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Sia We Are Born Rarity

We Are Born is the fifth studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Sia. It was released on June 18, 2010. The album is more upbeat than her previous work, which she partly attributes to her relationship with JD Samson as well as her childhood influences Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. The album was produced by Greg. We Are Born is the fifth studio album by the Australian singer& songwriter Sia Furler and was.

Sia We Are Born Rarity

Twilight Sparkle: It's the Magic of. Storm King: Yeah, yeah! Friendship, and flowers, and ponies, and blehhh. My Little Pony: The Movie is a feature film based off the hit TV series note The movies are more of a side that eventually evolved into their own sub-universe mostly untouched by the TV series, set between the show's seventh and eighth seasons, and is part of the overall franchise. It is the first animated film by Allspark Pictures, 's film label, and was released on October 6, 2017. Princess Twilight Sparkle is helping prepare for Equestria's first ever Friendship Festival, the grandest celebration any pony has ever seen.

Unfortunately, this happens on the same day Canterlot is invaded by dark forces led by the sinister Storm King, who has a keen interest in taking the ponies' magic. With the fate of Equestria at risk, Twilight must embark on a perilous journey alongside her friends—Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Spike—to gather new allies beyond their home, all while evading the Storm King's most dangerous subordinate, the treacherous unicorn Tempest Shadow. Though their bonds are tested, the seven friends discover that there truly is no force stronger than the Magic of Friendship. Longtime series crew members Meghan McCarthy and Jayson Thiessen notably left their work on the TV series to write and direct the movie, respectively, with five brand new songs by show composer Daniel Ingram, plus an original contribution. In addition to the original cast reprising their roles from the show, the movie boasts an impressive consisting of entirely new characters: • as Tempest Shadow • as Princess Skystar • as the Storm King • as Songbird Serenade • as Grubber • as Capper • as Queen Novo • as Captain Celaeno See also 's and, a comic and junior readers' novel, respectively, that flesh out some of the film's new characters and set up the plot.

Another junior novel series, My Little Pony: Beyond Equestria, will serve as a continuation of the film., which is set in the G1 animated continuity. My Little Pony: The Movie provides examples of: •: Captain Celaeno stands out, even clashing with Rainbow Dash in a friendly swordfight. Tempest Shadow is a. •: Compared to the regular series, which has maybe two to three real 'action scenes' outside the premieres/finales. Trailers have shown multiple clashes with Tempest Shadow, more slapstick-based action scenes, and multiple spars with Captain Celaeno and her crew, the closest in the original series being Twilight's clash with Tirek.

Also counts to the subseries, which apart from brief climax clashes, was usually devoid of action altogether. The film's PG rating was given due to mild action sequences. •: Three posters of this type were released featuring characters from the film: 'Zoe Saldana is Captain Celaeno,' 'Cathy Weseluck is Spike the Dragon' and 'Andrea Libman is Fluttershy.' •: The G4 ponies don't put up any more resistance to the Storm King's invasion than the G1 ponies did against Tirek in. •: • The prequel comics explain a lot of things about the characters that don't fit within the limited time the movie has to show it, like giving the Storm King more depths to high ambitions so he isn't just a. Likewise, various locations and objects such,, the, and Queen Novo's are named in various books and merchandise. •: • It explains what happened to Capper and Captain Celaeno between their being separated from and reunited with the Mane Six, as well as how Capper was able to get there.

They met in Klugetown and, realizing their common interest in helping the Mane Six, decided to set out after Celaeno used her treasure to pay of Capper's debt. When Verko refused to let them go due to causing him problems, this led them to stage an uprising, getting him kicked out. • The 'Resistance Rising' quest line has the CMC escape to Ponyville and form the local resistance. After finding out that Trixie has also escaped and is hiding under a stage while Starlight is captured by the Storm King's forces, the quartet bust out Starlight and win over the local occupation force with and musical numbers. This is at best since we saw Ponyville burning and the CMC are stuck in a cage back in Canterlot after Twilight's capture. • The art book, in addition to going into the development of the film's story, also explains that the Staff of Sacanas was stolen from an Arimaspi king in a deleted scene and that it may have been fashioned from a branch of the Tree of Harmony. •: Capper reminds Twilight's friends, though a third-person narrative, of their own exploits against adversity in Klugetown.

Applejack delivers the punchline. Applejack: Now don't get too excited, he's just talkin' about us. •: The movie does away with the TV show's animation in favor of, resulting in some massively fluid and expressive character animations, as the trailers gleefully indicate. Just a little example among many other: each of the Mane Six has their own, unique walking animation cycle (). •: The Storm King's are equipped with shields that negate magical blasts for the Canterlot attack, and Tempest uses a cage with similar properties to capture Twilight.

However, it should be noted their reliance on this backfires in the end as it's not exceptionally good against non-magical attacks. •: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy have panicked reactions to this effect when Celaeno's crew discusses whether they should tie up the stowaways (Applejack), clip their wings (Rainbow Dash), or scar them (Rarity). Emotionally (Fluttershy). •: Twilight's whiteboard includes an integral calculus equation with nothing but Cutie Marks as variables. Another equation includes what appears to be graphene and the schematic symbol for a crystal oscillator. •: 'We/You/I got this.' •: Averted: the armor and shields the Storm King's minions use are very effective for the task it seemed designed for.

However, it doesn't seem to provide more than, and is useless against fire (which is as they still have exposed fur which is what catches fire). •: This being a movie with a higher budget and an entirely different animation program from the show, the characters' designs have been nicely refined with additional, even incredibly subtle details, such as glittering irises, visible scales on Spike's body, and heart-shaped pony hooves. The ponies are also drawn with rounder, smaller snouts in comparison to their show counterparts, actually making them even, if it were even possible. •: During Tempest's part of ', the art style changes to a less outlined, paper-cutout style of animation. The closing credits also have their own distinct look to it.

•: Before being transformed into seaponies, the Mane Six and Spike use air bubbles around their heads (provided by Princess Skystar) to breathe underwater. •: • Many speculated that the rest of the world wasn't as peaceful or idealistic as Equestria. Turns out there're nation-conquering warlords with the might to subjugate Equestria and where sapient trafficking (slavery and body parts) are the rule of law. • Tempest Shadow confirms fanon that losing their horn would rob a unicorn of their magic/make it dangerously uncontrollable, nor would it grow back or get better. Her also confirms the detrimental social effect it could have on them. • Spike being able to breathe fire is used offensively for the first time in Generation 4, and it's just as effective as a as any other form of fire.

One the Storm Guards notably falls and doesn't get back up, implying that Spike killed someone with it. •: At the end of the movie, Tempest immediately uses the staff to instead of trying to use it to repair her horn. •: The Staff of Sacanas is a powerful magical artifact but in order to use it, the wielder needs the combined magic of the four Princesses. How much magical energy is this?

About the combined magic of every non-princess pony in Equestria plus Discord. •: • Tempest Shadow.

Her real name, on the other hoof. •: According to Pinkie Pie, Tempest's real name, Fizzlepop Berrytwist, is •: The movie starts with the Storm King's army conquering Canterlot.

Rarity even it. Rarity: [struggling to climb up Mount Aris] That's it. I have nothing. I'm so sorryyyyyyyy. •: Twilight is held prisoner by Tempest in a magic-proof cage. •: The Mane Six are about to be thrown overboard. Then suddenly the whistle for lunchtime blows and they're sitting at a dining table with Captain Celaeno and her crew.

•: In Seaquestria, Twilight Sparkle concocts a scheme of having her friends entertain and Princess Skystar and Queen Novo while she steals and runs off with Seaquestria's Pearl of Transformation. •: The rescue party enters Canterlot by delivering a cake as a which they claim was ordered by the Storm King himself to celebrate his victory and which he's going to be angry if he doesn't get. •: • Getting his coat fixed up by Rarity and being asked nothing in return causes Capper to second-guess his plan to betray them. He nearly falls back into his old ways when interrogated by Tempest over the Mane Six, but one look at the shiny buttons Rarity gave him kicks off his complete. • Twilight trying to save Tempest after everything is a big part of her moment. •: Twilight Sparkle learns that nothing is more valuable than friendship, and demonstrates this by for Tempest Shadow and even later, despite all of the trouble Tempest caused and the grief she gave her personally. Tempest undergoes a and proves instrumental to saving the day.

•: Pinkie Pie takes on a manic zeal when she chooses to hand someone's cupcakes to them. •: Spike kills a Storm Guard. •: The Storm King is the main villain, with Tempest Shadow as. Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Torrent here. •: The film is promised to be larger in scope than anything yet seen in the series, and features several. •: • Party Favor, after his is crushed by Tempest Shadow's airship. • Pinkie Pie, after Twilight is sucked into the Storm King's tornado.

• Tempest Shadow, just before the Storm King throws an obsidian orb at the Mane Six, leading her into for them. •: We get the show's trademark 'YEAH!' Courtesy of Bulk Biceps. •: In her seapony form, Princess Skystar has a bioluminescent lure on her head resembling that of an. Queen Novo has three of them, implying that they're the seapony equivalent of a and an indicator of rank.

(In their hippogriff form, they become large feathers.) All seaponies in general, including the Mane Six in seapony form, emit a soft glow from their bodies. •: Captain Celaeno and her crew are anthropomorphic parrots with arms instead of wings. •: Pinkie Pie gets along famously with Princess Skystar because of their.

•: The film starts and ends in Canterlot. •: The Mane Six's trip to the hippogriff kingdom is arduous and takes up most of the movie. The trip back to Canterlot with Capper, the pirates, Princess Skystar, a huge cake, and no sign of a transportation vehicle appears almost instantaneous and apparently had no problems.

•: In regards to Twilight tricking everyone, stealing the orb, and lashing at her friends in anger, it was certainly wrong but at the same time it was true that the rest of the Mane Six didn't seem to be treating the situation as seriously as it should have been and their behavior had repeatedly caused problems for their mission. Pointedly Pinkie apologizes to Twilight as well, despite Twilight's harsh actions.

•: Pinkie Pie is able to pull an endless supply of combat cupcakes out of hammerspace. •: Bulk Biceps acts as one in the end credits.

•: Twilight gets separated from her friends after denouncing them in anger, and then she gets captured by Tempest Shadow, forcing the Mane Five and Spike to go rescue her. •: • Thanks to Princess Celestia being turned to stone before she can finish telling Luna what to do, Twilight and the others initially think they're supposed so seek the aid from hippos rather than hippogriffs, with Pinkie wondering why they're supposed to look for the 'queen of the hippos.' During the end credits, she can be seen dancing with an actual hippo(potamus) queen.

• After escaping capture in Canterlot, Pinkie Pie says she and her friends 'got our cupcakes handed to us'. When retaking Canterlot, she turns this into a. • During the Mane Six's trip through the desert, Pinkie, addled by the heat, starts talking to a skull.

Later on, when Celaeno's crew show off their former pirate flag with classic skull-and-crossbones design, Pinkie remarks that she 'met that guy in the desert'. • While trying to get information from the residents of Klugetown, Pinkie offers a picture of her sister Maud. Moments later, when the denizens gather around the Mane Six, eager to buy them and their belongings, one of them asks how much she wants for the picture of Maud. • Princess Skystar claims that she's going to be 'so grounded' when she runs away to help the Mane Six save Canterlot. When Queen Novo shows up at the end of the movie, the first thing she playfully tells Skystar is 'You are so grounded.' • During the credits, Spike is seen gnawing on Captain Celaeno's gemstone pegleg.

A few moments later, the pegleg is seen in bandages, no doubt to cover up the teeth marks. •: 'One Small Thing' grows into a massive theatrical dance number. •: • Applejack wasn't literally raised in a barn. 'My family just happens to have a barn. Where I was born. And spent most of my formative years.'

• Princess Skystar wants you to know that her people didn't flee from the Storm King. So they could flee. •: The Storm King treats his status as the as a professional business. He comments on the Canterlot Castle's design as too 'cute', and not fitting of the his big, bad powerful guy image.

Also, he is exceptionally pleased with his own line 'Let's get this storm started!' And wants to turn it into a trademarked. •: Each of Twilight's friends brings in her own group of friends to help prepare for the festival, which is repeatedly mentioned in lyrics and illustrated during 'We Got This Together'. •: Capper, Celaeno and her crew, and Princess Skystar all arrive to join the Mane Five and Spike in saving Twilight and Equestria. •: Princess Skystar (but not her mother, nor any of the other hippogriffs) decides to come to Equestria to help the ponies defeat the Storm King. •: Capper is quite charming and claims 'Charming's my game.'

•: • The gargantuan cake cannon Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich build for the Friendship Festival gets used in the climax by Twilight's friends to fire themselves into the Storm King's tornado and save her. • For the benefit of viewers who haven't seen the series, Rainbow Dash boasts about being able to do a Sonic Rainboom before demonstrating it. •: It is through Capper that Twilight discovers the true identity and existence of the queen of the hippogriffs. Capper is also among the who plays an instrumental role in rescuing Princess Twilight in the final act. Despite his seediness, Capper really is the friend the Mane Six needed. •: Uzo Aduba, a very dark-skinned African American, and Kristin Chenoweth, a lily-white Caucasian, are cast as mother and daughter.

It helps that they're voice actors and their characters don't. •: In Klugetown, one of the inhabitants wants to buy Rarity's hair for 'two Stormbucks'. She gets insulted, stating her hair's worth a lot more than that. •: Princess Skystar's two best friends are oyster shells she's named 'Shelly' and 'Sheldon'. Everypony is creeped out by this except Pinkie Pie, who finds it adorable. •: The film extensively uses CGI as opposed to the show, mostly on the buildings and vehicles, which greatly sticks out with the semi-3D character animation.

•: Princess Skystar talked over her decision to help the ponies with Shelly and Sheldon. •: A great many supporting and popular side characters from the show appear in the film. Angel Bunny, Gummy, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Bulk Biceps, Tree Hugger, Harry the Bear, Night Glider, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Photo Finish, Party Favor, Coco Pommel, Fashion Plate, Sassy Saddles, Moondancer, the Spa ponies, Lyra Heartstrings, Sweetie Drops, Derpy, Dr. Hooves, Octavia, DJ Pon-3, Zecora, the Wonderbolts, the Cake family and Cheese Sandwich all make brief appearances during the Friendship Festival. Even Discord gets an indirect appearance as a balloon sculpture, then a direct appearance in the party during the end credits.

Maud Pie too gets an indirect appearance via a photograph that Pinkie offers to trade to one of the Klugetown residents. •: • Photo Finish can make anyone look good in her photos, a gag inherited from her human counterpart in the short. • Tempest's flashback and the end credits are drawn in the same 'pointy pony' style as the 'B.B.B.F.F.' • Tempest's flashback also reveals that it was an Ursa Minor, which had only previously been seen, who gave her the scar over her eye and broke her horn.

•: Capper is an Abyssinian, quite charming, and rarely loses his composure. •: Queen Novo forbids Princess Skystar from telling the Mane Six what happened to the hippogriffs, so Princess Skystar naturally says that if she could tell them, she'd say that the seaponies are actually hippogriffs driven out by the Storm King's forces and changed into their current forms by the Pearl of Transformation to hide underwater.. Queen Novo: •: Tempest tells the pirates that she would count to three and then blow up their ship if they didn't give away the location of the Mane Six on their ship. She then does just that. •: The opening sequence is set to an adaptation of 'We Got the Beat'. In the context of the movie, the line in the second verse about a dance called 'the pony' takes on a different meaning. •: Twilight gets buried under a five-layer buttercream cake, courtesy of Pinkie Pie's new jumbo party cannon.

A tiny bit also gets on Songbird Serenade's costume,. •: The Storm King's forces are equipped with equipment, a reasonable choice when coming to invade a city of unicorns. This helps them take over Canterlot fairly easily, but it seems to just be okay at dealing with anything else and nigh useless against fire. When the heroes and their allies in the, Rarity is the only magic user and she primarily uses it to fight indirectly, so his army no longer has any considerable advantage. •: In-universe, despite spending the film wishing to, the Storm King doesn't seem to have any idea what those powers are. This bites him in the butt when he empowers the Staff of Sacanas, since he doesn't know how to use his stolen powers best. •: The Mane Six fare poorly in their first confrontation with Tempest during the invasion of Canterlot, which results in them getting knocked into the river and whisked far away from the city.

•: Tempest Shadow pretty much gave up on friendship when her friends rejected and abandoned her when times were tough, and claims to Twilight Sparkle that Friendship is worthless through her. •: A considerably downplayed example.

While the stakes are high, there are some, some of the settings aren't too friendly (Klugetown) and the movie is rated PG due to the mild action sequences, at the end of the day it is still My Little Pony and the movie is not that much darker compared to what the cartoon show has already done. There is still the very simple, optimistic and lighthearted tone one would expect from the show and its characters.

•: Rainbow Dash starts the song 'Time to Be Awesome' to encourage the pirates to rebel against the Storm King and return to the awesome adventurers they used to be. And paid off in the end when they come to help during the. •: The Mane Six have been kicked out of Seaquestria due to Twilight's shenanigans.

Pinkie Pie on her shady behavior and lack of trust in her friends. Twilight at Pinkie and denounces all of her friends, resulting in all of them except for Spike leaving her in disgust. To make matters even worse, Tempest capitalizes on the situation and captures Twilight, giving the Storm King the power to conquer the world with all four Equestrian Princesses. The Mane Six explore outside of Equestria and stick to their usual guns, but it brings along some, which convinces Twilight Sparkle that friendship doesn't work the same way it does at home, so she resorts to playing dirty. This ultimately comes back to bite her in the tail, as her lack of faith in friendship to get the help they needed from Queen Novo, whom her friends had successfully won over with friendship. A subsequent falling out with her friends gets Twilight in even deeper trouble, forcing her into a. Fortunately, all of the characters (Capper, Captain Celaeno, Princess Skystar) the Mane Six befriended over the course of the adventure the Mane Five in rescuing Twilight and saving Equestria.

Finally, Twilight Sparkle ends up, who pulls a to save the Mane Six. •: Songbird Serenade notes that Twilight is 'caked in cake'. •: At one point, Pinkie Pie appears to be blowing up an ordinary balloon. Then she turns away from the camera and it's clear she's blowing up the kind of twisting balloon used to make balloon animals. •: The Obsidian Orbs, weapons capable of eating through Alicorn-level shields, that are never explained or addressed. Unlike many other things not explained in the film, no explanation for their existence is offered in the materials either.

What's more, they disappear from the plot as soon as they're used to take out the Princesses until the Storm King attempts to use one against the Mane Six. •: Twilight thinks that stealing the Pearl of Transformation is a good idea, but even if she doesn't get caught, she never considers how her friends, and especially Queen Novo and Princess Skystar will react to it afterwards if they find out, and they most likely would've. It is a lose-lose proposition either way one looks at it. The Mane Five don't. •: • Twilight gets sucked into the tornado with the Storm King during the struggle for the Storm King's staff.

Fortunately, after a brief mourning period from the ponies, Twilight comes back down no worse for wear. Unfortunately, so does the Storm King.

• Later happens to Tempest Shadow when she takes the bullet for the main six, and is only narrowly saved by Twilight Sparkle. Iso 2768 Hole Tolerance. It's one of the more effective uses of the trope due Tempest's lack of plot armor and clever cinematography revealing the save. •: The Storm King gets turned to stone, falls off of the Canterlot castle balcony and shatters to pieces.

•: The film starts with the Storm King conquering Canterlot, and things get worse from there. •: The Mane Five launch themselves out of Pinkie's souped-up Party Cannon to get past the Storm King's tornado. They end up slamming right into him at the end. •: The Mane Six go through a lot, especially Twilight, both physically and emotionally, but in the end, they manage to stop the Storm King, free Canterlot, return the Princesses to normal, and save Equestria with their new friends.

•: • Tempest, despite playing a big role she played in the Storm King's takeover, is completely forgiven following her. However, she is the one who ends up fixing the mess she helped make by using the Staff of Sacanas to return the Princesses' magic to Canterlot, reviving the petrified Princesses and repairing the city — not to mention, of course, her temporary against The Storm King. • from Queen Novo who seems to have forgiven Twilight in regards to her attempted theft of the Pearl of Transformation, but is still upset over her actions.

However, she stays for the party after arriving to get her daughter and is seen being friendly to Celestia in the credits. Justified as Twilight did just help save the world again plus made it safe for Novo's people to be free to join the surface world again. She doesn't let her own daughter off the hook that easily, however, even though the ponies could't have saved the world without her help.

•: Tempest offers the Princesses the option of giving up their magic 'nicely please, or we make it difficult. For everyone.'

Princess Luna: And why should we cower before you? Tempest Shadow: [] I was hoping you'd choose 'difficult'. •: Pinkie Pie attacks one of the Storm King's goons with a fusillade of cupcakes.

•: The opening sequence pans down from a view of the stars to follow a group of pegasi as they soar over and dive through some clouds to a road, then follows the road to Canterlot, flying under a couple archways into the city festooned for the Friendship Festival before finally settling on some ponies setting a dessert table. After a couple of cuts, the sequence ends with a zoom through the stained glass window commemorating Twilight's coronation onto Twilight herself.