Steyr Rifle Serial Numbers

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Steyr Rifle Serial Numbers

Jrr230 – Welcome from another M-S owner! I have a 1961 Model MCA in.30-06. It’s the sporter stocked, 22” barrel rifle. Over the course of two years, this forum and a gentleman over in Germany, I have collected all the information I think I can.

I have come to the conclusion that my rifle was made in 1966, the fore end cap is possibly ebony, and the white spacers in the PG cap and at the butt plate are possibly ivory. These firearms were meticulously manufactured (hence their demise) by hand, and handle and shoot like it.

The main foreign user was Bulgaria, which, starting in 1903, acquired large numbers and continued using them throughout both Balkan and World Wars. After Austria-Hungary's defeat in World War I, many were given to other Balkan states as war reparations. A number of these rifles also saw use in World War II, particularly.

I have not handled a prettier, perfect functioning, inherently accurate rifle, not to say they don’t exist. The drawbacks are that I would never take it in the woods, or hunting at all I am sure, and I am MOST careful when I do take it to the range.

I don’t believe in collecting firearms to admire them, I don’t judge those that do, I believe in using the tool for it’s purpose, at least keeping the bore in use by punching holes in paper. Though I had a rocky start with this rifle due to a loose stock and shooting loads heavier than I was comfortable with, I have found this rifle to be a joy to shoot with the right ammunition. It goes with me to the range each time, if only for a few or ten rounds. Here are some links for informational purposes.

I never got any answer out of the first one, and if you call the guy and get info, let me know – I still have questions. Here is some information and page images out of a Shooter’s Bible: Here is basically the same information as above, at a different sight: ’ I hope all this helps – if you read it all you will come to your own conclusions concerning your rifle. You have a good one – I would shoot it, but that is just me! About 15 years ago I purchased a Mannicher-Schoenauer MCA in 264mag.

To my knowledge it has never been fired and is as new. When I purchased it I was told that it was 1 of only 100 that were made in 264mag. It seems like they said that a gun club had them made for each of it's members.

The serial number is 58xxx. Anybody have any knowledge, thoughts or ideas? Hi, I hate to throw water on your parade, but the. Living By The Book Howard Hendricks Pdf Printer. 264 Winchester was a regular catalog item from Steyr in the late 50s and thru 1966 (Latest reference I have in Shooter's Bible) The serial number range for your rifle is right for a 1966 MCA model. That 1 of a hundred line has been going around for years with the magnum model Mannlicher-Schoenauers, 257 Weatherby,.338,.300 Mag, even.458 Winchester. All of these were regular listed calibers according to Shooters Bible and Steyr pamphlets, same applies for the later Steyr-Mannlicher. I was in the service back then, and the German Gun Clubs (Army) did do some neat things, but I seriously doubt this provenence. I ran a Navy club in the 70s, and we did get some supreme deals too Larry PS: I am a member of the Mannlicher Collectors Assn.

Llsierra - This is an interesting post on the magnum Mannlicher Schoenauers. From the advertising, one would think that thay are quite common, but I've been watching for an 8X68 'shooter' for a couple of years without much luck. In fact, the only two magnums I've seen are a 6.5X68 that passed thru Auction Arms a while back, and a high grade.338 that is currently on Guns America. Do you have any feeling for how many magnums were imported? Larry As for the numbers imported, I really do not have a clue, but I would definitely assume more than a hundred, simply because they were listed for over 10 years in Shooter's Bible, and not all that expensive. I have actually seen all of them except for the.257 Weatherby. I have friends/acquaintances who, collectively, own all of the other calibers.

(Yes, noted that 6.5x68 and. 4 Groups Sanguine 4 Regimes Pdf To Jpg. 338 on the web.) I once owned a prewar 'magnum' in 10.75x68mm too. We have had friends hunting with the.338 and.458, and a friend in the Pac NW has a gorgeous 8x68mm. Have been numerous magnums offered for sale over the years at prices way past all reason, especially for rifles that were made to be hunted, not stashed away in collections.

And bye the way, I hunt with all of my Mannlichers. In fact one will be going to Africa with me soon.