Hp 6210 Printer Drivers

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Dell D400 Video Driver Windows 7. I have been helping a friend set up a new Windows 7 PC. He has an old HP Officejet 6210 that he has used for years under XP mainly as a scanner, using the HP supplied scanning software. He has the old HP software CD. We were quickly able to locate and install the Win 7 printer driver via the HP site and the device will now print. But if one selects Windows 7 as the OS no updated scanner software is offered. (The software update utility on that page was no help.) If one looks at what is available for XP there is the full scanner package (426 MB), presumably much the same as on the CD we have. However when we try to run the CD we find it will not install on a Win 7 system.

Hp 6210 Printer Drivers

I did not have time on my last visit to look closely at the CD in the hope of finding a distinct scanner installation package. Just letting the CD run automatically leads only to the full installation, which fails. There is no option to just install the scanner package.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem with older HP software? Not just with drivers; but with the associated application software? Sound Of Confusion Spacemen 3 Rare. I know about the various categories of support HP offer for older devices under Win 7.

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But this is a case of HP just not saying anything about the extra software. Unless anyone has better ideas, my options on my next visit are: - download the scanner software from the XP page and try it - possibly using XP or Vista compatibility options on Win 7. - examine the CD more closely looking for a way in to run just the scanner software - try running the whole CD using XP (or possibly Vista) compatibility options.

I may then have to reinstall the Win 7 print drivers (and I have noted the problems some people have had when trying to install new HP drivers over old). Any ideas, anyone?