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I recently purchased a Dazzle* Video Creator Plus HD from Best Buy. After purchasing all the required adapters to record my played games on my Xbox 360, I installed the Pinnacle HD program from the disk that was given with my purchase. Download Igi 5 Pc Free.

When i plugged the USB end to my laptop, which by the way has Windows 7-64 bit, it started installing the USB, and the two DVC100 drivers to my computer. Apparently they have to update when you install them and it does it automatically. Datsuns Outta Sight Outta Mind Rare. I believe the two drivers are audio and video. The audio one works just fine but the video does not. I have put hours into this and it still wont work. When i have it search for the driver on the internet, it can't find it there either. Everyone is saying to download the correct driver off of the pinnacle website, I have done this multiple times and it does not work.

If anyone has any ideas on what to do it would be most appreciated. Also, I have tried to contact customer service but unfortunately you have to have a code to even speak to an agent. My code is apparently invalid. And yet another unfortunate event with the customer service is that after creating an account on their website, their 'Live Chat' link isn't working. I am tired of terrible Tech Support and Customer Service.

This forum is my last option. Someone PLEASE help. Oh and if you didn't already guess, since the video driver wont install, my dazzle card will not show up on my Pinnacle HD program, therefor, not being able to record, or even detect my dazzle card. NEED ASSISTANCE DESPERATELY! PICTURE ATTACHMENTS. DRIVERS Hey there! I have a page for the drivers.

I know it has been a while, but in case anyone else is looking for the same thing this one is for them: Click that and you will be directed to the page. All you need to do is find out what you need! (Do not sweat it! It is simple just click and read you will know instantly!) I have the same problem at the moment so I am going to try these drivers. EDIT: I just tested it, and it works!!

CD KEYS Also I know the customer service sucks, and there is no way to recover a lost CD key so I will add 2 fixes in one for those people who check here as well: JADIO-AABAA-BAAAA-AAAAG-SKYUD, or JADIO-AABAA-BAAAA-AAAQI-DQOVR are the keys in this youtube video I found: I lost my key a while back and tried these keys they both work too! Similar help and support threads Thread Forum well, my brother's hdd in his laptop was going bad, it kept failing to boot. So i replaced it with another one.

When i turned the laptop back on it started installing all the drivers for his hardware (windows was already installed on the 2nd hdd) and prompted me to reboot. After i did windows.

Hardware & Devices Hi, I have been having problems installing any ATI software. I believe I have the correct driver ATI Firepro for Windows 7 64 Bit.

The install processes correctly and report log is a success. The program appears in the Add/Remove programs panel. However, there is no entry in the. Graphic Cards sorry for the terrible grammer this keyboard which came with my computer is messed up i can figure out how to do normal punctuation. But anyways, my problem ive eben having with my dazzle platinum is that it seems i cannot download the driver for my dvc100 as i cannot use it until it is fixed i. Hardware & Devices Ok.

Driver Dazzle Video Creator Platinum Hdd is the file extension source. Here you'll find a collection of file extensions; many linked to the programs that created the files. This is the FILExt home.

So I just got a new nvidia 9600 gt graphics card. Uninstalled onboard graphics and installed the card. Plugged my monitor into card. Seemed to work fine, windows loaded installed the driver and told me to restart. As it loaded up until the windows 7, right before logon screen I hear the.

BSOD Help and Support Hi, I have a Dell Studio 1535 laptop on 32 bit, and I installed Windows 7 Ultimate. I works realy realy great with everything. Now I bought a Pinnacle, Dazzle TV Mobile, Tv card, and have no driver for Win7.

The product homepage is: Dazzle - Product summary - Dazzle TV Mobile does. Drivers Our Sites Site Links About Us Find Us • • • • • • •.