How To Use Logitech Wireless Keyboard K400r

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How To Use Logitech Wireless Keyboard K400r

It doesn't look like it is a bluetooth keyboard so I would think that it is NOT possible to interface it with CHIP. Seems to be custom wireless? One thing I've noticed is that there aren't that many Bluetooth keyboards with integrated touch pads while there are ton of those but using a unifying receiver dongle.

Love this keyboard! My first and only complaint is that the touchpad doesn't have side scrolling capability.

Going to write Logitech about it and suggest an update in the software to correct this. Other than that, installation was a breeze. Takes longer to open the box than to get up and running. Do install the optional software from Logitech mentioned in the instructions. It allows you to set up any additional wireless devices and to change touchpad settings, etc. I agree with the other commenter that the keys are placed such that they would drive a touch typist mad at first, but it gets easier.

I typed all this from my LazyBoy. Also great to know that this keyboard will wake the computer, so that I don't ever have to touch the computer except to put in a DVD. Great product! Great shipping service from BestBuy. 3 days and it was at my doorstep.:-). I bought this for my Samsung smart TV so I didn't have to use the arrows on the remote control to surf the net. I was under the impression I would have to buy the Samsung remote for $100 but had read a review this keyboard worked on someone elses TV.

How To Use Logitech Wireless Keyboard K400r

It does work on my TV, for entering text and basically moving around the internet which is a WHOLE LOT easier than using arrows on the remote. I'm not sure about opening the apps loaded on the TV- I'm not interested in them. For me, this was a great buy and very happy I bought it. This is a perfect companion for a home theater PC. Extract Windows Cab Files Xp. I have gone through several different keyboard/mouse configurations including those mini rii combos that are a mini version of this, but the range on those is terrible. Anyway, Ive been waiting for 5 years or so for a solid feeling sleek wireless keyboard/trackpad combo unit. This works great.

It feels nice, the touchpad is in a good location, 2 finger scrolling works. The only thing missing is backlighting on the keys, but Ill take the better battery life and call it good.

Dont bother with keyyboard/trackpad apps for andoird/ios, or the mini Rii controller, its not worth the hassle. Saajan Movie Songs Mp3 Free Download Zip File.

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