Patch Pes 2011 Pc Bundesliga E Serie B 2016

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PES 2011 Patch AIO Season 2014–2015 by Vietnam Editors # – Auto update patch 1.03 & DLC 7 by KONAMI. – Added new icon loading. – Added new menu.

Pro Evolution Soccer series logo used from 2007 to 2013. Number for the year is featured on the right side of 'PES'. Stars corresponding to the number of the. Bundesliga 2017-2018 Fully Licensed - Squads, players stats, faces, tactics, kits, fonts, minifaces, etc. - Serie B 2017-2018 Fully Licensed - Correct teams names, logos and kits - New kits for Napoli & Benfica - New tattoos, including: M. Hamsik, Giroud, Carvajal - Updated all managers based on the latest Live Update.

– Added new menu animation. – Added new wallpapers.

– Added new turf. – Added new line pitch HD. – Added new fall ball. – Added new mod security guards, photographer in stadiums.

Patch Pes 2011 Pc Bundesliga E Serie B 2016

Gary Collins Christian Counseling 3rd Edition on this page. – Added new call names for many players. – Added new faces 2014 – 2015 (More than 5000 face). – Added new faces coach, referee. – Added new HD konami eyes by magicpro. – Added new kits 2014 – 2015. – Added new balls 2014 – 2015.

Patch Pes 2011 Pc Bundesliga E Serie B 2016

– Added new boots 2014 – 2015. – Added new teams 2014 – 2015. – Added new classic teams (5 teams).

– Added new 2nd Division (Sky Bet Championship, Serie B, League 2, 2. Bundesliga, Segunda Division). – Added new songs. – Added 20 stadiums created in editing entries.

– Added 30 wallpapers. – Updated 32/32 club tournament Champions League 2014 – 2015. – Updated 40/48 club tournament Europa League 2014 – 2015. – Updated stransfers to.

– Updated relegated/promoted teams 2014 – 2015. – Updated index (Full). – Updated age players. – Updated new teams logo, leagues logo 2014 – 2015. – Updated stadiums adboards electronic 2014 – 2015.

– Updated new soccerboard Champions League. – Updated new adboard electronic 2014 – 2015. – Updated Real World Cup Trophy + Medal + Cinematics by Tunizizou. – Updated full national team and club. – Updated new intro 2014 – 2015 (Champions League, Europa League, ).

Please respect our efforts! A- INFO: – Auto update patch 1.03 & DLC 7 by KONAMI. – Updated full national team and club (Index transfer to 19/12). – Updated 32/32 club tournament Champions League 2013-2014.

– Updated 44/48 club tournament Europa League 2013-2014. – Added new 2nd division (Championship, Serie B, 2. Bundesliga, Segunda Division).

– Added new classic teams (5 teams). – Added new faces 2013-2014 (More than 4000 face), faces coach and faces referee.

– Added new kits, balls, boots, 3D logo. – Added new menu, wallpapers. – Added new songs, cheering sound, sound pre-match and chanted sound when the home team scored and new call names for many players. – Updated new gameplay yair25 (Editing camera angles). Although a little late, we’ll forgive with all the wonders of the new version of the TPS Extreme, a cult classic for fans of PES for the PlayStation 2. Starting with 63 stadiums selectable and up to date! (of which a large number of Serie A Italian).

CLARIFICATIONS Guys, do not send private messages to the creators of the patch installation to ask for clarification or whatever. If you need help enter our website and write a request in in “Assistenza PES”. FEATURES – Added Champions and Europa League teams, 10 of Bundensliga, 12 of Serie Bwin Italian (for a complete Italian master all).

– Replace the Classic with the National Under-21 and Under-20. – Database updated with the values??of PES Star Database. – Teams of the Libertadores and Champions unlocked in friendly mode. – New nike and adidas boots. – New inserted choirs and relinkati for all major teams.

– HQ logos for all teams and all competitions. – Multiscoreboard (RAI, Mediaset, SKY, Europa League, Champions League, Libertadores, generic). – New backgrounds, menus and soundtrack.

– New adboard rotating for each stage. – New Sponsor for the Master League. Exclusively the final version Option File Egyption league forever.v 3.0. PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.7 Titanium + Updates Features: – New executable for improved game play and AI (patch exe version 1.5) – Ready for 2011/2012 season – Added 17 new national teams with correct kits and team squad. – Added 53 new clubs with correct kits and team squad. – Correct Names for everything.

– Correct emblems and flags for all teams. – Bundesliga replaces PES league fake teams. – Championship nPower league teams replaces fake league and teams in 2D league. (optional Segunda divison, Italian Serie B and 2.Bundesliga are available) *comming soon – No duplicated players. – Special Chants for most teams.

– Special goal chants for 46 players. – New faces for most players.

– New titanium special scoreboard – New titanium special menu – Correct kits for all teams. – Updated transfers. – Added 26 more high quality stadiums. – Added and updated balls (28 balls). – Updated boots.

– Added more than 1500 new players. – Most trainers are famous classic players. – Complete 32 champions league teams including 4 missing teams. Chandramukhi Tamil Movie Download For Free there.

– Compatible with previous SMoKE patch saves. – And much more Installation: 1. Remove any previous patches installed. Unrar files, run (setup.exe) and follow installer until it finishes. When install finishes manager.exe will run, be sure that manager is attached to the exe file, if it shows errors run manager.exe as administrator. Important: no konami updates needed. Download PES SMoKE Patch 3.7.3 Titanium – UPDATE only.