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Assumed office 2014 Preceded by Constituency, West Bengal Dev (born Deepak Adhikari on 25 December 1982) is an, producer, entertainer, singer and film writer, known for his works in and more recently as. He owns the production house Born in, he made his acting debut in the 2006 film Agnishapath. Dev faced flak after the film was released, and it turned out to be a critical and commercial.

He received his breakthrough by starring in opposite. Download Lagu Love 119. Directed by, the film was critically unsuccessful, but was commercially successful and was quick to resurrect his career. Despite the success, Dev didn't get any work for the next fourteen months.

He made a comeback on the silver screen with, opposite, his first with whom he went on to star with in numerous films. A remake of the hit, the film was moderate successful. Dev got another breakthrough in which opened to critical and commercial success. He received the for Best Actor and Best Action Hero for his performance in the film. He continued to garner commercial success and wider attention through his successful films, including,,,, and.

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He had been a recipient of numerous awards and nominations, namely,,, Filmfare Awards East (2017) & NABC International Bangla Film Award 2017. His accomplishments have made him one of the highest paid and sought out actors of. Though he has delivered some critically acclaimed performances, Dev is often trolled for his poor accent, average acting skills, his winning of the Mahanayak Samman from the and his work as a politician.

Dev had also been a mentor on the Bengali dance reality show, replacing. He is now also an honorable Member of Parliament of India from the, as a candidate from the party. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Early life and background Dev was born on 25 December 1982, in Mahisha, a small village near, to Gurudas Adhikari and Mousumi Adhikari. His father used to have a food-catering service and his mother is a housewife. His nickname is Raju. He spent his childhood living with his maternal uncle in and his sister, Deepali. Later in his childhood, he moved to and attended Purushottam High School in, where he was a good student.

His sister, Deepali Adhikari, was married on August 9, 2015 to Anirban. He also did an acting course at the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Academy. In an interview with, Dev recalled that when his school was closed for summer, he went to the outdoors of with his father, where was shooting. He described it as more of a family vacation for them and work didn't feel like work. As a child, that was the first time he got a taste of cinema. Though that was his first, life continued to be the same for the next couple of years. The family was based in and Dev would often accompany his father to the sets of Abbas-Mustan and Prakash Jha, among several others.

There were times when his father would keep busy with other things and he had to chip in. Though he couldn't cook, he would do the groceries and supervise on his father's behalf. He also said there were times when he washed plates and served food.

After receiving his diploma from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth University, in, in, Dev returned to and started his film career as an observer on the set of 's. Film career 2005–09: Debut, early career. Dev with producer Nispal Singh Rane during shooting of Dev made his acting debut with the 2005 film Agnishapath, directed by Prabir Nandi, opposite. The film did not perform well at the box office. By this point, the film, directed by, was in development.

Dev met with the producers and gained the male lead role. Despite the financial success of I Love You, Dev did not take on any other roles for about 14 months. Ms Office 2007 Free Download For Xp Full Version more. He went to, and, dedicated to improving himself, learned dance and trained under fight choreographer Aejaz Gulab (of and fame).

2008–10: Comeback and success. Dev at 's office in 2010 Dev made a comeback to acting in director 's action-romance, opposite.

The film was a huge hit in West Bengal, giving Dev a considerable popularity boost. Dev performed like 'Pante Tali,' and. The tracks and videos were very successful. He also performed an additional item number in the film, directed. The song was a remake of 'Jibone ki Pabona,' a track originally performed by Bengali actor. Dev appeared as a in directed. In December 2010, Indian romantic starring Dev and was released, directed by and produced.

This is the second collaboration between Dev and. This movie was one of the biggest hits of 2010. The title track of the movie, being shot in Switzerland, is one of the best romantic songs of Tollywood ever. The chemistry between Dev and Srabanti is so mellifluous that it added a new flavour, which was tremendously appreciated by the audience and critics. The film had an item number by Samidh and Rishi 'Khokababu jaye, Lal juto paye', which was the entry song for Dev in the movie. The song's choreographer Baba Yadav said: 'Dev has done a great job. There's no doubt that he is an amazing dancer.What I like about Dev is the fact that he enjoys dancing.

This shows in his movements.' 'Khokababu jaye, Lal juto paye' was the costliest song of Tollywood (costing nearly 50-60 million) until the release of in January 2012, which contained the costlier item number, 'Dance maare Khokababu'. [ ] In 2010, Dev received the Shera notun Protibha Award, at the 2010 Shera Bangali Awards. 2011–present: Commercial and critical success In June 2011, Dev starred alongside in, directed by Rajib Biswas.

Produced by, this movie was the highest opener in Tollywood history before was released in October 2012. Is highest in terms of earning T.R.P on Bengali television till date, having a T.R.P of 12.25 when it was telecast on Star Jalsha. It even left behind in the T.R.P. As per Sree Venkatesh distribution head, Debasis Sarkar – 'Paglu released in 166 theatres across Bengal in the first week.

The second week has seen the number of theatres rising to 169. The movie is running in 17 theatres in Kolkata.

The gross collections till Monday's (13 June) matinee show have crossed Rs 50 million.' The film was a box-office success. This film also introduced martial art in Bengali cinema and Dev as the first martial art hero.

The director said – ' Dev was superb with the action sequences. He did some martial art stunts and also learnt kickboxing for two months only for my movie. I was amazed with his dedication. Bengali films haven't ever seen such action sequences before. There is a train and a bike chase sequence that was shot by Zoyeb and Dev.

I was literally scared when they were shooting this sequence without any body double. Hats off to their courage'. In November 2011, his movie, directed by Sujit Mondol and co-starring was released was released and earned Dev commendations from all sections of audience and from critics. The movie also saw Dev-Subhashree, the most talked about jodi (pair) of and that too after two years. In December, a biography of Dev entitled Aami Dev, was released by Greymind Publications.

In January 2012, Dev starred in, the 2nd highest-grossing film, once again opposite Subhashree Ganguly. The film, directed by and produced by Ashok Dhanuka Himanshu Dhanuka of, is the longest running movie of 2012, remaining in theatre for more than 300 days. The film had an item number 'Dance Maare Khokababu' which was the costliest song of till released in October 2012, whose title track 'Challenge nibi na sala' broke the record to become the costliest song till now made in.

[ ] In 2013, he starred in, and. Though the former two films were commercial hits, with Khoka 420 and Rangbazz earning ₹8,000,000 and ₹9,000,000 respectively, the latter gave him a slight decree of critical success. Made on a budget of ₹15,000,000 and shot in, the film met with critical and commercial success upon release. Dola Mitra of reviewed: 'Dev charms as Shankar Choudhury, the young Bengali village boy who dreads clerkdom and wangles a job as station master of a tiny train station in Uganda, where only one train stops in a day.'

Besides many awards, Dev won the for his performance in the film and a nomination. After appearing in two films, one where he gave a special appearance and another critically and commercially unsuccessful film, he gave another critically acclaimed performance in, the adaptation of 's successful novel of the same name. In 2015, he appeared in 's opposite Rittika Sen. Released on 2015, Dev's performance was critically acclaimed, apart from and Swagata Mukherjee. Upam Buzarbaruah of reviewed: 'The high point of the film are the performances. All the actors, including Dev, have performed perfectly.'

His performance of a mute gangster in the 2016, earned him his second nomination for Best Actor. As of now, he has committed to star in the sequel of, titled and in his debut production, titled. Other works Television In November 2011, as a special appearance in 's serial Sobinoy Nibedon in, with a bevy of beauties wrapped around him, Dev showed his Romeo side, dancing to 'Ami Romeo', 'Khokababu jaye', 'Gal mitthi mitthi bol' and 'Paglu thoda sa karle romance'. 'I wish Naina and Joydeep a very happy married life,' Dev later told t2. Again in March 2012, Dev appeared in a holi special show 'Ronger Anandey'. In April 2010 and again in December 2011, he entered as a special guest in Akkel Challenger, an Indian Reality Show on hosted by and directed by Subhankar Chattopadhyay. He also came as special guest in many shows such as Dadagiri Season 2, Season 4 etc.

Dev became the main coach and judge of in the show's eighth season, replacing Mithun Chakraborty. Stage Dev has given many stage performances and has participated in several concerts.

In 2007, he performed in the Bengal Film Journalists' Association (BFJA) awards 2007. In 2009, he performed in ETV bangla prathama in a Bengali TV channel. He performed in a concert also, concert in 2009. Being a terrific dancer, he's also a brilliant stage performer. He also performed in many award functions as in Star Jalsha Entertaintment Awards 2009, Star Jalsha Entertaintment Awards 2010, Zee Banglar Gourav Samman 2011, Star Jalsha Entertaintment Awards 2011, Jaya Hey, Zee Bangalar Gourav Samman 2012. Politics Dev won the as a candidate from. He gave his maiden speech in the after two years of winning the elections, in regarding the implementation of Ghatal Master Plan.

Special appearances Dev has had special appearances in several films. In 2009, he made a cameo appearance in the item song 'Pante tali' of directed by and produced. The song was one of the leading chartbuster songs of the year. In the same year, he appeared in an additional item number 'Jibone ki Pabona' in the film, directed.

The song was a cover of a track originally performed by Bengali actor. In 2010, he appeared as himself in 's. In 2012, Dev made a cameo appearance in, directed. In the media Dev topped the list Calcutta Times Most Desirable Men in the year 2013. In addition to his films, he also endorses several brands, such as -,, Shricon TMT Bars, Bakefresh Biscuits, and the television channel.

He is touted as one of the richest Bengali actors and politicians with assests over ₹ 15,000,000. Before the the Bengali tabloid asked him if he enjoyed being in the spotlight. He replied: '.it's just like being raped, either you can enjoy or can shout.'

This comment sparked controversy as being inappropriate and insensitive and led to calls for him to withdraw his candidacy. Thereafter, he apolozised for his comments on his official Twitter account.

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Challenge 2 (2012) is a Bengali action comedy film directed by Raja Chanda starring Dev and Pooja Bose in lead roles. The film is not a sequel to the 2009 Bengali film Challenge; it contains a very different storyline. Major parts of the movie were shot in Malaysia, Dubai and Mumbai besides Kolkata. The film was released on 19 October 2013. Now Challenge 2 (2012) is available to download in Full HD Format [1080p/720p] also with Magnet and torrent Download Link for Free. Challenge 2 (2012) The star casts includes:- • Dev as IPS Officer Abhiraj Roy a.k.a.

Abhi • Pooja Bose as Pooja Bakshi • Tapas Paulas Debraj Roy • Ashish Vidyarthi as Guru Nayak • Rajatava Dutta as Mudhushudhon Bakshi • Kharaj Mukherjee as Swarnakamal • Surajit Sen as Bunty • Dipankar Dey as Apurba Ghosh • Laboni Sarkar as Pooja’s mother • Subhasish Mukherjee as Premjit • Bharat Kaul as Police Commissioner • Joyjit Banerjee as Abhi’s colleague • Biswanath Basu as Film artist supplier • Kushal Chakraborty as Angshuman, Debraj Roy’s younger brother • Somnath Panja as Shibu, Debraj Roy’s henchman • Rajat Ganguly • Tulika Basu • Sumit Ganguly as Jaganath a.k.a.