Hp 4700 Firmware Upgrade

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Installation instructions are provided for Single and Multiple Printer Updates.The Readme file provides specific installation instructions and other information you should know before you perform a firmware update for your HP Color LaserJet Series printer. Installation instructions are provided for Single and Multiple Printer.

Hp 4700 Firmware UpgradeHp 4700 Firmware Upgrade

If your printer is missing a color it could be caused by (off the top of my head) 3 possibilities. High voltage board 2. Laser/scanner assembly for that color 3. DC controller might need a firmware upgrade, Run the PQ diagnostics, check the cyan color Run the Cartridge Disable diagnostic. Remove all cartridges and take the black cartridge and insert it where the cyan normally is.

If the black prints in the cyan slot, your cyan cartridges are bad. If the black doesn't work then go to #3 above. It won't cost any money to upgrade the firmware.

If it still doesn't work call in a printer tech. At this point you may need a printer tech. Nov 01, 2011 .

This error is most often caused by out of date firmware on the printer. Power off the printer and it restart and it should come to ready. If the error reoccurs, make sure that you have any print jobs in the queue of your computer cleared. If it still does not start without the error, unplug any network or usb cables and restart again.

Once the printer is at at ready, use the control panel to go to the information menu and then print the configuration page. The firmware date code will be on the left hand side. Current firmware is 48.180.9.

If the firmware is out of date, see the link posted below to download the firmware update. Chose the easy firmware update as this is the most straight forward way to update the firmware.

Once downloaded just double click the file you downloaded and it will run and ask you to chose the printer you want to update. Pick your 4700 from the drop down menu (should be fires option). Then update click update firmware. You can find the current firmware Aug 09, 2011 . Error 49.2f01 indicated corrupt Firmware, which are Programming instructions that are stored in a read-only memory unit inside the printer and it can be fixed by downloading and the updating the firmware through the following process: Updating the firmware Update the printer firmware by loading the new firmware file from the computer. You can find new firmware files for your printer at www.hp.com.

Click to download latest firmware and firmware updating utility. Open the HP Printer Utility. In the Configuration Settings list, select Firmware Update. Click Choose, navigate to the firmware file that you want to upload, and then click OK. Click Upload to load the firmware file. Please refer to (Page-29) before proceeding. Let me know if any further clarification/ assistance is required.

Bluebeam Serial Number Product Key. Dont forget to appreciate the solution if I could have been of any help! CreativeTECH Dec 09, 2010 . Witness Simulation Software Free there. Thank you for contacting FixYa with your inquiry. The HP4700 Printer The HP 4700 is a family of color LaserJet printers intended for use by work groups and small offices. The printer itself differs little from model to model with accessories including wireless printing options and various paper tray configurations. Error Code 'Service Error 49.2' According to the user manual, 49.X error codes mean, 'a critical firmware error has occurred.' Firmware is Software that ties to specific hardware components.

While occasionally this means hardwired programming, installed drivers often feed programming and instructions to modern devices. Correcting the Error Firmware errors can often be corrected by turning the device off and on again. If this fails to correct the issue, reinstalling the driver software may correct the problem. If the problem persists, HP technical support should be contacted. Hope this helps helps. Please keep us updated and remember to rate this answer. TF Dec 07, 2010 .