Hpc Code Source Crackers

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DOI: 10.1109/WDFIA.20 Source: IEEE Xplore. This paper describes a feasibility study in building a Linux based high-performance computing cluster (HPC-cluster) cluster and the development of a parallelised password cracker. A correct four digit PIN code, where the allowed digits are [0-9], will exist.

Hpc Code Source Crackers

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Hi, I am writing an engineering application that I intend to sell sometime in the future. I, clearly, need to protect this application and for this purpose have written a rudimentary licensing mechanism using the mac address. There are switches in the program that enable me to allow or disallow access to specific features for a particular user.

I have tested the method out and it works well. However, I am concerned when I see very well known and professional software vendors having their code 'cracked'. I use a combination of username, machine name and Windows license number. These three strings are thrown in a hash algorithm and the resulting hash is stored in a DLL. This DLL is part of my solution and there all allowed users, along with an authorization level, are stored. Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Zip Rar Files. At startup, the actual hash will be generated and compared to the hashs that are stored in the DLL. If the hash is not found, the program pops up with a message box followed by a STOP.

When the user gets a new laptop or a new Window license, he has to generate a new hash and gets a new DLL. The replies to this thread are very helpful. However I have a question. As I understand it all licensing software can be cracked by a determined hacker through reverse engineering techniques see. It is certainly the case in the finite element world that top software vendors have had their code cracked with the inevitable loss of revenue and possible loss of IP.

If the source code is obfuscated prior to compilation then, I understand, that this makes matters considerably more difficult for the cracker as the meaning of variables etc is not given away by their name etc. I may be being over-cautious as well as probably over-simplifying the issue but I wonder if anyone has any experience of obfuscating Fortran source?Thanks, Angus. Once the source is compiled and linked, no variable or routine name information is present (assuming a 'Release' build with traceback disabled.) One can perhaps determine the assembly code, but there's no practical way to 'uncompile' a sizeable Fortran source from an executable. The key on license management, etc, is to balance cost to you and pain to the end user against risk and cost of piracy. Sure, a poorly-implemented license manager can be thwarted - how much effort do you want to put into protecting against this instead of improving your application? If you do use a license manager, you'll want to add at least some manner of protection for the license checking code and avoid plaintext strings that are used for keys.