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Post not showing up? I've used both. They can't be compared, IMO, because they do such different things. But I'll try to explain why I think that. Scrivener is an open-ended toolbox for organizing writing projects and producing a good first draft of just about anything--novel, short story, poem, screenplay, essay, you name it.

I find it a good tool for 2nd drafts, too, but that's not relevant to your question. Mostly people use it for creating drafts, though with its increasing support for ebooks, that picture is changing. Snowflake (the program) is a narrowly focussed implementation of a novel planning process (the Snowflake method, which is explained in detail on the snowflake website: ). It consists of a series of forms that you fill in. The end result is a novel 'treatment' down to the scene level, consisting of character summaries, plot element summaries, and scene summaries. And that's it. It doesn't provide a means for you to proceed to creating the first draft; it's strictly a planning tool.

I have used the Snowflake output as input to a Scrivener project, and I've written snowflake-method driven treatments using other pieces of software, including both StoryBox and Writemonkey. As an implementation of the method, the Snowflake program doesn't really add much. The UI in particular is something out of the 90s--functional but ugly. The Snowflake method can easily be implemented in Scrivener by creating a document template that has all the Snowflake method work products in the Research section.

You can create story outlines using the Outliner, complete with summaries in the Synopsis section of each document (i.e., on the note-card). Hope this helps.