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About This Icon pack is a custom-tailored creation for the TeamSpeak style. A stand-alone usage, ideally with a low-keyed theme, is possible, but it is highly recommended to be used in combination with a theme from the DarkenTS series. Installation Browser Download the attached file called DarkenTS_v1.7.1.ts3_iconpack, double-click the file after the download is completed, press the Install button, and enjoy your new TeamSpeak experience. (A restart of the TeamSpeak application may be required. Seeda Concrete Green Zip. ) In-App Press the Install button. (A restart of the TeamSpeak application is required.) Customisation • Variations of player talk status icons Navigate to ├ Windows: '%APPDATA% TS3Client gfx DarkenTS Customisation' ├ Linux: '~/.ts3client/gfx/DarkenTS/Customisation' ├ macOS: '~/Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/gfx/DarkenTS/Customisation' └ and follow the instructions in the README. Changelog Head over to the dedicated or open ├ Windows: '%AppData% TS3Client gfx DarkenTS Changelog CHANGELOG.txt' ├ Linux: '~/.ts3client/gfx/DarkenTS/Changelog/CHANGELOG.txt' └ macOS: '~/Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/gfx/DarkenTS/Changelog/CHANGELOG.txt' for a full changelog. Suggestions Do you have questions?

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Did you find a bug? Would you like to request a feature?! Shout-outs My Thanks go to Dimos, @marvinl97, monkyyx, numma_cway, and Shadow86 for supporting me with bug reports, feature wishes, and style help! Content creators Did you create a dark Theme, but do not want to invest the time in creating your own Icon Pack, yet still want to give your users a better User Interface experience? Feel free to suggest your clientel to install this pack, and leave a link to this addon in the description of your style! Description suggestion: # Icon Pack Works Best With Recommendation Get the most out of this Theme by using it in combination with [LightenTS Icon Pack](Tips and Tricks If you have problems with emoticons breaking your links, right-click the Chat tab and un-tick the option 'Show Emoticons'. Works Best With License This work is licensed under the Brady Use-NoSharing-NoDerivatives 1.0 WW License.

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Teamspeak Icons Pack Download