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Thanks to whoever shared it with me, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t locate where on earth was it mentioned and by whom. Hello everyone, ever wondered why your World of Tanks patch updates a bit slowly, especially from the beginning? Well, maybe you have the torrent sharing enabled. You see, torrents are the default way of Wargaming sharing updates. You can disable them of course – it’s easy: - click on the “wrench” icon next to the “minimalize” icon in the upper right corner - in the settings, remove the “Allow torrents” tick And that’s it. Your download will (in most cases) go faster.

So, why would Wargaming do it in the first place? Well, here’s an explanation and a really simple one, how the entire thing works. I think it’s useful for those people like me, who have no clue about computers. And – World of Tanks gets mentioned as a bonus:) This entry was posted in.

Bookmark the. I generally find the torrent updates to be quite slow, so I usually opt (especially for the bigger patch updates) to download directly, as it downloads at my full down speed. Its available here >If you do this on patch day, the “latest patch” link will usually say the last patch name (it sometimes takes WG a day or two to update the text), but the link dynamically points to the latest patch version. Just save the file in the ‘ World_of_Tanks Update’ folder, make sure you have removed any old or partial update/torrent files, and when the download is complete, open the launcher. It will find the.patch file and install it. Silentstalker: I noticed that there’s been a load of misconceptions on the impact P2P has on download speeds and internet connections so let me try to make it more understandable.

Pitch Switch Full Download -  And Torrent 2016

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Pitch Switch Full Download -  And Torrent 2016

P2P in itself is NOT a bad thing. P2P is a method of downloading data by crowdsourcing.

Imagine this massive pool of people, where each person has a certain number of puzzle pieces. Compaq Armada E500 Drivers Win98 Updates. You want to finish your puzzle, so you contact each person in the pool to see what puzzle pieces you have, and what pieces they have. In a way, you bargin with these people by exchanging pieces you have for pieces they have that you need, only nobody actually loses pieces.

They just copy it and send it. P2P is a great protocol for distributed downloading since (with proper conditions met) it can greatly reduce the load on the main download server and allow all players to get the best possible download speed. Since these players are distributed all over the world, if you happen to live pretty far from the download server, P2P will mitigate this by taking data from nearby people who already have downloaded it, giving you a faster and more stable download speed. The reason why people see drops in P2P performance is mostly related to factors that aren’t related to P2P at all, including some policies ISP’s have implemented on the sly in a response to online piracy and such. One reason is a firewall on your computer or network router that is blocking P2P connections.

P2P connections can sometimes trigger false positives of a botnet attack (since you’re connecting to a large number of unique IP addresses) and this would make the firewall cause a throttle in your download. Another reason, as someone mentioned before, is ISP throttling.

Customers from certain ISP’s have reported that their ISP actively throttles any connection made using P2P. Usually ISP’s are very sly about this (although if you contact them, they will usually lift this throttle). The reason ISP’s do this is pressure from DMCA and other copyright watchdogs that want to keep internet piracy hindered. Of course this impacts legitimate P2P downloads like WoT and many other MMO’s. P2P isn’t for everyone, for the reasons I said above. Sometimes things interefere with P2P where it makes the download so slow.*(P2P tends to take a while to get to max speed, don’t take a slow initial download speed as evidence you are being throttled. Wait around 10 minutes before deciding).

In these cases, HTTP will be faster, but I caution people to not simply switch to HTTP just because they think they can get faster speed from HTTP than P2P. For P2P to work successfully, it needs a large healthy pool of clients to work with. Thats how P2P functions at it’s peak. If everyone turns off P2P, then P2P is worthless.

You’ll only have a limited selection of people (including the wargaming server, yes it’s one of the cleints) to download from. So be careful not to just jump on the ‘TURN OFF P2P’ bandwagon without really understanding why P2P may not work as intended for some players. Torrents should always be faster unless your ISP has a hand into it, WG themselves have multiple seeds available at all times, that’s relevant on off days (when there are no patches) going from 6-10mb/s without torrents and up to 26-30 mb/s with torrents and especially relevant on patch days when you’ll be lucky to download with 2 mb without torrents and about 10-15 with it on. Crystal Eye Installer Unrecognized Camera Straps there. Any company that respects itself should have this option, Blizzard for example had it long ago and their infrastructure is so good at this point you’ll reach even 60 mb/s, because they also invest into making such a “network” internally and of course most of their users are happy to help they’re not “herp derp iz devilz werk, turn uff”.

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