How To Install Language Pack Motorola V325i

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How To Install Language Pack Motorola V325i

Hey, We forwarded this as feedback to the engineers. Just so that you know I found a way to add quite a few languages to the phone. There is an app called which allows you to add languages without software modifcations. Here a guide I found.

Cheers, Nicole MoreLocale 2 installation/Usage guide This guide was created using Windows 7. Similar steps should be followed for Vista and 8. If you have XP some options might be slightly different. This is a zip file so you need to extract the folder in your hard drive. I recommend to transfer this to your root directory (for example C:/ ). Once you extract the folder, then rename it into something simpler like Android SDK.

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In the end you should have a new folder in your hard drive that is C: Android SDK with several subfolders and files. Download and install from Google Play store. Now you need to unlock the Developer Option on your Android OS in case you have not done this already.

To unlock: Go to Settings – >About Device and tap 7 times continuously on Build number. You will get the new tab named as ' Developer Option ' above ' About Device '. Go to Settings – >Developer options and then switch ‘ on ’ the Developer options and then click on the box next to ‘ Enable USB Debugging’. This is the most techie part: Open command prompt (cmd) on your PC on admin mode.

How To Install Language Pack Motorola V325i

To do this, click on start menu and on the search box type ‘ cmd ’. After a few seconds the command prompt application will appear on the results. Right click on it and select ‘ Run as administrator’ Connect your Moto G via USB to your PC. Then Type the following commands a. Samsung Laptop Network Controller Driver Download. Now you should be in the root directory C: d.

Enter cd Android SDK e. Enter cd sdk f. Enter cd platform-tools g. Now you should be in C: Android SDK sdk platform-tools h. Enter adb shell i. In case you see an error just check your device.

A message should have popped up that asks you to ‘Allow USB debugging’ and in cmd enter again ‘adb shell’ j. You should see now $ k. Enter pm grant android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION Go back to your phone and launch the application MoreLocale 2. Select your preferred language and then this language will be installed on the phone. Disclaimer: The application is a 3 rd party app and Motorola does not endorse, support or guarantee that this will work 100% well. Certain apps/settings might still appear in English. I'm a catalan Moto E user, and I suffer this very same problem of Moto G: lack of Catalan language option.

The suggestion in this thread (MoreLocales2) allows (if using the SDK adb part) to *choose* a Catalan language option, but the base Android system will not show any text in Catalan. Apps extra to the base system, that install their own localisation text, will nevertheless respect the system language setting and show the text in Catalan if they include such support. The Android system provided by Motorola (Moto E and Moto G) have the text of many languages specifically removed (The Google base Android already had that text since years), and cannot be installed in any way. I can understand that this may be a decision regarding 'more free space', but the optional installation should always be available. Specially under request for the customers. Unfortunately, specific removal of language support in a system can be considered a political movement, and customers may answer politically too. In fact, Catalan media has warned about Moto G banning the Android Catalan support.

Let me add that the same happens for Moto E. I tried to install for Gujarati lang. Device: Moto G; OS: Kitkat 4.4.2 I tried as instructed. Removed permissions. Installed MoreLocale2.

While selecting Gujarati lang., it shows blank spaces instead of fonts (Snapshot attached). Please tell if I am missing something. Simple question: Nexus devices with same OS are supporting Gujarati language then why Moto G is not supporting this language? I just want to view text of Gujarati fonts in different applications when receiving messages like in Hangouts/WhatsApp/fb,etc. PS: If this is not a working then please suggest something working solution. (Gujarati language is spoken by more than 50 million people!).

Hi Nicole, I confirmed with the friend who is having Nexus 5. He has rooted the phone. So he was able to install different languages. Anyway, what can be the possible solution without rooting the phone?

And MoreLocale2 is just to set locale based on already available languages in the phone. I was under impression that it will be able to install Gujarati fonts after changing the permissions. Is there any way that fonts can be installed by changing permissions or some other way? I searched for the solution, everywhere they require root permissions. Appreciate you help, Nicole! Hi, I'm from Portugal and I own a Moto G 2nd generation.

I just wanna say that this worked perfect for me. I just had some difficulties with the adb drivers (my Windows 7 didn't find them), but I've downloaded them from the Motorola site, and it worked. Portuguese from Portugal wasn't available as a system language (I really don't know why, the Moto G is a huge success in Portugal), just brazilian portuguese, and all the apps that I've installed in my Moto G were automatically in brazilian portuguese (like Facebook, etc.) and I couldn't change them to portuguese from Portugal. With this tutorial and the app 'MoreLocale2', the system language still remains in brazilian portuguese (what a pity), but all my apps are in portuguese from Portugal.great As I said, Moto G is a huge success in Portugal, so please please please in the next Android update, include portuguese from Portugal as a system language.thousands of portuguese people will say Thanks Greetings from Portugal. †Advanced nano-coating technology creates a water repellant barrier to help protect against moderate exposure to water such as accidental spills, splashes or light rain. Not designed to be submersed in water, or exposed to pressurized water, or other liquids; Not waterproof.

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