so as not to overwhelm the student). Thai characters, writing in Thai, vowels, tones, grammar and spelling. Includes sound.

Origins of farang. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From Wikitravel. From Wikiquote. Enter your name in English to get your name in Thai. SRS (Flash Cards) software A friendly, intelligent spaced learning system.

For Windows, Mac and Linux. Free and paid software bundle (includes Thai). For Windows and Mac.

A free open-source Java application that manages your learning processes by using flashcards and the famous Leitner system. For Windows, Mac and Linux. Uses a combination of ultra-shortterm, shortterm, and longterm memory. You can use it to learn all the things efficiently you never want to forget, like vocabulary, capitals, important dates, etc.

For Windows, Mac, Linux and more. Free vocabulary trainer for Mac OS X.

A sophisticated flash-card tool to optimize your learning process, as well as a research project into the nature of long-term memory. For Windows, Mac and Linux. SRS (Flash Cards) resources Flash cards from Dave’s Quizzes to help you learn and review vocabulary. Advice on using words lists.

Articles on learning Thai and a compulsive, obsessive personality. The Royal Institute has recognized the importance of adopting foreign words such as names and specialized scientific terms into the Thai language. How to be conversational in Thai (hmmm) By Peansiri Vongvipanond, presented to a workshop of teachers of social science organized by the University of New Orleans.

Free Download: Thai Reader Project If your Thai learning adventure has come to a halt due to the lack of intermediate to advanced materials, the University of Wisconsin’s could be a fine fit: The authors have attempted to create effective lessons in the reading of Thai that will help learners progress from the level of basic literacy to reading at the advanced level. The lessons are based on authentic readings of the sort that learners of Thai will encounter in daily life in Thailand, ranging from basic informational texts to such as menus, timetables, newspaper advertisements and the like, to more complex texts such as news articles, editorials and short narratives.

There are two readers with 76 lessons. Volume I is for beginners up to high readers, Volume II is for intermediate to advanced readers. I am sooooo chuffed that the lesson materials are not tourist Thai, but actual Thai one would find living in or visiting the Kingdom. As mentioned, this is a free resource, no purchase required.

Just download the many PDF files here: Lesson Volume I: Lesson Volume II: Note: I have added this resource to WLT’s growing section. There you will find other intermediate resources such as Hugh Leong’s downloads.

PS: My thanks goes to Bankei for this great find. Catherine, Thanks for sharing the link. It looks great. That’s being said I am a bit disappointed in the end. Lessons are clearly made for print not for online usage. They must have put great effort working on the design of their lessons but in my opinion it is to the detriment of the potential user.

For most people with a so so printer, the printing costs with such a design will make this free ressources more expensive than a regular book such as the Becker’s books or other free ressources available for print such as the Gething’s Thai reader. Add to that, that there is no sound files (unlike the Gething’s or with an additional cost the becker’s books), no indication on how to pronounce Thai words properly and no correction for the exercises and you obtain the following: a valuable work which required quite a lot of time and effort to put together but which I guess will remain largely underused. Rem – You didn’t come across as overly critical to me, just concerned.

Thai learning materials bring the same out in me too. I know what I need to learn, and it seems that I spend more time getting materials the way I need for them to work, then actually studying. I too contacted Professor Bickner to congratulate him and his team. I also asked the Professor if he would please contribute to WLT’s Successful Thai Learners Interview series. I do hope that he can find the time. So Professor Bickner, if you are reading this, we would love to read about your Thai learning experiences (the good and not so good), as well as any advice you have to share:-).