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Publication date 1993–2013 Horrible Histories is a series of illustrated history books published in the United Kingdom by, and part of the. They are designed to engage children in history by presenting the unusual, gory, or unpleasant aspects in a tongue-in-cheek manner in contrast to the formality of lessons taught in school. The series has proved exceptionally successful in terms of commercial revenue. The books are written by, and Neil Tonge and illustrated by,,, and Kate Sheppard. The first titles in the series, The Terrible Tudors and The Awesome Egyptians, were published in June 1993. As of 2011 with more than 60 titles in the series, the books have sold over 25 million copies in over 30 languages.

The books have had with newspapers such as The Telegraph, as well as audio-book tie-ins with breakfast cereals. Deary announced that the series would officially come to an end in 2013. The Telegraph said 'after Deary was reported to have given up the bestselling series because he had run out of tales to tell.his publisher would not risk putting out any new ones'. Deary says he cannot write a new book unless commissioned, and though he has not been told to stop writing, he has not explicitly been asked to continue, citing the gamble of a new book, 'when you've got 60 titles there that you can rework and freshen up for the new audiences that are growing up all the time', as a probable cause. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Development [ ] Deary discovered he had a knack for writing in his high school years. He said, 'I was clearly good at it, getting good marks, but no teacher ever said to me: you should try to do something with this'.

Instead, he pursued acting, and the writing 'eventually stemmed from that'. Terry Deary studied at drama college and worked as an actor-teacher at the TIE company in Wales.

He then became a theatre director and began to write plays for children. Many of his TIE plays were eventually rewritten and adapted into the Horrible Histories book series.

Deary said 'I was in this small touring company, taking plays for children round Welsh village halls. I did find I had this facility for knocking ideas into scripts'. After a particularly successful tour of a play called The Custard Kid, about a 'cowardly cowboy', Deary decided he wanted to immortalise the production, so turned it into a book and sent it out to publishers. The 24th publisher said yes to the publication of the work by Deary, now around 30 years old. By the time the idea of Horrible Histories was presented to him by his publisher, Deary had written around 50 children's novels. The Guardian explains, 'they wanted a 'history joke book' and – when he protested that he knew nothing about history – offered to provide the facts to go with the gags'.

Deary explains the series' inception this: 'The publishers originally asked for a joke book with a history theme. They said, ‘Put in a few interesting facts to break up the jokes because some of your jokes are very bad.’ And when I looked at the facts, I found they were much more interesting than the jokes. So we ended up with a fact book with jokes. We created a new genre'. The fifth book in the series, Blitzed Brits, was published in 1995, by chance coinciding with the 50th anniversary of VE day.

The book reached no. 1 on the bestseller list.

Deary decided that the book only gave the British viewpoint during World War II. Therefore, Deary wrote Woeful Second World War, focusing on experiences in France, Poland, Germany and Russia during the war. The book was published in September 1999, which coincided with the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II In 2003, to celebrate the 10th anniversary, Scholastic held a contest to find Horrible Histories' Brainiest Boffin. Deary played the Quizmaster and through a series of rounds, gradually eliminated five of the six finalists to be invited to the London vaults from 500 applicants. Deary eventually returned to the stage.

Mad Millennium was commissioned by director, who was a fellow TIE participant 25 years before. He suggested turning the books into large-scale theatre productions. Deary was happy to return to writing plays.

By the early 2010s, Deary decided that the series had naturally come to an end. He said 'It has had a good run, it's had a better run than most children's series', and added that while his publishers have not officially stopped the series, there was 'a general feeling' it would finish.

The Guardian explains, 'Deary long ago handed over the reins for [his franchise], saying he's more than happy to leave it in the hands of others'. This includes to companies like the Birmingham Stage Company that puts on stage plays adapted from his books, and CBBC that has broadcast an award-winning live-action adaption of his books since 2009. The Horrible Histories franchise has expanded into video games, toys, magazines, and a gameshow.

In 2007, the original series began to be republished with a new look and new content. The new books had altered information on the back cover, an index and a brighter, redesigned front cover. Around the same time the Horrible Histories live action TV series aired, many of the books were republished as TV tie-ins. In 2013, many of the books were republished in a '20 horrible years' theme. Approach [ ]. ” from Terry Deary, The Guardian 12 August 2003 Deary commented in interview, 'if I had it my way, I wouldn't have schools at all. They don't educate, they just keep kids off the streets.

But my books educate, because they prepare kids for life.It's outrageous, why don't we start telling children the truth about history? I hope my books do just that.' Horrible Histories are designed to engage and enthuse the reader about a subject while appearing subversive, primarily aiming to entertain with a background educative purpose.

Deary views himself as a kid who wants to share facts with other kids, and as a writer who wishes to 'entertain first and inform second'. He does not respect authors who follow either extreme, that is, those who either only inform or only entertain. He believes that 'readers are more important than writers and their needs have to come first' and that if the writer engages the reader, they will retain more knowledge from the work. The series has a on the accuracy and validity of history. An introduction to one of the books in series states 'History can be horrible. Horribly hard to learn. The trouble is it keeps on changing.

In history a 'fact' is sometimes not a fact at all. Really it's just someone's 'opinion'.

And opinions can be different for different people. Teachers will try to tell you there are 'right' and 'wrong' answers even if there aren't.'

Many of Deary's books make very serious points, underneath all the jokes and gore. He often comments on whether the modern era is as vile as previous eras, and questions the reader's morals and patriotism. Deary explains 'I'd basically concluded [The British Empire] was one of the worst things to happen to the planet. So I deployed the facts that illustrate that'. The Guardian explains 'The last chapter of Ruthless Romans portrays modern-day Zimbabwe and essentially asks, is this any different?'

The musical stage show Barmy Britain, co-written by Deary, 'features a finale whose sarcastic references to burger bars, bankers and internet dating leave its young audience in little doubt that whatever the crazed excesses of our ancestors, future generations will doubtless consider us every bit as loopy'. When informed by a Jewish mother that her Rabbi told her not to introduce her children to the Holocaust before 13 years old, and that her 6-year-old had read it in Horrible Histories, Deary replied: 'Sorry, but what am I supposed to do – lie to children?' Deary is very distrustful of the establishment. He said 'I was beaten, bullied and abused at school in the name of passing exams.

It taught me nothing and I had to break out. So I started challenging authority at school, really, and just kind of never stopped'. He didn't reply to Tony Blair's invitation to come to No 10, telling The Guardian 'The only politician ever to have entered parliament with honourable intentions, was Guy Fawkes'. He also declined an invitation to meet the Queen, and said he was 'deeply disappointed' that the BBC's diamond jubilee coverage included a Horrible Histories sketch live from Tower Bridge. ” from Terry Deary, The Guardian 14 July 2012 Deary uses researchers for all Horrible Histories often in specialised fields, such as a military history. While researching his books, he immerses himself in the period so he is in the right context, compiling much more information than he needs. He tends to exclude all the 'boring facts' such as dates, because, he maintains 'dates don't matter.

Human experience matters'. He wishes to avoid 'preaching' the value of history, instead focusing on the wonders of human nature, and asking how we each would behave in other people's shoes.

The books make use of various media techniques, including cartoons (here by ) Deary uses many generic literary conventions to make his books more accessible to his readers. He deliberately writes in prose styles that follow natural speech cadences. He also frequently uses and. Deary considered poetry to be 'another weapon in the writer's armoury' rather than a specialised form that may only be used in specific circumstances.

He maintains that the impersonal language used in textbooks alienates the reader. He therefore uses the to talk directly to the reader, as if he were talking to them in real life. He views Horrible Histories as one of the few non-fiction or fiction series which utilise this 'underused style of writing'. •, House of Adventure, URL retrieved 7 April 2008 • • ^ The Telegraph 19 June 2011. • ^ De Groot, Jerome (2009).. Consuming history: historians and heritage in contemporary popular culture. Retrieved 9 July 2011.

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Scholastic Ltd. Retrieved 10 July 2011. • • • • › Terry Deary (7 September 2009).. Retrieved 2014-04-17. • • External links [ ] • • • • • • 10 May 2003 The Guardian •. Interview with Dreary • Daily Telegraph 5 June 2011' • • •.

American hero and Russian hero What is sure is that the John Wayne types would never survive in the Russian street, they would be immediately perceived as fake, weak and showing off to try to conceal their lack of strength and they would be crushed and humiliated. Nowadays when Americans adopt what I call the “Delta Force/Blackwater style” (pointy beard, long hair, dark sunglasses, and a ton of muscles etc.) they look comical by Russian standards, Russian special forces (and I have met a lot of them) *never* look the part if only because they try hard not to look it]. Personally I don’t think that impressing the Russians was Trump’s plan. Nor do I believe, like some, that launching that attack during the visit of Chinese Premier Xi was a deliberate affront or some kind of “message”. In fact, I don’t think that there was much of a plan at all beyond showing that Trump is “tough” and no friend of Putin. I think that the so-called “elites” in charge running the USA are infinitely arrogant, stupid, uneducated, incompetent and irresponsible.

I don’t buy the “managed chaos” theory nor do I buy the notion that if before the Anglo-Zionists imposed their order on others now they impose their dis-order. Yes, that is the consequence of their actions, but it’s not part of some diabolical plan, it is a sign of terminal degeneracy of an Empire which is clueless, frightened, angry and arrogant. I have already explained plan to defeat ISIS is a non-starter and I won’t bother repeating it all here. What I will say is that Erdogan’s endorsement of Trump’s attack is equally stupid and self-defeating. I really wonder what Erdogan is hoping to achieve.

Not only did the Americans almost kill him in a coup attempt, they are now working on creating a semi-independent Kurdistan right on the border with Turkey. Yes, I know, Erdogan wants to get rid of Assad, fair enough, but does he really believe that Trump will be able to remove Assad from power? And what if Assad is removed, will Turkey really be better off once the Emirate of Takfiristan is declared in Syria? I very much hope that after the referendum Erdogan will recover some sense of reality. What about the Israelis, do they really believe that dealing with Assad is worse than dealing with this Caliphate of Takfiristan?!

But then, we can expect anything from folks with such a long history of making really bad decisions. Still, it really looks like the all have gone completely insane! Then there is the embarrassing standing ovation coming out of Europe and the Ukraine. I really am embarrassed for them. They are rejoicing at the attempted removal of one of the last mentally sane and secular regimes in the Middle-East.

Don’t these European “leaders” realize that if Syria is replaced by a Caliphate of Takfiristan all hell will really brake loose for Europe? I am amazed at how blind these people are. The US’ “subtle hint” to the DPRK and China Now let’s look at what happened from the point of view of China and the DPRK. First, as I mentioned, I don’t think that Xi felt that the attack during his visit to the USA was a slap or an affront. From another civilized country, maybe. But not from the USA.

The Chinese are absolutely under no illusion of the total lack of sophistication and even basic manners of US Presidents. That is not to say that they were not outraged and very concerned. It goes without saying that they also noticed the “coincidence” that The USN has canceled planned port calls in Australia for the USS Carl Vinson and is instead sending the aircraft carrier and attached group towards the Korean Peninsula. They also noticed that this move has been given maximal visibility in the US propaganda machine.

One “show of force” in Syria is now followed by another “show of force” in East Asia. Typical, isn’t it? If anything, this move will only strengthen the informal but very strong and deep partnership between China and Russia. Just like the Russians, the Chinese will keep on smiling and make very nice statements about international peace and security, negotiations, etc. But everybody who matters in China will understand that the real message of out Washington DC is simple: “now it’s Assad – but you could be next”. Which leaves the DPRK.

I am no mind-reader and no psychologist, but I ask myself the following question: what is worse – if the Americans fail to really scare Kim Jong-un or if they successfully do? I don’t have the answer, but considering the past behavior of the DPRK leaders I would strongly suggest that both scaring them and failing to scare them are very dangerous options. The notion of “scare” should not be included in any policies dealing with the DPRK.

But instead of that, the dummies in DC are now leaking a story (whether true or not) that the US intelligence agencies have finalized plans to, I kid you not, ““. And just to make sure that the message gets through,. Have they all really gone totally insane in Washington DC?

Do I really need to explain here why war with the DPRK is a terrible idea, even if it had no nuclear weapons? Conclusion: what happens next? Simply reply: I don’t know. But let me explain why I don’t know. In all my years of training and work as a military analyst I have always had to assume that everybody involved was what we called a “rational actor”. The Soviets sure where.

As where the Americans. Then, starting with Obama more and more often I had to question that assumption as the US engaged in what appeared to be crazy and self-defeating actions. You tell me – how does deterrence work on a person with no self-preservation instinct (whether as a result of infinite imperial hubris garden variety petty arrogance, crass ignorance or plain stupidity)? I don’t know. To answer that question a what is needed is not a military analyst, but some kind of shrink specializing in delusional and suicidal types. Some readers might think that this is hyperbole. I assure you that this is not.

I am dead serious. Not only do I find the Trump administration “not agreement capable”, I find it completely detached from reality. Delusional in other words. You think Kim Jong-un with nukes is bad? What about Obama or Trump with nukes?

Ain’t they much, much scarier? So what can the world do?

First, the easy answer: the Europeans. They can do nothing. They are irrelevant. They don’t even exist.

At least not in the political sense. Some countries, however, are showing an absolutely amazing level of courage. Look at what the Bolivian representative at the UNSC dared to do. Bolivia: a profile in courage And what a shame for Europe: a small and poor country like Bolivia showed more dignity that the entire European continent. No wonder the Russians have no respect for the EU whatsoever. What Bolivia did is both beautiful and noble.

But the two countries which really need to step up to the plate are Russia and China. So far, it has been Russia who did all the hard work and, paradoxically, it has been Russia which has been the object of the dumbest and most ungrateful lack of gratitude (especially from armchair warriors). This needs to change. China has many more means to pressure the USA back into some semi-sane mental state than Russia. All Russia has are superb military capabilities. China, in contrast, has the ability to hurt the USA where it really matters: money. Russia is in a pickle: she cannot abandon Syria to the Takfiri crazies, but neither can she go to nuclear war with the USA over Syria.

The problem is not Assad. The problem is that he is the only person capable, at least at this point in time, to protect Syria against Daesh. If Assad is removed, Syria falls and Iran is next. Russia absolutely cannot afford to have Iran destroyed by the Anglo-Zionists because after Iran, she will next. Everybody in Russia understands that. But, as I said, the problem with military responses is that they can lead to military escalations which then lead to wars which might turn nuclear very fast.

So here is my central thesis: You don’t want Russia to stop the USA by purely military means as this places the survival of of mankind at risk. I realize that for some this might be counter-intuitive, but remember that deterrences only works with rational actors. Russia has already done a lot, more than everybody else besides Iran. And if Russia is not the world’s policeman, neither is she the world savior. The rest of mankind also needs to stop being a silent bystander and actually do something!

Russia and China can stop the US, but they need to do that together. And for that, Xi needs to stop acting like a detached smiling little Buddha statue and speak up loud and clear. That is especially true since the Americans show even less fear of China than of Russia. [Sidebar: the Chinese military is still far behind the kind of capabilities Russia has, but the Chinese are catching up really, really fast. Just 30 years ago the Chinese military used to be outdated and primitive.

This is not the case today. The Chinese have done some tremendous progress in a record time and their military is now a totally different beast than what it used to be.

I have no doubt at all that the US cannot win a war with China either, especially not anywhere near the Chinese mainland. Furthermore, I expect the Chinese to go full steam ahead with a very energetic military modernization program which will allow them to close the gap with the USA and Russia in record time. So any notions of the USA using force against China, be it over Taiwan or the DPRK, is an absolutely terrible idea, sheer madness. However, and maybe because the Americans believe their own propaganda, it seems to me like the folks in DC think that we are in the 1950s or 1960 and that they can terrify the “Chinese communist peasants” with their carrier battle groups. What the fail to realize is that with every nautical mile the US carriers make towards China, the bigger and easier target they make for a military which has specialized in US carrier destruction operatons.

The Americans ought to ask themselves a simple question: what will they do if the Chinese either sink or severely damage one (or several) US Navy carriers? Go to nuclear war with a nuclear China well capable of turning many US cities into nuclear wastelands? You would trade New York or San Francisco for the Carl Vinson Strike Group? Think again.] So far China has been supporting Russia, but only from behind Russia. This is very nice and very prudent, but Russia is rapidly running out of resources. If there was a sane man in the White House, one who would never ever do something which might result in war with Russia, that would not be a problem. Alas, just like Obama before him, Trump seems to think that he can win a game of nuclear chicken against Russia.

But he can’t. Let me be clear he: if pushed into a corner the Russian will fight, even if that means nuclear war. I have said this over and over again, there are two differences between the Americans and the Russians • The Russians are afraid of war.

The Americans are not. • The Russians are ready for war. The Americans are not. The problem is that every sign of Russian caution and every Russian attempt to de-escalate the situation (be it in the Ukraine, with Turkey or in Syria) has always been interpreted by the West as a sign of weakness. This is what happens when there is a clash between a culture which places a premium on boasting and threatening and one which believes in diplomacy and negotiations. The profound cultural differences between the USA and Russia are perfectly illustrated with the polar difference the two countries have towards their most advanced weapons systems.

As soon as the Americans declassify one of their weapon systems they engage into a huge marketing campaign to describe it as the “bestest of the bestest” “in the world” (always, “in the world” as if somebody bothered to research this or even compare). They explain at length how awesome their technology is and how invincible it makes them. The perfect illustration is all the (now, in retrospect, rather ridiculous) propaganda about stealth and stealth aircraft. The Russians do the exact opposite. First, they try to classify it all. But then, when eventually they declassify a weapons system, they strenuously under-report its real capabilities even when it is quite clear that the entire planet already knows the truth! There have been any instances when Soviet disarmament negotiators knew less about the real Soviet capabilities than their American counterparts!

Finally, when the Russian export their weapons systems, they always strongly degrade the export model, at least that was the model until the Russians sold the SU-30MKI to India which included thrust vectoring while the Russian SU-30 only acquired later with the SU-30SM model, so this might be changing. Ask yourself: did you ever hear about the Russian Kalibr cruise missile before their first use in Syria? Or did you know that Russia has had since the late 19 70s capable of “flying under water” as speeds exceeding 230 miles per hour?] Russia is in a very difficult situation and a very bad one. And she is very much alone. European are cowards. Latin Americans have more courage, but no means to put pressure on the USA.

India hopes to play both sides. Japan and the ROK are US colonies. Australia and New Zealand belong to the / gang. Russia has plenty of friends in Africa, but they more or less all live under the American/French boot.

Iran has already sacrificed more than any other country and taken the biggest risks. It would be totally unfair to ask the Iranians to do more. The only actor out there who can do something in China. If there is any hopes to avoid four more years of “Obama-style nightmare” it is for China to step in and tell the US to cool it.

In the meantime Russia will walk a very fine like between various bad options. Her best hope, and the best hope of the rest of mankind, is that the US elites become so involved into fighting each other that this will leave very little time to do any foreign policy. Alas, it appears that Trump has “figured out” that one way to be smart (or so he thinks) in internal politics is to do something dumb in external politics (like attack Syria). That won’t work. Maybe an impeachment of Trump could prove to be a blessing in disguise. If Mike Pence becomes President, he and his Neocons will have total power again and they won’t have to prove that they are tough by doing stupid and dangerous things? Could President Pence be better than President Trump?

I am afraid that it might. Especially if that triggers a deep internal crisis inside the USA. Is she the last hope for the USA? The next four years will be terrible, I am sorry to say. Our next hope – however thin – for somebody sane in the White House might be for 2020. Maybe Tulsi Gabbard will run on a campaign promise of peace and truly draining the swamp? Maybe “America first” will mean something if Gabbard says it?

So maybe she can provide the mix of peace and progressive social policies so many Americans really want? Maybe she could become the first woman President for all the right, rather then wrong, reasons. I don’t know. 2020 is still very, very far away, let’s just hope we all make it to that date before some imbecile in DC decides that war with Russia is a good idea. What is certain is that the Democrat vs. Republican and Conservative vs Liberal dichotomy only serves to perpetuate a system which manages to betray the values of BOTH the Left and the Right.

This is paradoxical because it is pretty darn clear that most Americans want their country to be at peace, to stop being constantly at war, and with civilized social and labor standards. Sure, the hardcore libertarians still believe that laisser-faire is a great solution, even if that hands all the power to corporations and even if that leaves the individual citizen defenseless against the oligarchy. But bet you that even hardcore libertarians would prefer “statism” (as they would say) with peace than “statism” with war. Likewise, many hardcore progressives want to severely limit the freedoms of many Americans (small business entrepreneurs, gun owners), but even they would prefer peace without rules and regulations than war without rules and regulations. So I think that the possibly unifying platform could be expressed in the notion of “peace and civil rights”.

That is something which the vast majority of Americans can agree upon. Even the Black Lives Matter folks should agree to that kind of “peace and civil rights platform”. That, I think, ought to be the priority of the Federal government – dismantle the war machine and dismantle the state repression machine: a full pull-out of US forces deployed worldwide combined with a full restoration of civil and human rights as they were before the 9/11 false flag. And let the States deal with all the other issues. Alas, I am afraid that the plutocracy in power will never allow that.

The way the crushed Trump in one month tells me that they will do that to anybody who is not one of their own. So while hope is always a good thing, and while I like dreaming of a better future, I am not holding my breath.

I find a sudden and brutal collapse of the Anglo-Zionist Empire followed by a break-up of the USA (as described ) far more likely. We better prepare ourselves for some very tough times ahead. Our only consolation is that all the dramatic events taking place right now in the USA are signs of weakness. The US elites are turning on each other and while the Neocons have broken Trump, this will not stop the fratricidal war inside the US plutocracy.

Look at the big picture, at how the empire is cracking at every seam and remember that all this is taking place because we are winning. Imperialism will die, discredited and hated by all those who will have to live through the upcoming collapse of the US-based AngloZionist Empire. Hopefully this time it will be the last empire in history and mankind will have learned its lesson (it would be about time!). (1) Leave the name field empty if you want to post as Anonymous. It's preferable that you choose a name so it becomes clear who said what.

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No wonder the Russians have no respect for the EU whatsoever.” -At one point you are reading about stuff you dont know, and feel “this is very interesting, I am learning something new here” then you run across a sentence like the one above, displaying kindergarten level ignorance of the world, and suddenly you start to wonder if a any of the stuff you found interesting before has any connection with reality at all. Europe is a continent, consisting of many different countries, among them Russia and Ukraine, Germany and UK, these countries have different loyalties and ideologies, such as Germany being a USA colony and Russia being the last free European conservative country left in the continent of Europe. EU is a political construct inside of Europe consisting of a few European countries, EU is blindly loyal to EU but many of its members, such as Hungary is not. And many of its members that are loyal to USA, such as Poland has no ideological connection to USA, for example one single immigrant will cause Poland to cry, while countries that are ideologically connect to USA such as UK, demands hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year.

Europeans are large ethnic/racial group consisting of the peoples native to the continent of Europe, Russians are the largest European ethnic group, followed by Germans, and so on. The US/NATO and its echo-chamber MSM try to present the latest Zionist/US meddling in Syria as if it was “new”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like PNAC and the Grand Chessboard, all the Zionists plans have been laid out for all to see, well in advance. Since the citizens of the US/NATO/EU did nothing, the Zionist Deep State proceeds on the premise of “silence is consent”. An acceptable legal frame, except when that “silence” from the public is because the MSM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zionism/Rothschild Incorporated, and did not report PNAC/etc. With the same vigor as “barrel bombs” or Iraqi WMD’s, if at all.

Unfortunately, it is becoming apparent this will continue until the Rothschilds and their immediate bankster/political lieutenants are liquidated. They will only change course when it is apparent they will pay the ultimate price for their treason. Treason against the entirety of humanity, not just one country. Start at the top work down until they and their minions surrender, deciding prison is better than death. Or not the one thing about solving such individual-based problems with guillotines or bullets you never have the same problem twice. Your long explanation of current reality in Europe, which seemingly contradicts Saker’s sentence you quoted, says exactly the same. There is no dignity.

What you listed are excuses. None of the European countries condemned the obvious aggression on Syria in UN. Where is dignity in that? Nowhere and is it a shame. I am from EU and I find the EU’s position shameful as well. Bolivia clearly condemned the strikes.

Speaking at the emergency meeting to discuss the United States’ missile strikes against Syria on Thursday, Bolivian Ambassador to the United Nations, Sacha Llorenti, criticized the Trump’s decision to take unilateral action against Syria, which he described as being “an extremely serious violation of international law.” Bolivia mercilessly trolls US over Iraq WMD lie in front of UN Security Council (VIDEO). I find your comment to be unwarrantably rude and rather disingenuous.

Some people consider Russia to be a European nation; others do not. Either conclusion has rather odd implications. However, when the Saker says that Europe has not helped Russia, it is pretty obvious that he is not including Russia as part of Europe. So that point of yours is nothing more than angry nitpicking.

So what if Europe is a continent full of different peoples? How does that affect the Saker’s statement that it has utterly failed to stand up to Washington? If you want to be so rude to the Saker on his own Web site, at least wait until you have some substantive point on which to disagree with him. Although I would prefer you didn’t. As a Western European, I agree with the Saker that not only the Europeans don’t DO anything in this regards but even worse, like you show here so nicely with your comment, are not even aware of the fact that they (we) ARE irrelevant in this game.

Europe has been overrun and taken by the Zio-Communist fronts of Gog and Magog since at least after WW1. The last signs of resistance died long ago and Orban or Le Pen are not changing that since these people are nowhere near being relevant in the bigger game and most likely also miss the bigger picture. It feels sad to come from an irrelevant part of the world. Germany is definitely not the only ‘colony’ in Western Europe. Russia is NOT, I repeat NOT, a part of “Europe”. There is no such place as “Europe”.

It’s a political abstraction involving the political grouping a countries who live on the Western Spur of the Russo-Asia Land Mass. I live here, and whenever I ask Russians “do you feel you are European” I get a fast, vehement, NO. Trying to put Russia into “Europe” [whatever the hell that iis, the people using the term never define it], is part of the attempt to Balkanize – or Yugoslavise ] Russia, to make her easier to break into smaller bits and then conquer. Russia is one unified country of many ethnicities, genetic groups, religious faiths, which have grown together over the last one thousand years into a unique, self identifying entity. Which is nothing to do with “Europe”. Well said Isabella – I’d agree but one thing. You’re putting too strong separation lines, like no man is an island, it’s similar for countries.

EU is political construct, but Europe does exist and has some sort of identity though it is a strange mix, like multiple personality disorder. Russia’s culture and history is intertwined – Europe left its mark on Russia but Russia even more probably on Europe. Not to mention that it liberated good part of the Europe in WW2 and then what followed etc. To say the least, most wars that Russia fought were with Europe in recent history. At the moment, everyone is disillusioned as EU is a total garbage but given a bit different situation that will change. Then Orthodox Christianity (though only part of Russia’s religious spectrum but very strong one) is also something that gravitates more to the European side then on the Asian side and so on. Bravo, Saker!

(albeit a tad long). As for China — something from the fringe media which, unusually has some substance for once. Remarkably, Trump said it himself. After their first round of talks before dinner on Thursday night, the American leader told reporters: “We had a long discussion already. So far I have gotten nothing. Absolutely nothing.

But we have developed a great friendship.” It notes a little Xi-smile: “A satellite photographed a Chinese J-11 fighter on Woody Island in the Paracel Island group.” And ZH reports “South Korean Paper Reports China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korea Border” I’ve come to the conclusion that the common DC Obama-trump feature is the golf course. Do the CIA have a ‘green’ strategy and something in the grass? Otherwise: “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”. Student of Imran Hosein Excellent analysis! I would like The Saker and his Community to comment on the following summarized analysis why the so called west is fanning the flames of takfirism especially in that part of the world: Once takfirism eventually rules Syria, Saudi Arabia and contemporaneously Iraq to the Euphrates the purpose of installing the NATO base in Libya will become apparent. The facillitation of takhfiriism into Egypt.

(note how Egypt and Russia are realising urgency for closer co-operation). Once achieved now Israel will have causus bellum to “help” rid the world of this “menace” to the cheers of the world community. In the process Israel will be able to secure the so called “Biblical” borders of the land of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates! Once achieved the zionists will smell the arrival of their King to be crowned for the “Leadership” of the world in Jerusalem. Those still sitting on the fence will see with their very own eyes how Israel now has “legitimacy” owning Biblical borders and at that time after having introduced “Real” and “Honest” money. Gold/silver backed currency.

They will flock in the millions to the “Messiah” of the land of ZION. Little will they realise that this man is the “false messiah”.

The false messiah is orchestrating that “madness” The Saker is talking about from behind the scenes in the final parallel time and space dimension before he is able to enter our time and material space dimension at the appointed time. This madness is not thought out by humans, rather it is the satanic rituals and communication with the false messiah through which they act, seeking his favour including for example immortality. This has taken over 1400 years to reach this stage from the diametrically opposite moral and spiritual state of humanity. So it has been a slow and incrementally painful journey for mankind to drop to our present low point without us even realising.

As history cannot end without truth triumphing over falsehood (otherwise there would be no justification in the act of creation in the first place), The stage has been then set for the true MESSIAH Jesus, the Son of the Virgin Mary to return and to settle the matter once and for all. After that there will not be any need for any more empires in history as mankind would have reached perfect harmony in tune with the rest of the universe in surrendering to the will of the Lord most high. A humble student of Sheikh Imran Hosein. China is playing the long game alright. China is playing Go, not chess. Chess is too messy, too unsophisticated and does not measure up to reality.

The US wants chaos and Putin played into its hands. China is creating stability (and wealth) with its OBOR initiative and threatening to cut the US out of this. The US now need China to survive. That’s why Xi had Trump eating out of his hands so to speak. Putin is not helping but instead again played into the Neocons’ hands by supplying weapons to India and Vietnam in order to ‘balance’ China. Putin is still suspicious that China is eyeing the Russian Far East to get it back and even coveting Siberia. That’s why a lot of projects with Russia are obstructed, including the much touted “Power of Siberia” gas pipeline.

As I have mentioned before, dodgy Erdogan may yet cook Putin’s goose in Syria. And it seems he may be beginning to do it. Syria is a guerrilla meat-grinder quagmire designed for Russia and Turkey is the provider of the mud that will bog down Russia in an economically ruinous war in Syria. In fact it is he only country that can do so. And the Neocons will leapfrog Iran and lunge direct for Russia’s throat. Not in a full frontal direct ‘love-in’ as what happened between the USSR and Nazi Germany.

But with Wahhabi-radicalised jihadis in guerrilla warfare in Russia using the 21% Muslim population of Russia. With Russia bogged down in Syria, the opening acts of this jihad are already done. Chechnya will be the handle of the Jihad knife.

Then the belly of the Russian bear will be slashed open by guerrilla warfare along Southern Russia. Then the knife will be thrust Northwards up the Urals to slice the throat of Russia.

Russia cannot fight this sort of guerrilla war like it fought Nazi Germany or Napoleon. This type of guerrilla can only be won with police action backed by very competent intelligence operations, supplemented by militia and regular forces and deradicalising the local Muslim population. But the police must take the lead. And the war must be backed by a rapidly growing economy which will gradually undermine the rationale for war, even guerrilla war.

Can Putin do this? If Putin cannot do this there is very little China can do to help. And the Syria quagmire? Iran has more existential interests there. And it is going to get very very ugly and genocidal because both Sunnis and Shi’ite’s consider each other as existential threats. Putin cannot prevent this from happening and would be foolish to try. In fact its presence in Syria is being regarded by the Sunnis as taking sides with the Shi’ites against them.

That’s why the Saudis are sore with Putin. Putin should turn the tables on the Neocons in Syria by withdrawing but arming Assad, the Iranian and Iraqi Shi’ites (and the Kurds) to fight the guerrilla war there. That will bog down Erdogan and sap the US. Syria is not essential to Russia except for Russia’s economically premature claim to super power status. And Putin should liberalise Russia fast, prime up its economy, have freedom of religion and massive immigration to shore up its population if Russia is to survive without breaking up. ‘Putin is not helping but instead again played into the Neocons’ hands by supplying weapons to India and Vietnam in order to ‘balance’ China.’ Incorrect conclusion. By supplying weapons to India and Vietnam Russia gains huge political capital within both countries, which Russia uses as a stability factor.

While, in the case of war, Russia cannot order either country to do or not do anything, both countries understand that Russia and China have a strategic relationship and that Russia would therefore not approve of a war which weakens such an important ally. Russia could not come in between enemies, but it can surely advice both countries through quiet diplomatic channels that Russians do not think it is a good idea to sell more weapons to a country that seeks to weaken one of its most important allies, and that therefore the political context within Russia may eventually make it more difficult to do so. This would immediately calm things down, as India has massively invested too many resources in Russian systems to even begin to think to dismiss them out of hand, as this would cause India to lose a very important sizable technological military advantage. Vietnam would not fare any better, while at the same time China would seek to refrain from damaging a very important Russian weapons market like India, as well as a small neighbour that happens to receive Russian Navy ships at Cam Ranh base. Therefore, Russian weapons supply is a factor of stability for the region. @Iki You make too erroneous assumptions regarding India and China.

Russia would not come between the 2 and would not be able to influence India in any way or form. India has huge geographic and logistics advantage over China at their common border; China would lose any serious military confrontation where the two countries meet (less than 8% of the Chinese population lives west of the heihe tengchong xian, a line that divides real China from their colonized subjugated peoples in western “China”. Yet over 600 million Indians live right next to Indo-Sino border.) Only a few transport arteries supply the borderlands of China in this area. If the Chinese tried a military conflict in this region they’d lose and lose badly. And no, the Russians would not be stupid enough to say a word to the Indians about it. It is only to Russia’s benefit that any Chinese expansionist impulse on the Eurasian landmass by thick headed romanticists in the Chinese power structure gets clipped.

@Confusecius That was then (1962), this now (2017). Back then India was led by a brown Englishman whore of the British, the usurper known as PM Nehru, a man that spent more time serving Edwina Mountbatten’s perverted sexual needs and weakening his country by taking her badly intentioned advice, then improving the condition of India. Had China and that idiot Mao shown at little more intelligence, the Chinese should have continued to allow the Indian military deteriorate under the incompetence of Nehru and his coterie, in five more years the Indian military would been passed the point of no return. However, thanks to the 1962 defeat and humiliation of Nehru, he was forced to fire his incompetent defense minister and political ally: as a consequence, all of his incompetent miltary appointees were cashiered and the Indian military was rebuilt such that in less than 9 years they crushed the Pakistan military and dismembered the Pakistan state (removing 70% of their GDP in the process). Both Nixon and Pakistan implored China to intervene, but the Chinese were too scared (or selfish or both) to do a thing. They let their ally Pakistan twist in the wind. (caveat emptor for Russians if they think China really has their back) In 1986, the Indians called China’s bluff and re-occupied the Hathung La ridge.

The Chinese huffed and puffed and then meekly slinked away in retreat since this time they knew they’d lose. India used the opportunity to confer statehood to Arunachal Pradesh and named Tawang as an official Indian city and capital of the state. Something the Chinese had termed a “red line”, and now were forced to lose face and watch the Indians cross that red line in their face. If in 1986 the Chinese backed down, in today’s scenario the Chinese know they will lose badly. Of cause TYS, with 1 million youth enter job market every month, BJP/RSS government only created about 100,000 jobs the whole last year, I am sure it is great benefit to start wars with someone: Indian Muslims, untouchables, Southern states, or north east states. Adding in mob threatening foreign companies, wars in Pakistan and China India will do a great service for the world population control.

Like you stated, I am sure you have every logistic needed to bring your troops up to border by cow buggies, and fight Chinese within 3 weeks so you will not run out bullets. Good luck 3 Cents, do it fast before your 69 insurgencies turn into a full bloom civil war. @J Re cow buggies, 69 insurgencies, wishing genocide on us thru wars etc and other attempts at racist or cultural insults. Please get a grip on yourself, you’re having a meltdown.

You are behaving exactly like an Anglozionist would when they don’t get their way. I know this might disappoint you severely, but the BJP just won a landslide victory in India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh. The so-called untouchables voted overwhelmingly (80%) for the BJP. Sorry to burst your out of date bubble. They also won 4 out of the 5 states contested (including a landslide in Manipur a north eastern state state,;-) sorry! Thank you for your deep concern for the employment prospects of our youth we are touched by your compassion, but we’ll manage very well, thank you very much.

We outstripped China’s GDP growth with 7.5% growth against China’s 3-4%. Please focus on your own affairs in line with the 5 principles of Pancheel. Regarding Muslims, in India we don’t force Muslim women to remove their veils nor harass Muslim men that wear long beards like your masters in China have just started doing in their latest crack down. Perhaps you should save your compassion and indignation for them. Oh, yes the BJP Won nearly all Muslim dominated districts in Uttar Pradesh.

Try not to get too upset. Thank you for once again proving my points. Your are a riot TYS aka 3 cents. Why whining while you dishing out garbage in everyone of your post.?

Mr mod, it is only fair I reply him with some well published facts from Indian newspapers. (Removed.You are carrying the, as you said, sarcasm overboard. We need to stop it.I think this dispute,and back and forth,has gone on enough.If, when I am on duty I see any posts by TYS directed against you I will edit them and warn him.But so far on my shift I’ve only seen your posts.So I’m forced to edit your posts.

The best solution is for you two to stop your arguing. Before we are forced to sent your posts for review.MOD).

I will compromise. I will list a few items, then I will stop feed the troll. What happened in India in just last week: 1. From Hindustan times (April 10th, 2017): 8 killed in Kashmir bypoll violence (by Indian Army), Srinagar registers poor voter turnout of 7.14% 2.

Hindustan again (April 7th, 2017): Muslim man tied to tree, beaten to death for being in love with Hindu woman 3, firstpost, April 5th, 2017: Rajasthan cow vigilante beat Muslim man to death; Police books six, launches manhunt Those killers usually go free because their connections. @J clearly my posting the truth about the BJP’s recent successes has upset you. Also, similar to many Pakistanis, you don’t like being reminded at the totalitarian crack down on Muslim religious practices in China. I will not waste time supplying you news links, it isn’t necessary. The whole world knows China’s reputation when it comes to internal dissent. It has always amazed me how Pakistanis can overlook the brutal abuses on Muslim religious freedoms in China.

How can they sell out so blatantly? Well, it seems that this time China did go too far (banning female modesty covering and announcing that they will scrutinize mean with excessive beards): we finally got in Pakistan people protesting against these totally unnecessary and ineffective oppressive moves. As far as being a savior or ideological ally, now China has even abandoned Nepal. This is predictable, because the CCP builds relationship based on pure self interest and can’t afford to waste too much money on an incompetent partner that won’t be able to deliver, in such scenarios they cut their losses quickly. It is quite admirable that they don’t indulge in a web of lies such as the West weaves when they dump a client.

In this area they’re very honest and blunt. @J Regarding your second posting with the useless links to the Hindustan Times and brown Englishmen publications: Is that the best you can do? I guess you’re not aware that Kashmir is also ruled by a BJP partner that won in a fair a free election. India is country of now 1.3 Billion people, given that, the articles you submitted are testament to the relative lack of violence in that country.

It would be too easy for me pull up the 100s of thousands of injustices in China, Pakistan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, etc. But it is unnecessary because people already know how dismal the situation is in those places. So you have proved nothing. @J It is ironic that you have proven and/or agreed with some of my points namely: -China will not overtly physical or brazen or openly intervene in the Syria conflict.

-China is focussed on its own rise and is not interested in ideologies (your own words). -Russians are have fighting ideology and pick fights with everyone (Ok I don’t agree with this one but you did say/write it) -You said that from a Chinese perspective, Russia can be worse than the West. That only proves that China is capable of shifting to the West if the pot is sweetened enough or if China doesn’t like the fact that Putin will not kowtow to them. Just like when Mao made a deal with the devil (Kissinger and Nixon). -China will only militarily intervene in its immediate neighborhood because Western intervention would threaten China directly; history implies that you are right (Vietnam war and Korean conflict). I hope that puts to bed the naive hopes of some readers of China deploying the Liaoning aircraft carrier to Syria.

You have not exhibited one whit of gratitude for Russia defeating the Japanese in Manchuria and giving the territory back to China. Instead, You sound very bitter and upset by the realities presented to you in the comment section.

You are still whining about lost Manchu terroritories from the 18th century. Thank you providing a stark reminder to the readers here about the true nature of the CCP Chinese mindset towards other civilizations. I call it selfish, self-centered and ungrateful, others may term it realistic, practical and lacking sentimentality. Either way, it was very helpful in dispelling the illusions that some the readers here held about the true nature of China and it’s value as an ally. There are several very important facts about Sino-Russian relations. JJ is right because Russia seized and held onto far more Chinese territory than the West ever did.

The USSR was supposed to return Outer Manchuria to China but reneged on its promise. And Russia often charge an arm and a leg for any ‘help’ it gave. For ‘help’ to persuade the West to withdraw for Beijing, Russia seized Outer Manchuria. The USSR did withdraw from Manchuria after defeating the Japanese when the Jaoanese was already largely defeated in China and the Pacific, but she took away all the heavy industries – the machinery that were installed by the Japanese. For the grudging help given to China (supply of weapons and air support) during the Korean War, the USSR took away Outer Mongolia. Russian greed (and miserliness) is one of the main reasons for the fall-out between the USSR and China. Even now, China is helping USSR economically.

USD70 billion upfront payment for oil and gas before even a single drop of oil and a single cubic meter of gas is delivered. From where else can they can this sort of money upfront? This saved the Russian economy from collapsing when Western sanctions hit. Also China has made Russia its biggest supplier of crude oil ahead of Saudi Arabia. This further sustain the Russian economy when the price of Oil and gas plunged. And coming back to India. I truly believe India can be a greater nation than China.

Certainly it had been richer at least once before during the last two millennium. And Chinese martial arts was learnt from India.

The fight in 1962 was instigated by the CIA largely through instigating the vanity of Nehru. (In fact the CIA used vanity to create chaos in other countries (E.g.

Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia). But India got its revenge in 1967 when the Chinese was decimated by Indian superior generalship and tactics. The Chinese withdraw to cut further losses So why not forget the past and make peace? @Simon Chow Thank you for a sane and reasoned perspective on the Chinese point of view. I agree it would be much better for China and India to cooperate or at least cease military and proxy hostility. They should both give complimentary access to each other’s markets and synergistically grow both their economies. Given China’s economic slow down and large accumulation of capital, they need a place to invest that offers a large rate of return and at a large scale: India’s economy is taking off and the infrastructure imvestments offer a safe investment for China with higher returns than they can achieve in their own economy or in the West.

A trilateral mechanism where Russia acting as honest broker between its two allies should be instituted that benefits all three powers should be worked out. China would have to cut its links with the terrorist Salafist entity called Pakistan and Russia & India will have to forgo their military support of Vietnam (while taking care of Vietnam’s insecurities, which is in China’s best interests – only a fool underestimates the Vietnamese, the last thing we’d want is Vietnam forced into the Empire’s arms). It would be much better to run OBOR through India and have access to 20 Indian ports rather than a single vulnerable port at Gwadior, Pakistan, which the Americans could destroy/blockade with impunity since Pakistan is inconsequential and Gwadior is not Chinese sovereign territory. The US cannot do the same to Indian ports and that leg of OBOR would be secure. I wish that could happen, but I really doubt that it will. @Confucius Re: “India lost badly the only battle they had with the Chinese.” Not really, China lost badly against India in 1967 and were forced to stand down in 1986 (as I elaborated earlier) I need to thank Simon Chow for reminding me about 1967 where China lost badly in a battle against India. How could I forget Sikkim?

The Sino-Indian War of 1967, also known as the Nathu La and Cho La incidents, (11–14 September 1967 for Nathu La; 1–10 October 1967 for Cho La) were a series of military clashes between India and China in the Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim, then an Indian protectorate. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army infiltrated parts of Sikkim[6] on 1 October 1967, but was repulsed by the Indian Army by 10 October. During the Cho La and Nathu La incidents, Indian losses were 88 killed in action and 163 wounded,[4][7] while Chinese casualties were estimated to be 340 killed in action and 450 wounded.[8][4] The end of the conflicts saw a Chinese military withdrawal from Sikkim after being defeated by Indian forces.[1][9][10] And to quote reader Simon Chow: But India got its revenge in 1967 when the Chinese was decimated by Indian superior generalship and tactics. The Chinese withdraw to cut further losses. Thanks TYS for your cordial reply. Just for the record I did not mock Russia. My exact words were “.Russia’s economically premature claim to super-power status.”.

I feel that this is just a factual statement, since super-power status has to have an economic base i.e. Supported by an equally powerful economy. Russia’s claim to super-power status is based on its military.

But to support such a super powerful military, Russia will have to sacrifice economically and with it the welfare and future of its people. Like the USSR, from the economic point of view Russia is not a super power and should not act like one militarily. A military and especially a super powerful military is a very very expensive toy in terms of money and man-power. It is even more expensive if it is fighting a number of wars.

Download Heroes Lore 6 Stigmata Of The Gaia. Can Russia afford it and if so, for how long? If the much bigger USSR cannot afford it, how can Russia afford it? Russia’s economy is slightly smaller than Italy’s, but its military is more than match that of NATO.

And it is fighting two wars – in Ukraine and Syria. At this rate, can Russia still exist as it is in maximum of 20 years time? Your guess is as good as mine. But I doubt it. You and your other Russian compatriot did just as want you said: Belittle China. Why can’t you accept Chinese millennium old policy as principle of Chinese foreign policy and bring stability to the region? Why do you two insist on that China is greedy, only care for money, will betray Russia just because China will not follow you into your war?

Simon stated facts. One do not have to agree with all his conclusions. You two’s statements are influenced by your emotion, which is why, IMHO, Russians get into fights more offten than others.

Long essay does not change the fact that you are emotional immature, can not seat down with your neighbors to find solutions that accepted for all, hence your glorious wars with your neighbors big or small for over 300 years. And you are still at it today! Sorry brother, don’t mean to belittle Russia. Only anxious that Putin do not fall into the neocon’s traps and Russia do not fall into its own hubris. Yes I know about the opium wars for which China paid with the blood of 100 million lives or so to opium addiction.

China made two mistakes: 1) China under the sinicised Manchus stood down its armed forces, especially its artillery after the 17th Century; 2) China paid for its own hubris because it refused to open up when confronted with the Macartney expedition in 1793 including its 64-gun man of war. Sometimes I tend to think that the opium war and the following 100 years of humiliation were necessary to ‘wake’ China up from its millennial slumber. China nearly repeated the same mistakes about its military until the 1996 altercation with the US carriers in the Taiwan Straits and the 1999 ‘mistaken’ bombing of its embassy in Belgrade woke her up from her ‘romance’ with the US since Nixon’s time. As for US’s ‘IOUs’, I have posted earlier in this forum that China hopes to get round this by using USD to secretly hoard gold and commodities including oil, iron, copper. So when the US dollar inflates to inflate away US debts, the rockets in the price of commodities and gold will more than compensate for the loss in value of USD.

The point is: while China may not be able to buy much US assets with USD, it is still able to buy a lot with USD from the rest of the world! Yes, China seems to have a mental block about jet engines – a leftover from the centuries of rote learning since the Song Dynasty. Hopefully she can get over this and lift jet engine technology to the next level.

But I don’t think China can do this without liberalising the Chinese mind. And I don’t think I need to worry about the Uighurs. China invented guerrilla warfare (read Sun Tzu). Xingkiang will be a trap for the returning jihadis.

China will control the info and narratives from Xinjiang. The jihadis will be defeated and deradicalised and the outside world would not know about it. Everything will appear normal, including the economic development, as if nothing had happened. As for Russia, the existential threat facing her is jihadi guerrilla warfare targeting ultimately Russian man-power and economy. The Muslim 21% of its population is increasing faster than the Slavonic portion. No one can defeat Russia in a full frontal conventional military ‘love-in’ ala Nazi Germany and USSR. No one is even dreaming of marching on Moscow.

But the life-blood can be drained out of Russia both physically and economically through jihadised guerrilla warfare. The Neocons knew this. That’s why they designed the ISIS virus specifically for infecting Russia. @J Yeah I’m sure the Chinese are relaxed at India receiving strategic technologies and weapons systems from Russia, that’s why they howl & threaten everytime it happens. That’s why Chinese TV channels spend 2 hours each time analyzing and explaining the latest Indian weapons systems whenever the Indians announce it being inducted into their armed forces. Nice try, but you’re poker face needs a lot of work.

It’s obvious that Russia transferring strategic technology to India and selling deadly anti-ship systems to Vietnam infuriates China’s leaders, but they dare not show it. Because Russia is the senior partner in their relationship and China is the junior partner, and the Chinese leadership knows it. @J You’re only proving my point, you are demonstrating to the readership here just how distorted and one sided your brand of nationalism is (supremacist?). Earlier in this thread you attacked Flankerbandit & Russia for its for it’s well founded and justified policies in Siberia and it’s Far East.

Alter ego and reader Simon chow mocked Russia’s claim to super-power status (only proving my point that many in China’s political and nationalist class, arrogantly only sees China as America’s peer and Russia as a junior party). I’m being very sincere in stating that you are doing more damage to your cause than I could ever do. I want to thank you, without any sarcasm or insult intended, for demonstrating the points I was making. San fen qian. @Flankerbandit Like I said before you’re great.

You hit a home run on every point. Sour grapes over Manchu held territory sounds hollow given China’s own dismal record of trying to seize territory that isn’t theirs. And you are absolutely correct economic power with serious miltary power and the ability to project to your advesary’s doorstep is just plain dumb. I am serous you should start your own blog. You’re intelligence is exceptional, this is obvious.

The organizational flow and order of your thought process as laid out here is a work of art, and rare. Sincere respect. A testament to the magic formula of Saker’s blog that attracts such brilliant minds. @Simon Chow It’s a difference in philosophy: I believe once you’ve met the bare requirements of survival (ie shelter), you need to secure your home before you start to acquire further wealth. You cannot neglect your defense, especially if you can see a group of lying murdering savages burning other countries to the ground and looting them. Both of our civilizations have been sacked by primitive savages that were organized, unified and focussed military even though they were inferior technologically and civilizationally to the people they were looting (many examples in Chinese history and at least three examples in Indian history after 200AD). This is also true of Europe (the Huns).

A strong military is not a toy it’s a necessity but it is not sufficient, you also need strong societal cohesion and a national immune system to weed out externally induced sickness (5th columns) – I don’t believe the Soviet Union collapsed solely for economic reasons, I believe it was because of demoralization (the people had long stopped believing in their system) and the western alliance’s intelligence and propaganda machine gave the soviet system the final push over the cliff. China was communist, economically far weaker than the Soviet Union, they were even poorer than India, but they didn’t collapse or fall for the lie that the West was their friend and only wanted peace prosperity and freedom for the masses oppressed by communism. That’s because China had internal cohesion. Compare the fate of Libya (which stupidily allowed itself to be disarmed in return for economic gain) to the fate of North Korea. Compare that idiot Saddam Hussein’s Iraq defanging his arsenal like a fool to the fate of Iran and their wise & cunning policy of Investing in hezbollah and in investing in 100s of thousands of cheap katushya rockets as an unconventional deterrent.

The truth is Russia is a Superpower (even now the crybabies in Western think tanks and media grudgingly admit it: “Russia is a military superpower”) and neither China nor India are. Nor will we be until we achieve full military power projection capabilities.

We are both at the stage of having secured or homelands which we have both done. The second stage is to secure our regional backyards (which Russia has done).

The final stage is to acquire full power projection capabilities (again Russia already has this) both countries (India & China) are working on this but we are not even close to where we need to be (although China is at least a decade ahead of India in this area). If you have time read my earlier response to you regarding how China and India ought work together. Best regards.

Yeah, China and India should work together. They are so complementary. Software prowess of India complemented by hardware of China etc. I appreciate your emphasis on military power as a priority due to lessons from the past. However, where is the limit?

If we project military power beyond our needs for defence, it will trigger an arms race. This is the paradox that Kissinger cited in today’s context i.e. Too much security will result in insecurity. And with all those ‘toys’ around, sooner or later some madmen in power (like Trump seems to be) will miscalculate and use them. If nations concentrate on economic development, maybe there are some acceptable answers. Economics backed up by enough military power can also protect. Too much military power can become a slave-master like how the US is now enslaved by its military-industrial-complex.

That’s why the Qing dynasty stood down its military after pacifying all the territories which it considered as its own after 1700. It kept enough forces to ensure protection but failed to realise that the industrial revolution in the West had made its military technology obsolete by the end of the eighteenth century. The key lesson to learn is not to close off to the world – something that Trump may be trying to do to America. I think India and China need to do something like what Mao did with Nixon in the Shanghai Communique of 1972 i.e. Acknowledge our differences, even disagreement and stress the areas of agreement. This way the two countries can move forward without being tied down by the emotional baggage of the past. When Mao and Nixon did that, it was barely 19 years after the very bloody Korean War in 1953.

I am certain India and China can do something like that sooner or later. We Chinese have very sobering lessons from our own history on the limitations of purely military power to secure the longevity of our nation. The Qin dynasty was a state configured to sustain military power. It even copied Alexander the Great’s phalanx corp as the center battering ram of the army. Its archery and metallurgy were ahead of its times. Also its standardisation of weapon production. It completed the unification of China in 221 BC.

But the Qin dynasty fell in 207 BC i.e. Barely five years after the death of its First Emperor in 211 BC. The militarily exhausted Qin state itself was erased and confined to the dustbin of history.

So military power alone did not save the Qin from oblivion. It was economic development combined with social justice stemming from a competent and benevolent government that from the bedrock of survival of the nation. The next dynasty, the Han, learnt from this and lasted for more than 400 years.

The nations of today, except for India and China, were not around in its original civilisational/cultural form one thousand years ago. We have many examples from history that states that relied solely on military power will not develop the internal cohesion to withstand the test of time. Examples are Sparta, Assyria, Babylonian empire, the Medo-Persian empire, Prussia, the Mongol empire, the Ottoman empire, the Napoleonic empire and arguably even the original Muslim empire (destroyed by the Mongols). It is quite probable that many powerful nations in existence today are unlikely to be around in 50 to 100 years time. So military power is essential but have limits beyond which it becomes a fatal parasite feeding off the country. But what and where are the limits? That is the question.

May God bless all the nations of this world and give them wisdom to know this. Thanks for the well researched post. I appreciate such a frank view of Chinese history.

Asians sometimes squabble over ‘face’ while forgetting the larger picture like what India and China are doing. I am glad Russia and China have largely put aside their reservations to cooperate and fight back-to-back for their survival. I for one have put aside any emotional hold that loss of outer Manchuria may have on me.

It may take sometime for others but they, I think will set that aside for the larger good. The Chinese have a deal with the USSR under Gorbachev to settle the boundary along the Ussuri River. And Xi himself said in Moscow that China had forever let go the territories lost in 1860.

So that’s it. And congratulations for the preservation of Russian science and technology. After the USSR collapse, the Russian nuclear weapons were the only deterrent against the US taking over the entire world. That’s why China and Russia quickly formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in 1993. They saw the writing on the wall, i.e. Where the US is heading. Simon, IMHO, some day, when world is prospers, the regions is peaceful, or people are trustful, and prospers, the borders will be random lines on earth.

Chinese will thinking about the lost territories for a long time, but in history, China expands, and wanes, it is natural. In some Dynasties Chinese was well in to central Asia. Today, we read from history book, know Li Bei was born in Central Asia, and there is not much feel toward those land except the romantic view of the Silk Road. Five years ago, Saker wrote about how superior Russian Army was, and talk about it could easily occupy China. Today, or a few month ago, Saker wrote about Russia as Asian country and relationship with China. It is only 5 year.

Give it another 5, or 10, or 50, 100 years, by then, we will only remember how much good time we have when we live in harmony, all those old animosity will be some thing we only reading about in history book. All we need is time and learning the right lesson from history. By the way, People inside China very strongly support Russia and Putin. J, it is painful to lose more than 20% of one’s country’s land. Including Outer Mongolia and Southern Tibet, it could be more.

China was and is a pacifist nation. She made the mistake of being too pacific by standing down its navy (Ming Dynasty) and armed forces including its world class artillery (Qing Dynasty in the seventeenth century) to rely totally on diplomacy to deal with the barbarians. It was not in our culture to use gun-boat diplomacy on others. But not the barbarians. We were over confident. We have only ourselves to blame for making those mistakes. And for weakening ourselves by our own hubris in deluding ourselves that Chinese civilisation had nothing more to learn, especially from the barbarians.

We were also too trusting of outsiders thinking that we can make them to be like us. We think that they will also keep their words like us and would not betray our friends. Therefore we made a treaty with Russia, treating them, for the first time in our history, as equals even though they were encroaching on our lands and we could wiped them out at Nerchinsk in 1689 after expelling them from the Amur valley. We even choose to give up a lot of our land, including Siberia and the Lake Baikal region for the sake of peace. We did not think that the barbarians greed would be insatiable, that they would be like us, knowing what belons to us and when to stop. We even allow trade with our new-found ‘friends’, (something not allowed for other barbarians, enriching them with silver for the furs that they trapped in the new lands that we gave up to them. With the silver, they were able to prosper without depending on Europe for trade, increase their population, financed their scientific revolution, build up their armies, copied and improved on our artillery and resisted and survived Napoleon a century later.

In 1996, They humiliate us by sailing their carriers through the Taiwan Straits. In 1999, the Chinese embassy was callously bombed on the pretext of a ‘mistake’ at a time when it was full of Chinese embassy staff and other civilians taking shelter from the Nato bombing of Serbia. Clinton very likely took vengeance for Chinese supporting the Serbs and causing the shoot-down of the US ‘stealth’ bomber. In 2006, President Hu Jin Tao was yanked by his sleeves by the US President.

But thise days are long gone. We have learnt (I hope) from our mistakes. The Saker, like everyone else, has to adapt to realities to survive. Even Russia can’t live isolated in their nuclear armed fortress of 6.6 million square miles. Like the Chinese, if they don’t/can’t develop those lands, they would have to share it. After all it is highly immoral for a shrinking population of 143 million to grab 6.6 million square miles of land. Sometimes I think Russia is like a python which had swallowed an elephant, cant’s move/function and is about to burst!

But China has more than enough land even for a population of 1.4 million. With technology,Tibet, Xinjiang and all its western provinces will be developed. We have enough in our hands to worry about grabbing more lands. But China is concerned about unstable borders.

That includes the borders with Russia if Russia implodes due to mistakes ala the USSR. That’s why China struck a deal with Gorbachev on their borders – so that China would have stable borders in order to develop.

That was also why China built the Great Wall. So all Chinese should move on especially along OBOR! Lake Beihai, where SuWu herded sheep, CuYeDao, and other northern territories are not going to be easily forget by Chinese. Today, The two country who had swallowed Chinese land are still extremely defensive in dealing with China. Before thediplomat was put behind a pay wall, there was a comments on a decade old article about Chinese invasion of Siberia. The comment was by someone who married to a Russian women, and about how much Russians hate Chinese when he learned from visiting his inlaws in Siberia. His inlaw’s brag about how they treat Chinese when they were caught, Tie them up and threw into Amur River.

Even as friendly as we are today, you still hear them cancel projects because they are afraid of attracting too many Chinese traders to Siberia border. They also still have policy aim at blocking Chinese specifically from entering the region while giving out free land to attract white Europeans. I am not sure how long of this blocking and cleansing policy will work, I do feel sorry for them to spend most of their talent and energy protect the big piece of land, and have to stare down all those original owners who want them back.

IMHO, Had Russia stay in Europe, within their borders, they’d be able to concentrate on development instead of spending that development money on defense. Chinese government has correct her errors quickly in developing a strong economy and strong army.

Mao and the current government learned a correct lesson from history. The action taking after Mekong River massacre signals that the day of mistreating Chinese is over. The China now will not let go one dot of over territory, if history is a guide, for at least two hundred years.

If anyone want start a war with China, Chinese should give them salute of canon fire for their application of Chinese citizenship. Yeah, the Russian hubris and violent mindset are working to their disadvantage.

That’s why Europe still fears the Russian bear. Whatever one may say about who is right or wrong in Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea and virtual annexation of the Donbass region of Ukraine had aroused once more the fear of the very violent Russian Bear gobbling up territory.

Now fear is a very irrational thing and the end results are often violence and war. We see Xi smooching up with Trump and it was allowed by the American people. If Trump were to do the same with Putin, Trump would be impeached. So what’s wrong with Russia and what can Putin do about this especially in the Ukraine? 1) Russia would have to concentrate more on economic development and comply with the conditions for this. 2) She should use diplomacy at the center of its strategy in dealing with international problems. It should not give the impression that they are like the American cowboys drawing their guns to settle problems as a default reaction.

3) Hide its military prowess. Nobody like talking to a person armed to the teeth. 4) Negotiate to have the Crimea and the Donbass to be a neutral buffer zone. Create a neutral independent state if need be. 5) In Syria, recognise that it is a quagmire and slowly reduce involvement – maybe fortify its area of Latakia where Russia has her port and airbase. 6) Recognise the coming genocidal bloodbath between the Sunnis and the Shi’ites that will engulf not only Syria but also the middle-East and don’t get involved. And 7) Remember it’s always the economy stupid!

“She / Russia / should use diplomacy at the center of her strategy in dealing with international problems. She should not give the impression that she is like the American cowboys drawing their guns to settle problems as a default reaction.” The funny thing about this preposterous submission of Simon Chow’s is that it isn’t Russia’s actions but the Zionazi perceptions and propaganda about Russia and her international obligations that he’s regurgitating verbatim. Russia is using diplomacy as the center of its strategy which, understandably, must be quite, well, ‘demanding’ of Russia’s diplomats given the Western subhuman garbage they have to keep trying to negotiate with. Download Ngage Installer Sisx. Contrary to Simon Chow, I strongly feel Russia should go on an anti-Western rampage.

It is long overdue already. Yeah but the “Zionazi” have succeeded in defining Russia nowadays. I use the word “impression”, which means perception, not what I myself necessarily believe. Going on an anti-Western “rampage” will confirm their propaganda.

Besides Russia, even without using nuclear weapons, cannot sustain a conventional war for long, especially if it morph into a war of attrition ala Stalingrad in 1942-43 but with the tables turned. Her economy is simply too small, to sustain an “anti-Western rampage”. Neither is her man-power. Russia may have a few ‘hurrahs’ at the beginning like the Wehrmacht.

And then what? And Russia won’t survive a thermonuclear war-to-the-death either. Like the Japanese, its population is too small and too concentrated – mainly in the St. Petersburg-Moscow-Leningrad corridor.

Europe and the US may survive a thermonuclear exchange because their populations are far larger (combined population is about 850 million) and more evenly spread out. In all out thermonuclear war, victory belongs to the nations that have enough people left after the thermonuclear exchange to pick up the pieces, mop up the remnants of the annihilated enemy and rebuild the nation. This is just common sense and simple arithmetic, not even maths.

Know yourself and know your enemy; then in a hundred battles, a hundred victories – Sun Tzu. That’s the big question as to what will become of Russia after Putin. Will his successor or successors be able to do as well as him.and keep Russia together? It’s like the problem with the former USSR.

Stalin purged all his potential rivals so that after his death,there was no one really capable to hold the USSR together. China was fortunate in that Zhou En Lai protected Deng whom he knew was the only one able to rebuild China after Mao’s excesses. But what will become of Russia after Putin i.e. In 10 to 20 years time, which is like a virtual hour in Chinese reckoning of time? Every once in while, when the Empire swings a stick, there will be loud chorus on the Russian front yelling for China to do something and don’t be a “docile and smiling Buddha”. Outside of such ‘crisis’ occasions, China seldom gets into Russian-sphere discussions.

Well, guys, China IS doing something, LOTS OF THINGS. They are simply not the ‘in your face’ type that people who crave reading or watching NYT/WaPo/Reuter/CNN/BBC are looking for. And even if China do the ‘in your face’ type of things and inflict real pain in the western keister, these propaganda outlets wouldn’t report them and you guys wouldn’t know anyway. But let me get back to what China has done. In the last five years, China has revolutionized its weaponry deployments to the point of causing the Empire to glare and feel despaired. Now the Empire has to watch its back when it swings its stick.

In South China Sea, the Empire’s navy is now merely whimpering and not daring to swing its stick no more. I guarantee you Neocons lost months worth of sleep over the South China Sea island building project. In the not too distant future, as Chinese 052C and 055C destroyers drop into the ocean like wontons, this whimpering posture will spread to other regions/seas/oceans, because the Empire is always nervous when facing an equal rival and knows to check itself as necessary. Also in the not too distant future, the completion of the Beidou (North Star) GPSS will make Empire’s own home court vulnerable to conventional surgical strikes, a privilege that the Empire has hitherto used against everyone else as blackmail chips. In other words, China has been, and continuing to, leveling the playing field to CONTAIN that monstrous Empire.

There is the lingering doubt whether China will fight on Russian side if REAL WAR breaks out against the Empire TODAY. Rest assure that YES, China would. SCO would be the PRETEXT. But there is no need to say such things in the western propaganda space, isn’t there? Why don’t you guys have that confidence?

I bet Putin does understand. In return, Chinese leadership is confident that if war ‘accidentally’ breaks out between itself and the Empire, Russian gunneries and missiles will be pointed the right way, without Putin having to openly vow so. China (and most Chinese netizens) view Russian moves on Syria very favorably and admiringly. The thought occurred to me, what if Trump did this as a “give them enough rope to hang themselves” maneuver, where he “finds out” the chemical attack intelligence was false, and then goes after everyone who pushed it, “you’re fired”, as well as the each media that beat the celebratory war drums, as a showcase of “fake news” examples.

That would sure catch them off guard, ha. But I don’t think Trump is that Machiavellian, more like a real estate salesperson than a chess master. But that idea, if applied, might save Trump from the trap he is in, and turn things around, no?

Trump’s man could visit Moscow and say, yeah it looked bad but we did it to get the hawks feeding the president false intelligence to out themselves so we could fire them using the fabricated intelligence as the reason, and also to identify the honest brokers who held firm. Surely a good way to find out who your friends are vs who works for the Machine. But again, i don’t see it likely unless someone suggested to Trump, and even then very unlikely to pan out when Trump is so surrounded by folks of the opposite persuasion. Trump theatrically sends a 59-missile tweet, and four “beautiful babies” in Syria become “collateral damage”. *** Several billion people take a sharp intake of breath and say: WTF? A trillion collective hours are spent analysing, deconstructing, psychoanalysing: WHYdid he do this, and why now? Ivanka got upset watching a piece of Wag the Dog nonsense and begged daddy to blow up the “bad guys”.

Good to know, now that the world is standing at the very precipice of thermo-nuclear war, it’s because Daddy’s princess couldn’t determine the difference between a Disneyesque cartoon and the diabolical mass-death a real “sarin” attack would precipitate. ****to paraphrase (and contort) Orwell, all “beautiful babies” are equal, but some beautiful babies just have to die if they are obstructing American “interests”. Yes the KushnerCoup, which is the Zionist subset of the British Empire attack upon Trump. Lyndon LaRouche has been warning that the British intend to blow up the world than allow the Platonic potential of a future for the planet come into fruition through the New Silk Road and One Belt policy of China and Russia, which are his revivals of a greater strategic flank that goes back to Cusa and then Leibniz. Such warnings were amplified a few weeks ago when Trump made to speeches which invoked the “American System of Economics” that tradition of Hamilton, Clay, Henry C. Carey, Lincoln, McKinley, FDR and Kennedy and also and announcement concerning space exploration. This was unprecedented and came from the Miller/Bannon side of things, Note the “American System” had last been explicitly voiced by McKinley murdered by the British through their anarchist operative Emma Goldman.

Thus the urgent danger was announced in EIR and LaRouchePac that the British were intending to blow up the world than let the visitation of Xi lead to the burial of the British Empire.and thus indeed. Do note that the prelude to this had been the sedition class of the Demoratic Party and Republican operatives using various concocted stories against Trump and others, fed by British sources towards demonizing Putin nauseating series of slurs. Now of course the deep mechanics of the coup are delivered in a most medieval manner through Ivanka, to which we must remember a preview was exposed in the rift between Bannon and Kushner, Mr 666Fifth Ave, where nepotism rules the day.

Thus Trump ultimately collapses, throwing away his Oath of Office in a split second, but one wonders whether or not the charade of his candidacy had always been that way. Of course one can fantasize that Trump has done the greatest troll job in history, but until he fires the traitors, starting with the firing of Kushner, McMaster, Gary Cohen, Dina Powell, etc. Now there is fighting back. Many Trump supporters are pissed off, and there is the potential to fight back, that needs to happen.but there is too much fragmentation and stupidity that is combined by gutless political traitors of both parties. It is heartening to see Rep. Tulsi Gabbard fighting back, but she is being attacked and cucks like Bernie Sanders further the insanity.

Per the KushnerCoup, I am now finding the commentaries on of Lee Stranahan to be very important. Saker you said it yourself, you don’t understand economics, your statement that China can really hurt the US economically, proves it.

China can do nothing to the US economically without damaging itself even more. The rest is wishful thinking.

You correctly pointed out that China needs to do more that behave as a smiling Buddha. Yes precisely. So why haven’t they? How many years has it been that China has done nothing other that lend support to Russia’s veto? Your theory is not going to survive the test of time, you do not understand the mindset of the Chinese leadership and it seems like you don’t understand their economic limitations, vulnerabilities and compulsions. China holds huge investments in dollars, anything that jeopardizes the dollar’s buying power damages China too (do you really think the Chinese want to see their hard earned$3Trillion-4Trillion (among other US denominated assets) to no longer be exchangable for US/Western/International technology, Corporations, hard assets, Utilities, etc.

The Chinese are in a bind. They have near term crises to manage. Expecting moral, principled or even long term pragmatic behavior out of them is pointless. Also putting any faith in a Deep State approved resource like a Tulsi Gabbard, who gets mysteriously easy prime time access to CNN and MSNBC, is like forgetting that Obama came out of the same US security state casting pool and forgetting the danger of putting faith in any American politician that seems to talk sense and peace (have you forgotten how sweet and logical Trump’s Russia position was during the campaign?). In my opinion, the US has lost its opportunity for a soft landing, the whole world is in for a bumpy ride as both US and EU decline. @JS Thanks JS, I’m glad that you have avoided group think too (like me). China is racing against the clock to Manage several crises.

By the way when I wrote the above posting, I typo’d and wrote that I thought it was pointless to expect “long term pragmatism” from China. What I meant to say is: it’s pointless to expect China to take difficult but necessary steps that will benefit them in the long term, just look at their track record: They know they have a huge real estate bubble that will crash, but they have held back on doing anything. They know they have a huge internal debt crisis and badly performing loans, yet continue with pumping loans out to SMEs at below market rates. They did not take the painfull but courageous route but opted for continuing with short term firefighting and supporting the status quo because they are afraid of the Chinese public in that may start protesting. No long term thinking here.

Russia became strong because of the sanctions. It made Russia concentrate on internal production, on self-reliance. As Putin noted, “Thanks, couldn’t have done it without you” So, how is this for left field I agree, the US and China are economically interdependent. Trump wants to make America great again. Wants the jobs and the factories back. So, why not ‘fry’ China. Nuke Nth Korea, declare war on China after either a false flag or China retaliating.

Then, as an enemy state, confiscate all China’s assets in the US and repudiate any debt to China via Bonds etc. WTF is China going to do? Smile a lot??? America is then forced to make things again, and getting rid of a few trillion in bond debt will help economically I expect. Concentrate on internal production and consumption. Oh yes, it is all a lot more complicated than that.

But think about it. Interesting scenario And it would fit in with Trumps child-like simple view of the world. We are still essentially a group of nation states, basically at war because each state only acts in its own interests. Until we can work together as a common humanity, war seems the only way to resolve differences. You may need to educate your self with some simple facts: 18.3% of Chinese export goes to US and 15% of US export goes to China. Anything happen to trade with US will hurt, but Chinese can Manage. US can frozen Chinese asset, and Chinese will hit where it hurts.

There are plenty of American finial products in China and China will have her pick. Like Germans said to Trump, “We are not a nation without means, and we will fight back!” I have yet see China fail to retaliate any so called punishment from US.

I fail to see why a smart people like you running with some one who is not living in this reality. TYS, you are wrong on one thing: The Chinese political apparatchiks are not idiots like their European, American and Russian liberal counterparts. You forget that credit inflation and deflation can be controlled by the CCB at will.

It’s a balance sheet operation in the accounting department. Bad debts can be cleared (bonds of economic useful actors can be bailed out – parasites like 90% of bond holders can go tits up) if need be. It’s true that in the confines of neoclassical economic thinking an operation like that is unfathomable, but it is still just a technical operation which has to be executed in a planned manner. In contrast to the so called “free market in the West” the Chinese government has the means to get all necessary actors to comply and the ability to get the necessary information. The shadow banking system in China is a much bigger problem, once again not because the assets cannot be restructured, but because of the lack of control and, in some cases, the integral part they play in the Chinese economy. Many make the faulty assumption that money is somehow an integral part of our physical reality – it’s not.

A social unit of account, claim on work, the materialised form of consolidated power, is a necessary illusion to keep humans devided in a hierarchical power structure. This has nothing to do with physical laws, which cannot be manipulated. Humans can do whatever they want with the stored energy in form of atom bonds to electromagnetic radiation.

If it means they want to push some electrons in the CB mainframe to get society to keep believing in real or electronic paper, they can do it. BTW the US debt was created though the transfer of reserves at the CB into an interest bearing asset e.g. Translation: the Chinese swapped their reserves at the FED for treasuries. The US cannot default on its currency because its the SOLE issuer of it. It stupefies me to no end that the myth of a US default in DOLLAR is still discussed seriously. On the other hand, Chinese assessts in dollars are at a real risk.

They CAN drop in value if the US were to create more dollar denominated credit with which it would buy up REAL assessts and not fictional wealth f.e. At the stock market. There are no economic laws. There is only an established social system which is very profitable for a few and is the legacy of a previous power struggle. I agree that the Chinese leadership are not idiots, I don’t believe I ever said they were.

I repeat, the Chinese are not going to throw away their ability to gain access to western technology and corporations (or destabilize, any further, their social systems by disrupting their export oriented industries) by doing anything stupid like threatening the US with their current Empire currency & debt holdings. So I agree with you, I don’t think the Chinese leadership are reckless idiots: that’s my point. Have you forgotten that the Chinese economic growth has nearly halved even based on their faked inflated “official” 6.5% GDP growth figures (their actual growth figure is between 3-4%)? They are not operating from a position of strength. Gold reserves, during a trade war, will not give the Chinese access to the Western technologies and assets they desire. Someone mentioned a scenario where the US will declare war on China in order to tear up their debt obligations to the Chinese and seize Chinese assets in the West.

Why would they need to do that? One can easily make the counter argument: the US can provoke China into doing something wreckless and then default on China. Isn’t that what the close shore patrols the US performs along China’s coastline designed to underscore? Again, a very good point was brought up in the article, President Xi needs to do more than behave like a smiling Buddha: they continue to let Russia does all the heavy lifting (and dying). Let’s see if they do finally step up to the plate, – I don’t believe they will.

I agree with you. They are very cautious not to upset their dollar apple card, as you’ve rightly pointed out: the Chinese worked themselves like slaves to get this mountain of dollar reserves. I once picked up the rumor that the Russians tried to convince the Chinese to drop their dollar reserves on the market in 2008-2009 so as to crash the dollar, but again this would have meant shooting themselves in the foot.

The US doesn’t give s* about its debt, they don’t have to default on anything because its their currency! So you’re right the US could provoke China into doing something rash.

Indeed China is very much an export driven economy, and they will absolutely do jack to threaten their position by getting into a military confrontations with the US. How do you even, like the Saker points out regularly, deal with war mongering freaks like the US officials?

The US is itching to destroy its competitors by any means necessary. The crucial point I wanted to make, and this is what I mean by not being idiots, is that they know how they should play the capitalist game of smoke in mirrors, they know that the debt bubble in thw real estate sector is unsustainable, they know that they inflate GDP numbers, but here is the BIG difference (to eurocrats f.e.): If the real estate bubble pops the CB can bail out all useful actors and let the bad ones go bankrupt. It can create yuan at infinitum. It would send initially shock waves through the economy, but depending on the prudent restructuring of all the debts the economy can resume on working again.

This is what no Western bureaucrat would dare to think – when they bail out something, it’s parasites like JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Goldman and large funds, never small time debtors f.e. As I recall, Micheal Hudson talked about how Sheila Bair (EX FDIC Chairman) did suggest that you should save real people (depositor’s money) instead of bank balance sheets, and that the FED was able to do that (a small summary of her views with a lot weasel words and smoke: ). This subject is much more complex than everything said by us, but I understand why Chinese officials refrain from doing the rational thing of restructuring the debts right now; i think they speculate on the fact that as long as the economy is growing they will continue to build cities, ports, planes, buy out western companies and infrastructure till the bell rings. After the process of consolidation I described they will reinflate the credit bubble again. They try everything at the same time. Reining in the shadow banking system, slowing down credit inflation and than restarting it again and letting the economy grow etc. China is trying to establish its very own yuan vacuum cleaner by which they can buy up (real!) assets like mines, factories etc.

All over the world. That is the perspective of the capitalist class (not to speak of silly name calling like”communists”), take another viewpoint esp. In terms of the eco-system and all of this is a big fat net loss. They once tried to measure their “Green GDP” but quickly stopped doing that after it became apparent how much “natural capital” was destroyed each year. All of our terminology, definitions, ethics are sloppy and misleading by design if we talk about who decides what, when and who gets what, when and how much. Yup, China and Russia are divesting US$-based reserves, using those artificially inflated US$ instruments to buy physical gold at artificially deflated market prices literally hundreds of tonnes/year.

Meanwhile the US has to buy/steal gold from other countries, bought about 220 tonnes from Canada to give about the same to Netherlands in the “rehypothecated WW2 safe-keeping gold repatriation scam”, plus steal from Libya and Ukraine to do the same for Germany and France. The hegemon is in a weak position when the vassal states don’t trust them to hold their physical gold and can demand it back. Russia and China have already set up an alternate international currency/exchange/trade system, using yuan-renminbi/ruble plus accommodating other local currencies. The only-US$-based WTO/IMF/World Bank/BIS/SWIFT/etc. System can be bypassed if the US/Rothschilds decide to attempt any M.A.D.

Economic tactics. @ Little Black Duck The United States Reserve hold 8 times as much gold as China’s. So where does your argument go now? If we include the BS internet rumor that China has unofficial holdings of an additional 9000 tonnes raising their total seizable holdings to 10,000 tonnes that is still dwarfed by US private holdings.

Europe has comparable reserves in private and central bank hands. Finally, the country with largest gold holdings in both in govt and private hands is India, at approx 20,000 tons. So China has no net advantage here. Just look at the yearly production of gold in China, the gold that never reaches the market.

The official Chinese reserves of 1,000 tones are nothing compared to it. Coupled with official Swiss mints data of gold export to China in the last 10 years, and you are coming really close to BS internet rumor numbers. When was the last time that US gold holdings were audited? Do you know that US had 24,000 tones of gold in 1945? They reduced their holdings for more than 15,000 tones from 1945 to 1971, and after that they didn’t reduce it for an ounce?

@Anonymous Chinese gold guy Re: “and you are coming really close to BS internet rumor numbers.” So what? If you read my post, I said even if you believe the BS internet myth of 10,000 tons of gold in China, it is still dwarfed by the holdings of other countries. So this doesn’t conferred China any relative advantage.

They will still be below the US and even India. I appreciate you trying to shed light on China’s desperate attempts to acquire gold and how so much of it is unaccounted for, but it doesn’t change their relative strength vis a vis their adversaries, they will still be the weaker and poorer party. The Germans at the eastern front feared the female batallions most as ISIS fears female Syrian and Kurd fighters. As Saker wrote, courage is dealing with and overcoming your fear. The remaining feelings of danger keep one prudent and will make one survive there where the fearless (idiot) who thinks he’s the best will definitely get into big trouble. Lions are not as fearless as you think.

The lion fearing chimpanzee manages to keep lions at bay by waving a thorny acacia branch at the lions. Now who’s the coward? The Russians are afraid of war.

The Americans are not. The Russians are ready for war. The Americans are not. WW2 is still a very real agony for Russia. It still has not totally recovered. It lost 30+million people.

Read about the Battle of Stalingrad. Russians know what it takes to fight and survive a modern, diabolical war. While Russian were starving, fighting and dying, the Americans were at the movies. They swooped in at the end and claimed victory (no disrespect to families of US who did serve) But the US experience of war cannot ever be compared to the Russian agony. You are the typical Anglo-Saxxon who has been fed Propaganda, and who thinks he knows what great Fighters are made off.

You are wrong, you didn’t have any of that sort for a looong, looong time! Because you are evil, your wars are evil since a looong, loooong time. There are no great Warriors in the Army of evil, only slime, rubbish, filth. Those who aren’t cannot be part of really and usually die a very unkonwn, unspoken of death. A Lion, a Wolf know fear, because not having it is bad for survival, as you will soon find out yourselve.

How old are you? I guess you are older than twenty. I have bad news for you. If you don’t even know such extremly basic fundamentals what else could you know?

‘Know How’ probably, which makes you the perfect Slave, Soldier, Ork, Zombie. Aggression – Fear are the result of the same mechanism, the examination of a social situation intra- or inter- species. The resultant reaction is usually beneficial for survival, else it will just dissapear over time.

The Russians know what it means to have a real modern War at hand, an experience which you never had, Your experience comes from phony Hollywood crap. The Russians experienced total War, a term you have no faculties for, only the Germans and Russians have.

The Germans were transformed into plastic, jew hailing dolls, while the Russians learned really from the experience. They prepare large underground shelters for the Civilians in the large Metropolitan areas (Having a Subway is also not bad), but more importantly their mind is focused, they ready themselves in the mind. You can see some of it’s quality in the civil war in the Donbass. These are men types and women completly alien to a dumbed down Westerner fed up with lies.

In comparance to them you are just junk, trash. One of them outweighs 20 of yours easily.

Would you know what you are fighting for? The only feasible reply could be, yes we plan to kill our Leaders. Now that said, do you know where strength comes from, first and foremost? A pure god abiding soul!!!!!! Any TRUE Warrior will fear war, because he is concerned for the weak, for himself and even for his enemy. The strength you are talking is not strength at all, but weakness.

You are the type who at first occurence will use barbaric force onto the innocence (Civilians, Surrendering Enemies) we know you inside out. Your strength is to be brutal and barbaric, only that’s no strength at all but weakness.

It only makes the enemy stronger, his resolve will increase indefinetly. In a total War that means defeat for you without exception. Your Leaders know this or knew this, thus they planned their wars very carefully in advance, striking only when risk was minimal (WWI & WWII), because you couldn’t withstand a prolonged real war spiritually, in war all domestic lies are uncovered the nearer you get to the frontline. @HDan Your posting was literally a poem, a profound one, painfully truthful and excellent.

The part you where you wrote: Now that said, do you know where strength comes from, first and foremost? A pure god abiding soul!!!!!! Any TRUE Warrior will fear war, because he is concerned for the weak, for himself and even for his enemy. Was particularly poignant and reminded me of the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita, representing the exact attitude of the main warrior Arjuna on the eve of battle. Are you Russian? Did those ideas you wrote down in your post come from the Russian culture and represent a portion of Russian ethos or does it come from some other culture (Chinese or Japanese).

It would really be valuable for our understanding if you could answer this. With respect, TYS. @Spartan You so do not understand a thing. Spartans fought to the last breath, because as someone said they had to protect their land and the families.

This is why some people say ” Molon Lave – come and get it” they did not say “we run now”. They understood that this was their last stand. And this is called “ultimate sacrifice”. Saker is so correct in what he says, and you do not have to agree with him, because you haven’t had to stand when bullets were flying around you. The truth though is: you do not hear the one coming for you.

How I know it? From my father who did his share of fighting in WWII. @WizOz Actually no, Spartans were Mediterranean stock with heavy African admixture (go look it up: genetic studies and actual statues & busts of Spartans from those ancient times).

The features exhibited in those contemporary statues and busts are clearly West African Bantu mixed with Mediterranean/West Asian phenotypes. I was taught in University Biology classes that Sickle cell anemia (a genetic disease that makes you immune or resistant to the crippling blood fever shakes of malaria) originates in subsaharan Africa and is endemic to only one “European” or West Asian population: the Greeks. Sorry if that demolished some malicious 19th Century racist British inspired lies designed to buttress the illusion of White Supremacy.

If you still have trouble accepting the Greek-African connection go google image search the bust of Socrates and see his features. Edited for language -mod.eo What’s about Mongol hordes? Are they were on drugs too? They were vicious animals in human flesh, cruel b*****.

It was their key to win, born to wage wars only. Their only fear was a failure, but not to charge on enemies. Don’t get angry at me. What I am trying to say is that a war is cruel business, and if participants are made of cruel material they are made for wars. The courage is irrelevant for such warriors, but for the rest I guess the necessity to preserve fighting spirit or own land. “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.” Should the madness proceed, the destruction will be global. In the age of nuclear weapons, and their adjunct, several hundred nuclear power plants, there is potential for an ‘extinction level event’ scale of collateral damage.

One expects incredible, surreal vicious stupidity from many American politicians. But bewilderingly pathetic were the reaction of various ‘prominent’ political figures outside of the United States, who without bothering to determine the actual facts of the matter pertaining to the probable false flag so-called chemical warfare event, cheered on Trump’s mediocre performance ‘supreme crime’ missile attack. What are these people drinking? It’s as though they have no brain or heart.

@MikeH I’m making a straight out prediction: Xi will not provide any direct military support to Syria. No military intervention. Syria is too far away, their is no immediate and direct threat to China in that theater and the bulk of China’s military is too primitive and lacking in long range logistics to be anything but a liability: The Chinese have trained up an elite force of 300,000 men that are fully modernized and, one would presume, is capable, but their role is to protect China proper not overseas adventures. I hope you are right and I am wrong, but I can’t see it happening. Chinese ISIS affiliated muslim Uyghur terrorists from the far western Xinjiang province, a key New Silk Road/OBOR node, are fighting alongside ISIS inside Syria. Do you think China will just sit back and wait for these terrorists to go back home and cause havoc to a strategic economic initiative designed to wean China/Russia and their allies away from the US controlled international trade/finance system, a system that largely benefits the west at the expense of everyone else outside the west? You think the Chinese do not know that the same ISIS is a CIA construct designed to thwart that very Russian/Chinese strategic cooperation?

You are hopelessly ill-informed if you don’t realise that as a result thereof, the Chinese are ALREADY assisting Russia, Syria and Iran in Syria against ISIS. @Scanfish To the answer to your following question: “Do you think China will just sit back and wait for these terrorists to go back home and cause havoc [?]” Ans: Yes I do. It is you who is hopeless misinformed about China. I, having lived and worked their and being from the region seem to have more insight than you. Now can we dispense with the emotional outbursts and ad hominem attacks and stick to some pertinent facts: Are you aware that Uygur terrorists operate freely in Northern Pakistan and certain central Asian republics and Malaysia (right in China’s backyard and sphere of influence) and that China can do nothing about it other than to wait for them to return and then kill them? Apparently you are not aware of this. China is not going waste it’s time and money sending its ill-trained and equipped troops over to Syria just to crush a few Uighur terrorist cockroaches.

That’s not the mindset of Asians, the Chinese mindset, one this issue, is much closer to that of Indians and Russians and not that of pampered zero-risk conditioned masses of the West. Over reacting to terrorist incidents may be the mindset of overly sensitive and fragile eye for an eye Israelis, but it is not how to deal with terrorists. Terrorism feeds on overreaction and emotionalism leading to wasted resources and psychological exhaustion. The worst thing you can do to a terrorist movement is scale your responses down, proportionate to the damage they can actually do: this obliterates their strategy and dooms them to exhaustion and defeat.

Yes China is the key, but they will betray us. Threatening Korea is a warning to China to stay out but China wasn’t interested anyway. Its own media reports Syria from an American point of view with little recognition of Russia and no airtime at all for the Syrian government.

I have seen Chinese TV refer to Russian aggression and even introduce experts from the Brookings institute seriously, I’m not making this stuff up. They care about the China sea and are programed to hate Japan but beyond that the Chinese government only care about Chinese ‘Stability” and money for themselves. ”Yes China is the key, but they will betray us.” China cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and, ‘betray us’ it will be (has been) forced by the US into a growing confrontation in the South China Sea and now Korea. If it doesn’t want to surrender to the US it will perforce have to be part of an alliance with Russia, Iran, and North Korea. It is certain that they chinese military strategists know this, but they are keeping the cards close to their chests at this particular juncture.

These nations will need to hang together or hang separately. Chinese TV state all views on world events, include the West, especially at beginning.

I am sure When Putin went to Syria, he did not, or should not count on China to rescue him some day. What he was able to count on is will be peace at border with China. Russia has a fighting culture. It is Russian tradition to get into fight, and without mercy. Chinese culture is for peace, harmony, and prosperity.

Chinese do not go out fight, but will fight defend her borders. It is unrealistic expect Russian act like Chinese. Otherwise, China would have had a lot of her northern coast. There is no reason to expect Chinese will fight a war far way for some one else. If Russian think China will give up her millenniums old doctrine for sake of Russia, that is not be realistic.

I think Russians should be grateful for peace at Chinese border even after centuries invasions and pointed policy of ethic cleaning of Chinese of her own land. By the way, China do not hate Japan if we do not even hate Russia. Bottom line is, 1.

Chinese are not blind to what really happened in the world, including what happens last week in Syria. Chinese appreciate the 5 years of peace and harmony with Russia 3. In history, Russia was as a big enemy as the west if not bigger. There has been no remorse show from Russia Government or the people about your fighting actions inflict on China, or any of your neighbor in fact. Why a smart man like Putin want to depend on others to rescue him for his own country’s security? It may be that Russia and China think a viable strategy is to play on the US’s arrogant self-image as the “world’s policeman”. Engaging the US in many opponents’ “backyards” worldwide will spread even the largest military in the world very thin.

Maintaining the security/viability of the 1,000 foreign US-bases will be difficult in a purely military sense, let alone the hatred begat of the decades of US-military-personnel’s literally rapacious behaviour on the surrounding populace. Even in “safe” Europe. So it is probably not China’s role to directly engage in Syria, the better to ensure the US faces all of China’s resources in the Far East and the Indian sub-continent. India and Pakistan may be playing both ends against the middle now, but they should have no illusions that backing the Zionist/US in such close proximity to China is a good long-term plan.

The longer Russia and China keep the US scurrying around making ineffective grandstanding pin-prick provocations, the less effective the US political position becomes with other countries. Only the most committed vassals will send military if the US starts a conventional war, and not in great numbers. For example, 60,000 total Canadian regular/reserves will make zero difference “helping” the US’s 2million active/reserve total.

Besides, the Canadian military can’t keep recruitment levels up to make up for those retiring, resigning, injured. I guess the myth of Cdn forces as “peacekeepers” is finally dead. Nice Try, IMHO, a proxy war in a third country is amoral and does not serve interest of China. In case of North Korea and Pakistan, their enemies are happened to vocally declare China as enemy as well.

They are Chinese neighbors, support them is same as defend ourselves. However, What China can do is to help Russia besides economically:, maybe do some saber rattling in South China Sea, east China sea, or in Korean peninsula, with Mr. Kim V3’s cooperation of cause to divert US’s attention from ME.

There is not going to be overt action from China. “By the way, China do not hate Japan if we do not even hate Russia.” I find it interesting that you say it that way. Russia annexed some small (for the area) almost empty territory “claimed” by China. But only claimed by China because the Manchu Dynasty ruled China at that time.Without the Manchu claim to that territory China wouldn’t have had any claim to it.It had never been ruled (as in settled by) ethnic Chinese Dynasties before. And then Russia freed Manchuria from the Japanese in WWII.Returning it all to China. While on the other hand Japan actually attacked China several times and in war took over Chinese territory.

Slaughtered millions of Chinese during WWII.And looted and pillaged the country. For which,unlike the USSR that gave China aid,has never paid reparations for.And yet you seem to conflate the two countries as equally old enemies.I don’t see that at all. Chinese do not hate Japan. And again, “China do not hate Japan if we do not even hate Russia.” Qing was a Chinese dynasty, rule by same Confucius doctrine as it is today.

Had Qing at the time still act like Manchus, Russia would have not get away with such big piece of land, sparsely populated or not. If the land is so unimportant, why was Russian want it at first place? Why had Russian not return it as it is obviously over its head trying to administering it? Sorry bob, It is time for you to channel America, India, ISIS for Tibet and Xinjing. Historical facts be damned. I’m going to have to figure you don’t really study Chinese history. And/or for nationalist reasons want to deny parts of it.

The Qing Dynasty was a Manchu Dynasty and quite proud of it. Over centuries they assimilated Chinese culture and intermarried to “some” extend with their Han Chinese subjects (90% of the population).

But even until the end of the Empire they considered themselves as Manchu’s. It was almost at the end before Han Chinese were legally even permitted to settle in Manchuria (millions did,but legally only Manchu’s were allowed there). The land lost to Russia was very slightly populated by even Manchus,and very few Han Chinese.Denying the truth doesn’t change historical facts.It only calls into question anything else you would comment on. I agree with you Bob. Chinese feeling towards Russians is QUITE different from that towards Japanese.

As for the territorial dispute, China does give considerations to the Russian point of view as you have stated. That’s how Deng Xiaoping resigned to the status quo in 1989.

But China do remember the Czarist Russia’s ambition and aggression towards Chinese territories during the Qing Dynasty. Heck, the Russo-Japan War was over Manchuria and East Siberia, was it not? Chinese was made the main victim, without compensation nor apology afterwards.

And even communist Soviet conspired against China in splitting Mongolia from China. But that’s all history. Throughout history territorial claim swings back and forth among nations; that feat is destined to continue into the future. Looks like you are the one and only commentator here who understands the 1+1=0 which lies at the fundation of the China puzzle. One would suppose that you are a Russian student in BJ or SH, with some minimal knowledge of Chinese language, as well as the dominating mentality of the nation as it manifests now?

I wanted to say something about Saker’s projection on China’s entrance into global geopolitics. After reading all the posts I understood that it’s pointless. The only dim hope I have is that Putin and Lavrov understand something about the US-China-Russia triangle, which overseas lover of Russia like the Great Saker himself does not. Superficial knowledge of China many can claim. The fact is Chinese do not go out to fight a war.

Let along for someone else. When Russian marching east wards taking Chinese land, kicking Chinese off her land, Chinese government treated to save lives of her soldiers and concentrate on protecting populated area, Why did Russian not think about some day, they could fall into same predicament? No, Chinese has no interest in Middle east. China did not join Korea fight until US was bombing Chinese villages by Yalu. Chinese government doctrine is be strong, and win without a war. There is not going to be a war if the war is not at bordering countries that aim at China. Chinese government’s responsibility is maintain peace and harmony for its own people and at borders.

Chinese bordering some 14 countries, some of them are big pain on the rear. There is no reason to take eye off ball.

If all those hurt Russian feelings, then too bad. Our feeling has been hurt for over 3 hundred years, and I do not see any Russian ever give a dime. @kev That’s exactly right.

Chinese media has reported events just as you said parroting the Western narrative. Anyone denying this or trying to make excuses is going to look like an sycophantic idiot. China has it’s own agenda, it doesn’t really (deep inside) support a multipolar world, it has pretensions of trying to replace the US as the next apex power. Certain factions of their leadership see China as the only peer to the US, all other power centers (Russia, India, EU) are to be junior partners to China.

This world view of a Chinese Imperial center with only vassal states and lesser empires in the periphery is nothing new to Chinese leadership, it’s their default template. Nobody trusts China, including Russia, which is why Russia continues to arm China’s most prominent and militarily dangerous enemies: India and Vietnam. Russia hedging its bets? In contrast, people and nations do trust Russia, why is that? The answer is obvious.

What a magnificent essay!!! Extremely informative. And so enjoyable to read, I did not want it to end. I don’t think China will ever let Russia stand alone. They couldn’t even if they wanted to. Luckily, US arrogance works to Russia’s advantage. China is taking US threats against North Korea seriously and have moved 150k troops to the Korean border.

They would not tolerate a US presence on their border in 1950, and they won’t today, either. One thing I can be sure of about Trump and his neocon circles is that they don’t want to die.

And they definitely understand that war with Russia means that they personally will die. Not just some poor shmo who joined the army tonpay for college. They may not show it, but I have no doubt they know it. Don’t believe me? Why then did they warn the Russians about the impending tomahawk attack? Because they are nice guys?

It is because they know full well the consequence of killing Russian soldiers and thought better of it. They clearly exhibit narcissistic and sociopathic behavior. But the most important characteristic of those types is that they consider themselves far too valuable to ever let themselves get hurt.

That will work to Russia’s advantage, even if it doesn’t seem so now. Lastly, the rest of the world, Europe and the American noninterventionists especially, really does need to step up and help. Voting obviously is not going to do it.

Mass protests and general strikes aimed at shutting down the country just might. We need to do this to save ourselves, not just Russia. ICBMs can’t distinguish between the good people and bad ones. I’m not sure talking to the Americans means much. What putin needs to do is talk to the American government in Tel Aviv and let them know that in the event of a nuclear exchange, they will not simply watch it from a distance. That just might get the US to back off.

How is China going to like US troops on the Yalu. And a “united” Korea as a military ally of the US’s. Complete with US bases on North Korea’s coast,and along the Yalu.That is the reality of the situation. North Korea,for all its faults,is a military buffer between the US hegemon and China’s industrial North.A “united” Korea with US troops is a US puppet and military ally,for when the US decides its best to strike against China.With thousands of years as a state behind it. I would expect China to realize that.As I recall China suffered enormously from Japan controlling the Korean Peninsula. And that China got involved with helping the North Vietnamese because they didn’t want US troops on their border.If they think differently today,they will live to regret that I’m afraid.

I hear you saker. In Chinese history, there is not much contact with Middle East other than trade. There is no justification for Chinese Government to go into war for any side in Middle East. I do not see how she can speak up about middle east and be taking seriously. However, that does not mean she can not help other way. Such as sending train load of specialty goods to Russia, saber rattling in far east to take pressure off Middle East (Kim V3 can be a useful idiot here). Any one else have any ideas?

Thanks Saker. Truly appreciate this sober, but scary, analysis. Why do Americans think the way they do? One answer is Hollywood. Since WW2 theatres (and TV) have “constructed” the American hero. From John Wayne to Rambo, to Tom Cruise/TopGun, to Jason Bourne to, we all know the genre.

This infantile fantasy of US invincibility and moral action. And for decades Russians are cast as the “bad guys”. The “programming” reaches into a cellular levels. It seems what we are seeing emerge really is a “clash of civilisations”. Dear Saker, As far as “not agreement capable” issue is concerned: I used to have some faith the US military would provide an ultimate check on irresponsible political behavior, as it may have been in 2013 during the first attempt at attack Assad. However, I have concluded that the Pentagon has become entirely corrupted over recent time.

Saudi Arabia now spends more on defense than Russia, but does that mean they are in any ways a formidable military power? It’s mostly a bribe, that gets recycled to the defense contractors, chiefly Lockheed Martin, and then to the retired generals who work either directly or indirectly for them as subcontractors and consultants.

Look at the exponential price increase of the F-15 & F-16 over the last twenty years. I think the Defense Department is now essentially a kick-back racket in arms sales, so of course they must hate the Russians, they are their only real competitor.

In the last few days I have read a few other theories being played which you nicely debunked here. The “sending a message” (to China) was one. Getting the neo-humanitarian-con war hawks off Trump’s back another and the “Russian stooge” meme being another. All immediately seemed to me like some sort of apology for just a stupid act by Trump, as a weaker than Obama president, egged (Delphi mind control on the pompous end and gaslighting on the insecure end) on by the neos that surround him. The take away was your opinion that psychoanalysis might prove a better way of understanding the western elites than calm cool headed rational analytics.

I got the image of the iconic Uncle Sam on the couch being given Rorschach prints with the captions “that one looks like a evil Putin, This one looks like a mean Assad. That looks like a conniving Xi Jinping. And this one looks like a smiling benevolent Hitler. “And now Trump has betrayed HIMSELF by turning against everything he, himself, stood for. This is almost Shakespearean in its pathetic and tragic aspects! During his campaign Trump made a lot of excellent promises and he did inspire millions of Americans to support him. I personally believe that he was sincere in his intentions, and I don’t buy the “it was all an act” theory at all.” I wonder how much of Trump’s campaign promises were coming straight from Bannon – before Bannon, Trump was being ridiculed about being all over the place – he almost lost at that point – and then Bannon came on board and Trump really started to reveal the Deep State – which is actually Bannon’s thing – and now with Bannon gone, Trump has become the noodle he really was – has no one seen this video?

Personally I think that Trump really believed that the Syrian Army had bombed a gas factory and that the gases had killed the villagers – of course perhaps it was a great diversion from the Mosul killings that he had oops done – unintentional accident of war – The intelligence was true enough – half true lets say, that he could act on it quickly as he was being pressured to do. “Yes, I know, Tillerson is expected to meet Lavrov this week. This was discussed ad nauseam on Russian TV and the consensus is that the only reason why the Russians did not cancel this meeting is because they don’t want, on general principle, to be the ones to refuse to speak to the other side. Considering that we are talking about a potential international thermonuclear war, I can see the point. Still, I would have preferred to say Lavrov telling Tillerson to go and get lost. Telling Tillerson to go and get lost will no doubt be done in private.

Also – you will also get the likely spectacle of Lavrov bashing Tillerson/ Trump/ The Neo Cons etc. All of them at a joint press conference. In English – as Lavrov speaks such excellent English. Tillerson will be absolutely squirming.

No doubt the Russian journalists will bombard Tillerson with questions designed to show him up. I can’t wait to see it. This meeting is absolutely vital in that it does go ahead – for the message Lavrov will deliver – an exceedingly blunt one I imagine, and the press conference afterwards. I also imagine Lavrov will deliver a new message to Tillerson – that they’ve specifically now targeted several of their Russian ICBMs at Wichita Falls as a special gift for Tillerson and his relatives. Wichita Falls in North Texas being where Tillerson comes from.

Maybe even a few happy snaps of Wichita Falls being nuked. I would definitely do that were I Lavrov.

While your post is brash and non-diplomatic I think it holds a lot of “bottom-line” truth in it. I don’t think (at first at least) there would be a nuclear war.

I think there are red lines for that. And for Russia it is almost certain to be an attack on Russia’s actual borders. And for the US (if they act sanely,uncertain for now) it would be an attack against the US itself.But given the results of a war (who is losing) I think the possibility of using nukes goes up. The best result would be as you say. The war can be won by Russia outside of Russia and without nukes.But we’ll have to see if the Russians are willing to defend their future.

Or if it will take an enemy attack on Russia before they act. If so it will be too late to not use nukes.I did think your analysis of the plan for Turkey to attack is very possible.

I’ve read others thinking the same way.I have never for more than a minute trusted Erdogon. So I have no doubt he would do something like that.