How To Get Your Competition Fired Pdf To Excel

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By getting in the habit of thinking outside of your own goals and concerns, you will develop a healthier attitude toward competition. No matter how hard you work or practice, you can't expect to always win every game, get the highest grade, excel at work, etc. Playing music that makes you feel energized and fired up.

Today, anyone can put up a professional-looking website. Huge companies like Wix spend a ton to make you believe your site or blog is your business. Most people make the fatal mistake of believing that the site or blog is the business. Building a site or blog is actually the easiest part. The hard parts are 1) the research and planning stage, 2) the creation of high-value content for your site (and social media), 3) traffic-building, and 4) monetization (converting visitors into income). No 'sitebuilder' does the hard parts. Use the only all-in-1 product that provides all you need (process, tools, updating, guidance and support) to build an e-business that generates both long-term, growing profits and high intrinsic value (i.e., 'equity').

Any online venture that needs you to keep writing and working is like a job. When you stop, so does the income. But a business that is built correctly can. • continue to generate income during a prolonged absence (e.g., vacation, illness) • be sold for a final large payoff — that's 'equity.' Members build businesses with both. Most solopreneurs fail. An enthusiastic start ends as a puzzling disappointment.

How To Get Your Competition Fired Pdf To Excel

Worse, most never figure out why. Makes sure you get the basics right, that you do things in the right order, that you stay on track, that you aren't misled by bad information. Condenses overwhelming complexity into a system that works. It eliminates why most solopreneurs fail, enabling them to focus on the joy of business success. The human element of SBI! Makes it a joy, both for us who work on SBI!

Every day, and for everyday people who use it to reach life-changing goals... Building a website correctly is just one step out of 10 in SBI!' S comprehensive, business-building process. Guides you methodically through every part of building a business. • from the beginning (evaluating, picking and refining your business concept) • to the 'end' (growing the largest and most stable income possible). Solo Build It!'

The combination of core information and step-by-step instructions empowers individuals (from novice to sophisticated) to grow long-term e-businesses at unparalleled rates and levels of profitability. Everything that you need to know and do is in the AG. It's also all that you need — you won't waste time following useless info, or make mistakes due to bad info. This approach works — SBI! Has a 15-year.

No one else does. S AG breaks the complex project of business-building into 10 (metaphorical) 'DAYs.'

Each 'DAY' is one major advance in the process. DAY 6 gives you the skills to structure and then 'fill' your site with high-value, in-demand content. In short, you build a site properly, one that stands out in a competitive crowd. Consisted only of DAY 6 and its world-class sitebuilder, you would still be ahead of the millions who use sitebuilders such as Wix, Yola, Weebly, etc. As you have seen, though, the Action Guide contains much more than DAY 6. It is a patient, thorough, methodical business-builder.

The complete coverage explains a big part of SBI!' S 100X higher rate of success, but not all. While the Action Guide is the core, there is much more to SBI! You also require the right tools to optimally execute many of the non-sitebuilding steps (e.g., refining niche selection or maximizing passive social signals). With SBI!, there's no need to discover all the tools you need, or to research which are best — they are built-in and ready to go. Didn't start this way, of course. SBIers taught us what they needed.

For example, the firehose of articles related to e-business (e.g., SEO, AdSense, etc.) was unmanageable 10 years ago. Imagine keeping up with it all today? We do that for you! (More on 'auto-updating' later.) Also. It turns out that most people need a little help at some point.

SBIers get as much as they want from a community that cares, the SBI! Everyone genuinely wants to help, and we all work off the same 'playbook' (a big advantage). No one has a hidden agenda or tries to sell you a thing.

There's an immense difference between building a site vs. Let's summarize what's in SBI!. Just starting a web business? From Idea to Business, You'll See How SBI! Makes the Difference. Do more than 'learn how.' Do more than merely put up yet another site or blog that 'sits there.'

The right process, the right tools that remove all the barriers and mysteries, correctly applied at the right time. That is how you grow an online business with increasing long-term profits. That is how SBI! You will understand how and why SBI!

Delivers what it promises. Your best chance at e-business success. Richard's Story: An 'offline entrepreneur,' Richard is using his SBI! Site to drive sales out of this world. Richard's product development went from the city dump in Ottawa, Canada to a licensing deal that will distribute his unique, patented fence post stabilizer for wooden decks in stores throughout the United States. His theme-based content site allowed him, as Richard says, to 'seed the market, prove the concept and create incredible buzz among the public who now go into stores demanding the product.' Patty's Story: Patty knew nothing about the online world except how to check emails and do Google searches when she started her website.

Four years later, she had a growing coaching business and multiple secondary income streams, including her own e-books filled with various vegan cooking tips and techniques, and a weight-loss e-course. Two years further on, her husband Jeff joined her in running their service business, which is now their main source of income. The best part? It allows them to travel together while making money. Steve's Story: Steve and his friend had nothing to lose.

They had both been laid off after the stock market crash. They had no capital, except their own time and sweat equity. So they rolled up their sleeves and started building their two SBI!

Businesses for cell tower landlords. In 2010 — just two years later — they were featured in the New York Times. A little later, as Steve puts it: 'things just went gangbusters.' Now they are on track to achieve their first 7-figure yearly income. What common thread connects these solopreneurs (aside from their success)? They came to SBI! With 3 simple qualities that we call ' BAM!'

• Brain: knows a lot about a niche ( no need to be 'brainy') • Attitude: positive, optimistic, excited • Motivation: high level of determination. None expected it to be ' easy'. The ' It's Easy' Myth SBI! Empowers you to build a profitable online business, with a uniquely. • Our track record is a quantum leap better than whoever is second best.

• We have 20 years of experience with solopreneurs, longer than any other company. We've seen 'quick and easy' techniques come and go. They always do go, to be replaced by new, false promises. Recently, though, some of the largest hosting and sitebuilding companies are advertising how easy it is.

Sadly, 'easy' won't cut it. Trust us when we say, 'It's not easy.' It takes work to achieve business success.

We can (and do) simplify it. We make it doable. We break it all down into best-practice, always up-to-date, optimally ordered steps. You follow those steps. Make business-building 'easy?' No one can — if it were easy, we'd all be rich. Auto-Updating 👉 100% FOCUS, 0% ' Our flagship product, Solo Build It!, provides the exact, step-by-step always up-to-date process that enables you to succeed, as well as the tools you need, and guidance when you need it., called ' C T P M,' has evolved over a span of 15 years.

It has integrated every new Internet development (e.g., RSS, Web 2.0/user-generated content, social media, mobile, etc.). We auto-update () and refine the process regularly.

Has a long list of 'firsts,' from concepts like 'PREselling' and 'content marketing' to (the first product online to enable visitors to contribute like a mini-Facebook, except better). 'C2' pushed online businesses to heights never before possible. • Another example is the complete redevelopment of our sitebuilder, — a multi-year, multi-million dollar development so SBIers could better capitalize upon new trends and site-building needs that were (and are) coming. • One last example, because auto-updating is an important advantage of SBI! When mobile started growing rapidly, theories flew about the best way to do a mobile version of one's website. Many wasted considerable time on complicated 'mobile solutions' — even entirely separate versions of the same site.

We researched and watched, resisting the hype and urgency. When Google announced that 'responsive design' was the optimal/preferred way to 'do mobile,' debate ended. We took that direction, saving each SBIer weeks of wasted time.

The result was an incredible update to our Updating is a critical part of keeping SBIers ahead of the competition. How we do it varies. Sometimes we lead. Sometimes we wait. Either way, we save SBIers time. When The Elephants Dance Epub Download there. They don't waste their time on. • reading and keeping up on new trends and technologies • wasting time by taking the wrong action (e.g., building a mobile version prematurely) • getting conned into incredibly convincing 'Get Rich Quick' schemes.

We could go on and on, but suffice it to say that, like any complex organism in a changing environment, the wonderfully flexible C T P M has proven to be an adaptable approach that gets stronger with each major evolutionary change. On top of that, we track hundreds of blogs, newsletters and social media so that you don't have to try to figure it all out. You get only the best info, tucked into the system for the moment you need it, keeping you distraction-free, focused 100% on business. Maximum Business Progress. We save you every second possible. Time is every solopreneur's most precious asset, your biggest constraint.

Solo Build It! Enables you to pour it all into what matters most (your business!). Not into reading to 'keep up.' Not into following bad advice. Not into wasting money on bad products. The evergreen, yet ever-evolving/updating, combination of process and tools keeps SBI! Solopreneurs ('SBIers') ahead of the pack, moving you ahead as time- and dollar-efficiently as possible.

In a fast-moving Internet where you can't afford to miss something or make a wrong choice ('FOMO'), eliminating that anxiety is huge. Putting 100% of your time into growing your business, confident that we have your back, is one of the most important things that we do for SBIers. The solopreneur rate of success is dismally low. S speaks for itself. What do you do when you can't beat the best? One company's affiliates write fake reviews about SBI!

They recommend their product - no proof of success, of course. If this wasn't so sneaky, we'd be flattered. - it cuts your chances of high-traffic success by 97%! Finally, SBI! Brings Business-Building Success to WordPress Have You Struggled to Generate Income With WordPress? You Are Not Alone (and It's Not WordPress's Fault) WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System in the world.

Its plugin capabilities extend its blogging and sitebuilding functionality enormously. But WordPress is not (and was never meant to be) a complete business-building system of process, software (beyond plugins), and guidance. For example, WordPress does not come with a business-building Action Guide. It does not have the detailed research tools that you need to make the best niche decisions possible. Nor do traffic-building, social media, or monetization (key business-building steps) belong to WordPress. It's no wonder that studies show the same low solopreneur success rates for WordPress users.

Most fail for all the same reasons. 👉 A gorgeous website is not the same as a thriving online business. Solopreneurs can fail at so many points, dooming their futures even though they have a sensational site or blog.

So that brings up the obvious question. 'What Is SBI! For WP and How Does It Prevent or Turn Around My Failure?' For WP combines WordPress and your hosting with a version of SBI! That includes all the business-building steps. It includes everything except the SBI!

Sitebuilder and SBI!' S hosting (you already have that). In other words, SBI!

For WP adds all the business-building steps and tools that you need to succeed. The price of SBI! For WP is 50% less (since you provide your own hosting and WordPress). Is otherwise identical to what has made such a high percentage of SBIers successful. Or just start now with the. Already have a WordPress site? Is is failing?

👉 Simply follow the Action Guide, fix what's wrong, add what's missing. If you are starting a brand new business concept, you'll do it correctly from the very first planning step, all the way to 'money in the bank.' Turn your WordPress-built site into a Top 0.5% online business! Join the ranks of 'The Successful Solopreneur'.

Wrapping It Up. Why Build a Site or Blog When You Could Build a Business? Offline, a place of business (e.g., an office, studio, store) is not 'the business.' Business only develops. • if you have prepared well • if you attract customers • if you prove expertise and provide value (winning trust) • if you establish relationships/likeability • if you monetize effectively. We all know that's true for offline business.

Even after 20 years, though, a funny thing happens 'digitally'. Online, everyone seems to forget that a site or blog is not a business. It is just a site or blog, sitting there. Have you prepared well beforehand? Are you able to build traffic? Do you have a monetization plan?

Does teach you the optimal structure for your site, the biggest reason for its unparalleled business success is way more than that. SBIers build businesses, not mere sites or blogs. There are hundreds of faster ways than SBI! To put up (yet another ineffective) site or blog. But there's no better way to build a winning e-business than SBI! How Do You Know If SBI! Is Right for You?

We all love 'It's Easy' stories. We want to believe that easy success is possible.

That's why lotteries are so successful — you, too, can 'Get Rich Quick!' Large companies now pitch slick ads to the mass market that making money online is easy. They grow huge by selling dreams — there are millions of Wix sites. Most people are quick to jump on 'what's easy.' No need to make the sacrifices that hard work requires — especially when hashtags tell them ' #ItsThatEasy.' On the other hand, there are only thousands of SBIers.

The rediscovery that business-building requires work quickly weeds out 99%. Heck, most visitors to this web page aren't even with us by now, still reading along. If you got this far, you may be perfect for SBI! 👍 👍 The immutable laws of business state that it can never be ' that easy' to build a profitable business. It may be for football legends such as Brett Favre (see video). It doesn't work out that way for the rest of us. (And Favre's site doesn't exist — just sayin'!) Even if large companies claim that building profitable online businesses '#IsThatEasy,' it's not.

If it was, we'd all be as wealthy as Brett Favre! So if you believe that building a profitable online business, one with real equity in it, can be easy, please stop reading now.

That is not what we offer. Just to be clear. Helps you build a profitable Web business, not just web sites or blogs (which are just one piece of the bigger online business jigsaw puzzle). Yes, any primate can put up a website nowadays. But a website's not a business. It just sits there.

It does not generate #income or #equity. It takes one heck of a lot more to build a profitable online business. A teeny fraction of solopreneur-built sites become successful businesses. And various studies show that SBI! Businesses succeed 100 times more often than average, and at higher income levels. Putting It Bluntly.

It's not 'that easy,' not if 'it' refers to building an online business that brings you life-changing goals. Even though we have condensed and simplified SBI! Into an all-in-one product, building a business takes work.

If you are serious about building an online business, you've come to the right place. There is no -better way to do it. But if you just want to build a site or blog, you don't need SBI! Anyone can do that, using any product. 100% will finish with a site, no matter where you go (it doesn't matter — Wix, Weebly, Yola, WordPress, GoDaddy, etc.). But a site is no more an online business than an empty office or storefront is an offline one. There's a heck of a lot more work to be done.

The large companies don't include the information, process, tools, community that you need to convert a site into a profitable business. Not to mention that building a site first is out-of-order. The proper steps in the right order will either. • save your business idea, preventing outright failure,.

• at a minimum, make a substantial difference to your profitability. Some companies throw in some tools and articles with their hosting and sitebuilding. It's not the all-in-one, committed-to-your-success, up-to-date business-building system that you need to grow a profitable web-based business. Online business has an obvious goal.

Of delivering on that goal. Isn't that what it's all about? What Is Special About SBIers? SBIers are ' The Anti-GetRichQuick.' They know that building a real business that lasts is not about getting a site or blog up, cheap-quick-&-easy. Nor is it about chasing short-term dollars with the hot trend of the day. SBIers are a rather elite group, both in terms of having what it takes and in the results they get.

They are also flat-out nice people. This web page and site are longgggggg. Heck, it's almost a 'test!'

If you're still here with us, you'll do great with SBI! Because you already have the 'anchor leg' of BAM. It's an acronym for the 3 personal traits that are needed to drive any business to meet your life goals. Some would-be solopreneurs don't think they know any particular niche well enough to build a business around it.

Even has has a tool for that! It helps find and develop niches that are perfect for you.

Is Building an Online Business Right for You? It's not for everyone. There are both upsides and downsides, pain for gain. It sounds great, but are you willing to make the sacrifices that are needed to find the time?. It's a balanced, realistic, no-hype look at what life as a solopreneur is like. We only want you to become an SBI! Member if it's right for you.

Otherwise, you won't last — and what's the point in that? • Brain: you know a lot about a niche (no need to be 'brainy'). • Attitude: positive, optimistic, you know that ups follow downs and vice-versa. • Motivation: high level of determination, able to focus and 'get it done.' BAM by itself is not enough — most folks need SBI! To release all their raw potential.

Sufficient — if you don't have the motivation to get this far, for example, you're less likely to succeed with SBI! The combination, ' BAM + SBI!,' is what deservingly sets SBIers apart. SBIers focus upon building genuine businesses, ones that deliver evergrowing profits and freedom for the rest of their lives. Who are they? • Some are total newbies. Others are experienced Internet marketers (but who have yet to succeed — 'web-savviness' contributes little to success). • Some are starting a brand new e-business.

• Some are local business owners. Others 'go global,' selling ads, services, e-books and even their own products around the world. Whatever the nature of their business and level of 'Internet-savviness,' they succeed. They do it without spending thousands of dollars on add-on tools, 'must-have' subscriptions, designers, webmasters and search engine experts. They own their sites, their businesses, and their lives. What else is different about SBI!

Members apply BAM to 'Work Smarter and Harder' to achieve business success leading to meaningful personal freedom. While similar in that regard, they are diverse in so many ways. • geographically — from all over the globe • business type — every kind of business is represented () • niche selection — is dominated by SBI! This wide array of countries, businesses and niches come together at the world's most constructive small business meeting place, the private SBI! More on The Place for Friendly, Business-Building Discussion below. We live in an age of 'I want it all now'. Most folks prefer to believe 'maybe it really is that easy.'

SBIers know what it takes. Our small SBI! Community is a special one. Realistic, ready, motivated and focused on winning. If you have the discipline of delayed gratification and the determination to truly build a profitable online business. Despite having the best (the only) business-building product of its kind for solopreneurs, you and I have a problem.

And it's the same problem. Even though nothing comes close to SBI!' S rate and level of success and even though it costs less than $1 per day, the chances are that you will end up somewhere else. There is even an amazing thread in the SBI! Forums called 'The Long and Winding Road.' SBIers explain how it has sometimes taken years to finally try SBI! Here's a typical SBIer post.

I, too, tried almost everything else first! I have been pulled into. • whatever the hot, trendy program is at the time (the one 'highly recommended' by 'gurus' all at once), the 'so-expensive-it-must-be-great,' 'the so-cheap-there's-nothing-to-lose' and even an irresistible GRQ (really, it sounded fantastic! 😢) • sitebuilders.

The income never did come rolling in once my site was up. • WordPress, GoDaddy, Yola, 1&1, Wix, you name it! Somehow, I bought into all of them. I can't explain it. All I got was confused. Then I happened across SBI!

This time I understood why a site is not a business. Once I started SBI!, it only took me a few days to realize that this was IT! You can feel the difference.

It makes sense. I know what I'm doing and why. So why did it take me so long to realize that SiteSell meant every word on its site? Why didn't I save 2 and-a-half years and 'just try it,' like they say? But I'm here now!💪 Yes, indeed. Why not take advantage of and just?

It used to drive us nuts. It's bad for you. At best, you lose a lot of time. Sackers Gothic Light Font Free.

At worst, you may give up on the whole idea of building an online business. And it's bad for us for the same reasons. If you have BAM, we'd love to see you thrive. Some do find us and buy into our message right away. They 'get it' and try it, and most love it. It it's not right for someone, we refund promptly. Mostly, though, the 'duration to purchase' is still a wildly long and winding road.

I explain here in the hope that you. ' Just try it.' Proud to be Boring Our promise is that if you focus and work on SBI!, your chance of ( and your level of) success are way above anything else. Boring — but true.

Meanwhile, there are 3 types of noise that will mislead you onto that long and winding road. 1) Many are fooled by 'Get Rich Quick.' The sales copy is fiendishly brilliant, convincing you that 'this is different.' You end up disillusioned that 'it's all a scam.' 2) A recent variation features nationally advertised products that promise 'it's easy' (e.g., Wix).

The money does not come rolling in. This is more serious than the 'GRQ operators' because major companies have never made this type of promise. You are, therefore, more likely to give up on the whole thing before even trying SBI! New for WordPress users! We started SBI! For WP for this reason.

WP is excellent, versatile sitebuilder/blogging software. You can now use SBI! With WordPress to generate the same high success rates that SBI! Users achieve. 3) Many get temporarily sidetracked. Others are misled by malicious 'Site Build It!

Scam' and fake negative-review campaigns that are orchestrated by the unscrupulous with their own agendas. Our 20 year history of success breeds, by its very longevity, ideas about SBI! That are incorrect. No maliciousness intended, they're wrong or 10 years out-of-date. On the other hand, unscrupulous affiliates have switched allegiance due to higher payouts from Web hosts. Reviews turned mediocre for the dollar, not for your best interest.

And sadly, some folks are downright malicious. We are protective of the quality and atmosphere in the Forums. So we 'fire' those folks who insist on trolling (causing fights), despite our polite requests followed by warnings. Unfortunately, once fired, these are also the type who must get in the last (nasty) word. The malicious have banded together to spread lies and disinformation online. Debate brings a swarm of flames, so we issued an. We invite them to reply there.

They have chosen not to. How to Figure It Out Fast! Here's how to straighten out the long and winding road.

Cut to the Chase! Take a simple, fool-proof, logical shortcut. If you're ready to make it happen, cut out all the 'noise' and look at 2 facts. • Ask yourself why you have never seen such verifiable, documented proof elsewhere. It can only be because no other company can honestly do so. Take advantage of it to turn your purchase into a.

Building income and equity is the bottom line that no one else proves. The results of the free trial are your opinion. And that is the only evaluation that matters! What's the worst that can happen?

You will learn a lot, for free. So ignore the noise. Just get started.🚀 -or- Dig Deeper No other company takes as much time to document its product.

Digging into our site will also save you time (compared to making the wrong choice) if that's your preferred route. Understand how the 1), the 2), the 3) world's best set of forums and our 4) constant 'keeping-up-to-date' (so you don't have to), all mesh-as-one to deliver success that nothing else, no product or company, even approaches. Don't miss key pages such as, which leapfrogs SBI!

Beyond blogging. Understand why. To 'big brand competitors.'

Take 30 minutes to that shows you exactly what SBI! Does, and how and why it works. Continue reading the rest of this page (below). Consume even and then explore the parts of the that are relevant to you. It's a lot of research.

But everything you need is on this site. Your future business is worth the patient investment of time. But I recommend taking the risk-free trial now. It gets you started while you continue to decide ('hands-on research'). One last thing.

If you have any questions,. Wishing you the success you deserve on your journey, Ken Evoy Founder, SiteSell Inc. The Bottom Line?

Just flat-out works. You now know enough to get started. The best way to eliminate doubt and procrastination is to just try it (risk-free!). Naturally, most people won't try it. But if you have read this far, you're not like 'most people.'

You still have some doubt, of course. To eliminate that, it's way faster to try it for yourself than read forever and gets swallowed up by the noise. There are only 2 possible outcomes of getting started. • You may find that SBI! Is not how you want to do business. Thats OK — we'll refund and thank you immediately. Or (more likely).

• You discover that SBI! Is the 'where have you been all my life?' If so, you are about to embark upon a life-changing fork in the road of your life.

We're honored to do it with you. Get started, right now, totally risk-free. Is not for you, just cancel and refund, no reason needed. You are protected.

Total risk = $0. Strong upside. All you have to do is. Update 2016: As time passes, SBI! Sites have improved from Top 3% to Top 1% to Top 0.5% of the most highly trafficked sites. However, a new and ongoing study took a different approach than our. We recently did a complex study searching for high-traffic solopreneurs.

Excelled, contributing at a rate that was 100 times greater than average. Sad conclusion: Given that solopreneurs make up the majority of the 170 million active sites, the odds of attaining true success are remote. The 'make money'/'how to' and sitebuilder/hosting industries surely makes more money than the tens of millions of solopreneurs who are trying. Since traffic is the root of all income (try monetizing without it!), it's one more reason why we can say that SBI! Builds profitable businesses at rates and levels of success that far exceed anything else. Happy conclusion: SBI! Makes online success doable!

Everything You Need to Succeed. Nothing Less Will Do It takes quite an 'ensemble' to make a product that can deliver on the incredible challenge of enabling solopreneurs to build profitable online businesses. • • necessary to execute the process • comprehensive business-building support and help. • 24x7, friendly and fast SiteSell Tech Support • — where thousands of like-minded and positive people gather to 'help and be helped,' the world's most constructive small business meeting place • constant updating of.

• the process (e.g., how to use 'visual blockades' to monetize your social accounts, staying on top of high rankings at Google, how to use 'personal-social' to grow your business) • what's new (we track hundreds of Internet marketing/small e-business feeds and newsletters and boil all that noise down to the occasional key nugget you need). Nothing stays the same online. S unique C T P M process evolves with the Web, keeping you ahead of the crowd.

• frequent automatic upgrading of SBI's process and the SBI! Tools (no need to do your own upgrades, plugins, etc.).

• e.g., ' Socialize It!' Evolves to progressively socialize your business in a way that makes the best use of your limited time. Right steps, at the right time. • e.g., ' Priority Build It!' Lets you tell Google which pages are more important, speaking of which.

E.g., ' Brainstorm It! V3' is the world's first smart brainstorming, niche-picking and keyword-researching tool (see right). More innovation is coming. Automated 'smart tasks' can uncover may more opportunities than manual digging into mountains of data! Is about to become your ongoing partner, notifying you (via your choice of email, text, browser) of content opportunities, monetization suggestions, etc. The most amazing part is that you don't do a thing.

Upgrades, updates, improvements. They all come to you automatically.

It all works together — nothing breaks with an upgrade. And it's all for free.

Delivers 'Process, Tools, Updating and Total Help/Support.' How do you know it works?. No other service or software proves success.

They would if they could. • no one guides you through the proper process • no one helps you avoid the land mines, and • you lack the right tools to actually build a business. • handle all kinds of technical aspects • find and pay for your own business-building software tools (which ones, where, how?) • figure out all the conflicting advice from all the 'gurus' • avoid the siren call of the sales pitches from so many gurus for an endless number of tools, some good-but-expensive, most poor, and some actually harmful • keep up with all the fast-changing developments in the e-business world. And that's not the half of it. It can be paralyzing. Now Take a Moment and 'Experience' SBI!

Activates and motivates. No paralysis here! Does it all for you so you focus on what moves you ahead. Building your business. You are not a number.

We care about your success. Your success is our business. We pave the road for you, removing all the obstacles. • Follow a natural, powerful process.

• Use the tools (they are all included) to execute the process. • No need to 'keep up' — SBI! Does it for you! • Get 24 x 7 help and business-building support, simply the best.

In other words. Focus on building your e-business.

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Description A six-step plan for driving a wedge between the competition and the customer For sales people, convincing a potential customer to choose them over the competition is no easy task, and especially when the competition already has the account. Finally, How to Get Your Competition Fired shows readers a proven system for breaking the relationship between the competition and the customer. Randy Schwantz's method, The Wedge(r), includes a six-step plan that drives a 'wedge' between the competition and the customer. He shows how to reveal the competition's shortcomings without seeming to, letting prospects decide independently to dump their current provider, exclude other competitors and, finally, switch to the salesperson's product or service. Offering real tactics, not just theory, this is the only sales strategy that really works to break the relationship between customers and the competition and bring in more business, faster than ever. Randy Schwantz (Dallas, TX) is a leading authority and expert on the sales process. A highly successful sales professional, he is a nationally respected sales trainer, author, sales coach, consultant, and public speaker.

Randy is President and CEO of The Wedge Group, whose clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. About the Author RANDY SCHWANTZ, author of three previous books on selling, is President of The Wedge® Group, a business performance and sales consulting firm headquartered near Dallas, Texas. A former salesperson himself, Schwantz has spent more than 10,000 hours talking with people who sell for a living. His unique sales strategy, The Wedge, has been embraced by hundreds of companies and thousands of individual sales professionals throughout the United States and Canada. He and his wife, Lori, live with their four daughters near Dallas. Introduction The #1 Obstacle to Most New Business.

PART I: The Strategy to Win. Finding Your Winning Difference. PART II: The Tactics That Work.

The Wedge Sales Call. Discovering the Pain—The Problem Phase. Proposing a Remedy—The Solution Phase. Getting Your Competition Fired—The Commitment Phase. PART III: Changing the Way Selling Is Done.

Individual Success. The Wedge Sales Culture. For Buyers Only. For Current Providers Only. The Wedge Flight Plan: A Quick Review.

About the Author. Next time you sit down for a sales presentation with a new prospect, realize that a third party is looking over your shoulder: your competition.

How can you get rid of them? Sales consultant Randy Schwantz provides an answer in How to Get Your Competition Fired (Without Saying Anything Bad About Them). Schwantz's sales process, which he dubs 'The Wedge,' promises to reliably unseat entrenched suppliers and make their customers yours. Starting with proposing an ideal picture your competition is unlikely to meet, Schwantz reveals a subtle yet simple process for getting prospects to practically demand to buy from you. ( Entrepreneur Magazine, May 2005).