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Click here to see Mordred in her armor. A homunculus mothered by Morgan le Fay using sperm taken from a temporarily Arturia ( and Saber). She is summoned by Kairi Shishigou of the Red Faction via a splinter of the Round Table. Her Noble Phantasms include her helmet 'Secret of Pedigree: Helmet That Conceals Infidelity', which obscures her face and stats, 'Clarent: The Radiant And Brilliant Royal Sword', her sword stolen from the vaults of Camelot upon her temporarily taking up rulership and finally, 'Clarent Blood Arthur: Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father', which twists Clarent into a demonic blade that releases a massive beam of blood-colored lightning.

She's slightly bustier in the anime than in the light novel, but it's not by much and it's only readily visible in her. •: While she managed to live long enough to fatally stab Arturia in a back in Fate/Stay Night, the anime version of Apocrypha shows her being utterly defeated and only managing to wound her father after she died thanks to Morgan's curse. On the flipside, we also got to see her disarm Arturia while she was using Excalibur, forcing her 'father' to use her lance instead, which is a damn impressive feat considering we have yet to see any other character deprive Arturia of her sword. • Ironically, it's more a case of on the part of the first anime, since the canon encounter involves Arturia unceremoniously shanking Mordred on the end of Rhon and then walking away, only to get backstabbed. Mordred was actually dead before the curse even activated. •: Her last memory from when she was alive involved her tearfully asking to be embraced by her father before she expired.

•: Her wish is to use the Grail to have a chance to challenge the and prove her birthright as Britain's king.but that's about as far as she's actually thought it through, as she admits to Kairi. After that, it's just a vague desire to be a 'good king' and potentially surpass Arturia, with no idea on how she's actually going to go about doing that. •: When Sieg asks her if she believes humans are, Mordred calmly replies there's. •: At the end of their first fight, she catches one of Chiron's arrows. •: The 'son' of Artoria Pendragon and Morgan le Fay.

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While she was born out of Morgan's womb, she's actually a homunculus created from Artoria's sperm. •: Goes from having a mention in the original and a cameo in the anime to actually starring in a series. •: She is semi-obsessed with earning praise and approval from her master, as she was with her 'father' Arturia. •: While she'd probably kick in the teeth of anyone who'd call her 'cute', she has her 'father's' face and build and is far more open with her emotions than her,. She's also a bloodthirsty warrior who can casually punch a giant golem about three times her size to pieces and throw another one with enough force to break the one she's targeting.

She also holds the record of never actually losing a fight during the Great Holy Grail War; the closest she gets is managing a draw with Chiron and getting a with Semiramis, and had Kairi not been fatally injured as well she likely could have bounced back from that too. •: In her civvies. She thinks it's unbecoming of a knight in the light novel but her master wouldn't buy anything else. She doesn't seem to mind as much in the anime, probably because the midriff is even more bare in her armor's underclothes. •: • Don't call her a girl, don't talk about and do not mention the Round Table.

When Kairi told her he used a splinter of the Round Table as the catalyst to summon her (he could have potentially gotten any of the other Knights of the Round Table instead of Mordred), her violent destruction of the valuable splinter immediately clues Kairi in to the only knight who would react like that. • She's insulted that the clone of Siegfried survives her Clarent Blood Arthur, and wants in return his head and heart because he 'insulted her honor'. In the anime, she's outraged that Sieg was still fighting because it meant that he was on par with Mordred and her father, since she considered herself to be Arturia's equal. Even after their, she still wants to kill him, but makes it clear she'll wait until they've finished off Shirou Kotomine and the Red Faction before doing it. • Abusive Masters, such as Celenike, piss her off that she'll forget about any other details like killing that Master's Servant too before they get another Master (actually giving her faction an advantage), Mordred would just move in for the kill and goes away afterwards. Must've personally hit home due to being raised (and made) by an abusive mother (Morgan le Fay) •: • Shows up just in the nick of time to save Ruler and Archer of Black from Avicebron's golems after he betrays them to the Red Faction. • She does it again by ramming her plane into Semiramis to prevent her from killing an unconscious Astolfo, who just finished blowing up the Hanging Gardens' air defenses.

•: Just like her father. She admits that eating is her hobby and spends a good portion of episode 6 eating something. •: Upon being summoned, she claimed that she is the only knight to have surpassed her father.

Her fight with Arturia lasted less than a minute and she lost it. •: She enjoys fighting so much she could qualify for the Berserker class on this fact alone. •: The Noble Phantasm Clarent Blood Arthur is basically with blood instead of light. •: Combined with the mutiny in Camelot. •: Even after she, she makes it clear she still wants to kill Sieg and Astolfo to finish their fight.

It's just that doing that while the Red Faction has its full might to bear is incredibly stupid and self-defeating, so she's willing to wait until after that's over to collect. •: Using causes her incredible pain. •: Her alignment.

•: Realizing she was different from other children, she nursed a hatred for normal humans from early on. •: This is how she can take her helmet off in the heat of combat without it impacting her performance. Specifically, it merges with her armor. •: Unlike the other Knights of the Round Table, Mordred has no problem punching, kicking or even biting if it is necessary. During her fight with Caster's golems, she, and then starts punching several other ones to pieces with her bare hands and throwing them into other ones. •: Her Secret of Pedigree: Helm of Hidden Infidelity.

It effectively hides her identity even in her civvies. For bonus points, •: Her sword, Clarent, was originally a blade of royal authority on par with the likes of Caliburn that was meant to be passed to the passed along as per the proper succession of kingship, providing bonuses to Charisma and one's parameters in the process.

However, since Mordred stole it, it lost its treasured status and suffered a rank down, but she can still forcibly twist it into a powerful demonic sword with her own hatred and its tendency towards amplification makes it perfectly suited for handling her Mana Burst skill without breaking and utilizing Clarent Blood Arthur. •: Was a victim of this at the hands of her own mother. While she was rough around the edges at first, she genuinely believed that following her father would make the world a better place and was happy in her role as a knight of Camelot. However, once Morgan began instilling Mordred with feelings of self-entitlement and grandeur from Mordred's status as the 'son' of the King of Knights, everything went downhill. •: On the giving and receiving ends. • Her battle with Arturia ended almost instantly with her getting and the mortal wound she famously inflicted on her father wasn't even done by her consciously, but occurred because Morgan had placed a curse on her body that would cause it to lash out once it expired.

The best she could do was disarm Arturia of Excalibur, but Arturia simply summoned and used it to do the deed instead. • Her and her Master's fight against Yggdmillenia's golems and hommunculi ends in a decisive victory for them, annihilating the entire force with no injuries to their names. • Her fight with Astolfo, Frankenstein's Monster, and Sieg has her easily blocking the paladin's lance strikes and overpowering him while not even wearing her armor. Even though Astolfo had only just come out of surviving being attacked by Assassin of Red, the only reason the fight even lasts as long as it does is because Mordred.

Frankenstein puts up a better fight, but she's easily disposed of once Mordred finally stops holding back and it takes the use of her Noble Phantasm before Mordred actually takes any significant damage. Sieg can't even fight her under normal circumstances, only manages one strike with Astolfo's sword while she's not paying attention, gets, and only once he unlocks Siegfried's power can he finally fight her on equal footing, but even then he's ultimately defeated. •: Her disarming of Arturia. In the original story as well as the Apocrypha novel, Arturia has already lost Excalibur and was wielding Rhon when they met. Mordred was impaled before she realized Arturia had moved. •: In the anime, has a single incisor frequently visible. •: When fighting Jack the Ripper and finding herself unable to hit and barely locate her enemy while they were within Jack's, she solves the problem by releasing Clarent's power and unleashing a surge of energy that burns the fog away, leaving Jack visible and shocked.

She's important to the plot, is to the male MC, has high billing in the advertising and the very first scene has her and Saber of Black duking it out in, but she's not as important to the plot as Ruler/Jeanne, the true main female protagonist. She's the at best. •: A variant; her armor exploded off of her after Arturia struck her with a mortal blow.

•: She has Battle Continuation Rank B, and while it won't let her shrug off instantly fatal wounds it makes actually killing her a very hard task as she can quickly bounce back from injuries. With their Masters' Command Seal boosts effectively canceling each other out, she survives the power of Frankenstein's at point-blank range and is still capable of taking the fight to the transformed Sieg afterwards. The rank comes from despite having been fatally injured by Arturia, she still managed to deliver a fatal blow in turn. •: She the same B rank Riding skill that makes Arturia a in, but she drives so recklessly that Kairi commented that nothing short of a tank could, and indeed the car in question is covered in dents and looks ready to fall apart by the time she finally gets out (by kicking out the driver door, no less).

She nearly and he only barely gets out of the way in time. •: After she impales Sieg, she resolves to remember his name rather than simply as an unnamed homunculus due to his conviction and having actually injured her with Astolfo's sword. Granted, he doesn't die, but everyone thought he did. •: She's not dumb, but it's noted she was the least intelligent member of the Round Table.

She compensates for her lack of brainpower and complete lack of swordsmanship with, powerful magic resistance, and a to match the other, incredibly skilled and disciplined Knights of the Round as well as Siegfried, whose swordsmanship was stated to have surpassed mankind itself. •: In her brief appearances before Apocrypha, Mordred looked exactly like her father and her armor was much simpler in design. •: A who's actually a literal clone of the original Saber. •: Does this after she and Sieg work together to defeat Adam. Averted in the anime, where she turns a thumbs up into a thumbs down instead.

•: Personality wise, Mordred is different from her father in almost every way imaginable. Arturia is composed to the point of stolidness, attempting to keep up the image of a perfect king in order to prevent her kingdom from falling apart all around her. Being due to the blessing of immortality conferred upon her by Avalon, she wielded her peerless holy sword to defend everyone, sacrificing herself for the sake of others while denying her own humanity and happiness.

In the end, she was so broken by her experience that she only wanted to do it over or have someone else take the throne to save Britain from her own perceived incompetence. Meanwhile, Mordred is despite having the body of a young teenager due to her accelerated aging. Loud-mouthed, rude, and prone to emotional outbursts, she ultimately seeks the approval of one person, razing an entire kingdom to the ground in a single war when she is denied that approval and wields her demonic sword in her endless pursuit of it.

Her wish is to obtain a chance she never had, to pull the sword from the stone and grasp her future with her own hands despite what others might say about her competence as a king. •: In 'real-life', Mordred was male. •: Dies content alongside her Master near the end of the War, sharing a few together and grinning as they finally pass on.

•: Even without her being pushed, she has a temper problem. •: She's a with some serious and, but contrary to 'real-life' Arthurian legends where 'she', here she was excited to learn she was Arturia's son and went to her hoping to earn her love and acceptance, only turned to rage and evil after being seemingly rejected as both child and heir, and is shown to. Her true wish was to free Arturia from the loneliness of being King. •: Morgan did not tell her she was King Arthur's 'son' until some time after she had become a Knight of the Round Table. •: She doesn't like to be called a girl, yet she wears one of the skimpiest outfits in the cast. Somewhat justified by the fact that the clothes were cheap and wouldn't buy her anything more expensive, and it's shown that under her armor she wears something just as, if not skimpier.

•: Her wish is to be given the chance to draw the sword in the stone and become king. Whether not she'll even succeed doesn't even cross her mind, as according to herself she is already the perfect king, so of course she'll be able to draw it. This actually overlaps with, as she believes this is the only way Arturia would ever truly recognize her. •: Repeatedly shown to be rude, insulting and extremely aggressive.

At the same time she has some noble inclinations, such as when she refuses to sacrifice the uninvolved civilians of the town, either as collateral damage or to replenish prana. In addition of this, the sight of a super abusive Master like Celenike will piss Mordred off that she'll immediately move in for the kill, never mind if she doesn't even kill the Servant too while she's at it, thus missing out the chance to gain an advantage in war. If one can manage her and get past her more jerkish behaviors, as her Master can attest to, she's a very loyal and fun-loving warrior.

•: When Astolfo tells her that Siegfried sacrificed his life to save the homunculus later named Sieg, she laughs and says Siegfried was a fool to do that. Astolfo gets pissed about her mocking his comrade's noble act. •: On the other hand, her of after the later used two Command Spells to try and make Astolfo kill Sieg was totally called for.

•: In the anime, she plays with the local cats around the neighborhood and even gets down on all fours to start tussling with one while Kairi received a message from Lord El-Melloi II. While she has done a lot of morally questionable things, she is still a noble knight deep down and won't hurt anyone who isn't involved in the fight, and thus a Heroic Spirit to the core. Also,, given her 'father's' fascination with lions. •: Before she became jaded by Arturia's rejection. •: As befitting a member of the Saber class, and particularly when she starts using Prana Burst to up her speed and striking power significantly.

She's strong enough to tear giant golems apart with her fists alone and fast enough to appear as a silvery blur while doing it. Fully cemented during her battle with Siegfried, himself a, where she's able to keep place and even overpower him at multiple points and even the revelation that it's actually Sieg/Homunculus taking his form and being unused to the power still doesn't completely take away from the feat, as Siegfried is considered of the Black Faction whose swordsmanship 'has long surpassed mankind'. •: She has Endurance A-Rank and when combined with her armor, Magical Resistance and can take a lot of punishment before going down. She takes Frankenstein's full-powered B-Rank Anti-Army Noble Phantasm at point-blank range and comes out alive when, after healing up takes the backlash of two A-Rank Anti-Army Noble Phantasms colliding and still manages to cross blades with Sieg-now-Siegfried, and finally gets hit by the now-giant Spartacus hard enough to be spent flying into the air, and not only lands on her feet but has enough strength to charge a and slice him almost completely down the middle. •: Sieg manages to pierce her armor and stab her in the back, drawing blood. She gives no reaction of pain before calmly attacking him.

•: Her figure could best be described as that of a bundle of twigs, yet most of her power comes from her raw strength and Prana Burst skill. •: She fatally wounds Semiramis, but takes heavy damage herself and Kairi is fatally wounded regardless saving her from Semramis's poison and using his last Command Seal. •: She blamed the destruction of Camelot on Arturia not giving her the crown. •: Considers Homunculus/Sieg this at first even when he draws a sword on her and ignores him while fighting Astolfo and Frankenstein's Monster, and only when he stabs her in the back with Astolfo's sword does she finally change her mind and run him through. Once he transforms into Siegfried, however, that refusal goes out the window since he's actually capable of hurting her now.

•: It's repeatedly mentioned that she usually wields Clarent with just one hand, which allows her to punch, grab and throw her enemies with her free one. When Chiron breaks one of her arms, her fighting style is completely unaffected and she returns the favor by slashing him across the chest. •: After she leaves Semiramis on death's door, at the cost of her Master Kairi also being fatally injured, she refuses to go make a contract with Fiore or Caules and choses to stay with him and share some cigarettes with him as they both die,. •: Technically—her template, Arturia, is normally female, but was male when the genetic material was taken.

For a long time the fandom thought she was a male clone of the female Arturia until Nasu stated otherwise. •: In addition to referring to herself by the masculine first-person pronoun 'ore', she also boasts a masculine personality. •: She's a Homunculus clone of Arturia, and ages considerably faster than normal humans. •: She mocks Sieg as a cheap knock-off of Siegfried. •: When the final battle between Jeanne and Shirou's sides begins, Mordred makes her grand entrance into the fray by ramming the plane she and her Master Kairi took to the Hanging Gardens right at Semiramis, who barely gets a magic shield up in time. •: The Knight of Treachery.

•: A Heroic Spirit whose signature color is red, but the 'heroic' part is zig-zagged given her past deeds and merciless nature to her enemies, but she ultimately does have some semblance of honor and is genuinely friendly and loyal to those on her side. •: To Sieg after their great battle. •: Teams up with Sieg to take down Avicebron's golem. •: Her armor wouldn't look out of place in a setting such as. •: A variant; while she can't shoot conventional lightning bolts, she releases red lightning from her body and weapon whenever she uses her Prana Burst skill.

•: Subverted. She managed to disarm her father of Excalibur after their first clash, but Arturia just brought out her lance and killed her with that. •: Humorously subverted. She gets a cigarette from Kairi and takes a long draft.and then starts hacking her lungs out. •: Similar to her father's form, Mordred can charge her blade with her Prana to increase her range and striking power.

She does this against Spartacus's giant form to slice down the top half of his body, doing enough damage to finally trigger his suicidal explosion. •: Her civilian outfit is a, a, and an open red jacket. In the light novel and manga she isn't happy about it until Kairi explains it was cheap. In the anime, not only does she approve of the outfit, but her Servant gear is quite skimpy when she dematerializes her armor, consisting solely of a loincloth, an ornate strip of cloth across her chest, and coverings for her arms and legs (a design originating from her appearance in ). •: Her armor is seemingly much sturdier than her dad's and is quite capable of blocking anything Astolfo or Frankenstein have to throw at her, though she avoids a direct body blow from Astolfo's lance anyway because her Instinct tells her she needs to avoid it for other reasons. Even Frankenstein's boosted Noble Phantasm isn't enough to kill her due to her Master spending one Command Seal of his own to assist her, basically causing the two boosts to cancel each other out. She's only moderately injured and is back in fighting shape quickly.

Unlike Siegfried, Karna and Achilles, though, she has no super defensive Noble Phantasm, she's just that tough. •: If she can't kill something with her sword, she'll happily use her fist to do the job instead. •: In addition to her A+ Rank Noble Phantasm Clarent Blood Arthur, she can charge and fire a weaker energy blast from her sword, which she showcases during her battle with Berserker of Black, which heavily wounds said Berserker. •: She was surprisingly calm while beheading Celenike. Vero Visi Crackers.

After watching her use her Command Spells to force Astolfo to attempt murder on Sieg, Mordred must've been at her angriest at that point. •: She throws her sword at a golem during a fight and beats up some others with brute strength. Lampshaded by an incredulous Kairi. •: Wears her hair in a ponytail, and she hates being associated with anything feminine.

•: Shows hints of this towards her Master. •: When Kairi is mortally wounded, he asks her to make a new contract with Fiore or Caules so she can live on and possibly still win the Grail. She instead sits down and says her place is with him, content to fade away as he dies. •: Having little to no actual sword skills, her strategy boils down to wildly attacking with all tools at her disposal until whatever is in her way is dead. She makes it work beautifully, utterly demolishing the Yggdmillenia golems sent to assassinate her and Kairi and matching the godly skill of servants as powerful as Siegfried in the opening scene. That said, her recklessness gets her a broken arm and an injured shoulder when she tries to bull rush •: As shown in a flashback in episode 6, she used to be idealistic and joined the Knights of the Round Table because she believed in Arturia and wanted to help make the world a better place. Then her mother Morgan told her that Arturia was her 'father' and it all came crashing down, as Arturia's refusal to acknowledge her as her child and heir set Mordred on her path to becoming the Knight of Treachery.

•: She has the same body size as her 'father', which is to say about as thin as a bundle of sticks, yet can casually tear apart half a dozen golems nearly three times her size through a combination of swordsmanship, punches, kicks, and a good throwing arm. •: Was obsessed with earning Arturia's approval, but Arturia was less than thrilled about the whole 'secret clone created by my evil sister' thing. Even then, she still has some traces of this.

Her very wish is to prove her claim to become king in a way that Arturia would approve, by pulling the sword in the stone out. She refuses to use the Grail to directly to do it because she believes Arturia would never recognize her otherwise. •: In her civvies. In the light novel and manga she's mildly annoyed by this as it is unbecoming of a knight, but in the anime she doesn't seem to really care. •: In complete contrast to her father's or her rarer smooth, Mordred's hair looks like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed and pulled it into a rough ponytail to get ready. She's suitably much more aggressive and short-tempered than Arturia even on her worse days. •: She's very childish, has basically no patience and is bored by pretty much anything short of fighting.

This is because she's mentally a child, and her accelerated growth gives her the physical appearance of an adult. The anime has Kairi outright asking her if she's a child after watching her throw a temper tantrum where she's rolling on the ground complaining about going outside without him is boring. The lightning-like beam released with the activation of Clarent Blood Arthur is blood red, averting the usual yellows and blues associated with lightning, albeit because of the fact that the lightning is her prana arcing off from her sword and dyed by her hatred of her father. •: Because she's a Homunculus, her growth-rate is accelerated. The huntress from Greek mythology summoned as a Servant of the Archer class. Her objective for seeking the Grail is to create a world where every child can be raised with love.

Her Noble Phantasm is 'Phoebus Catastrophe: The Complaint Message On The Arrow', with which Atalanta lets forth a message on an arrow into the sky, requesting the aid of Artemis and Apollo. Seconds later, a rain of arrows strikes all enemies nearby. Her second Noble Phantasm is 'Agrius Metamorphosis: Boar of Divine Punishment', which causes her to take on the monstrous aspects of the Calydonian Boar.

Atalanta's father first left her to die in the wild simply because he wanted a boy, and then after reuniting with her, he forced her to marry with someone else instead of acknowledging her hunting prowess, eventually leading to Atalanta getting turned into a lion. This is a factor why she preferred the company of children. •: More apparent in Japanese. •: After developing a grudge against Jeanne, Atalanta has marked herself as a villain who's obviously on the wrong side of common morality, constantly talking down on Jeanne and refusing to listen to reason.

But, when she actually died thanks to Achilles, and had several tearful dialogues about her unattainable dream and her actual opinion about it. •: Usually, Atalanta possesses a cool head while she snipes her enemies from afar. This is averted after her and eventually using her Agrius Metamorphosis, where she became completely unhinged and lost her cool. •: As a huntress Atalanta has a general bear motif. •: A variation. Due to her past, Atalanta operates on a very clear idea of morality; children are good and so anyone who is helping children also is good, while anyone who harms a child, regardless of the situation, is evil.

Falls into when dealing with Jack the Ripper, as she is near completely by the illusion created when Jack dies, and than calls Ruler evil for purifying the souls in front of her. She later confronts Achilles about his beliefs regarding protecting children, to which he gives a brutally honest answer that, causing her to react with disgust. •: Briefly mentioned in.. •: Has cat ears and tail, though she does not behave like a typical cutesy, she's all business. This is a reference to her fate in mythology, getting turned into a lion for being unable to keep her chastity and sleeping in Zeus or Aphrodite's temple. She doesn't seem to mind the after-effect, according to her profile.