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Poll So, if you're here, you've probably read one or some of my stories. What do you think I should try to keep in mind more or put more focus on when writing? 1 Plot - definitely plot. Nothing ever happens in your stories, they are sooo slow. 2 Characterization - You're not doing this nearly as well as you think you are, so wipe that smug look of your face.

Divinity 2 Patch 1 4 9 705

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I don't buy your characters, they need a little more work. 3 Don't stop when we're just getting started - C'mon.

Why all the one-shots? It was finally getting good and then. Don't leave me hanging. Author has written 37 stories for Lord of the Rings, Hikaru no Go, Twilight, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Naruto, Supernatural, Final Fantasy VII, Avengers, Grimm, and Shannara Chronicles. About me/my stories: I've been on this site for what feels like forever now.

Altera Quartus Ii 13.0 Crack on this page. I started as a young teenager reading large amounts of Harry Potter fanfics in-between the books. Then, after the first Lord of the Rings hit the cinemas, I read the books, the teenage fanfics, and ended up trying to write some epic Mary Sue-ish story myself. And because most of the fanfiction I read was in English, I decided to try writing my story in English as well. The unicorn is still filled with spelling and grammar errors and ended up abandoned not too long after. I gave up on writing for a while but always kept reading, and when my interest was peaked by Hikaru no Go I gave it another cautious go. No unicorns and no Mary Sue.

Also, my English had improved a bit by now, so I suppose the results were bearable but the story is still unfinished. The Tower is pretty much stalled - I have no idea if I'll ever return to writing for the Hikago fandom, but if I do I may hopefully finish it. My Twilight stories are at least finished. Perhaps the stories themselves aren't that special and also rather short, but the writing experience was very helpful and it made me more confident in my writing and of my grasp of the English language. The Promise of a New Dawn is my only major story. There are already a bunch of 'Harry sent to Arda as an elfling' stories out there, but since most of them are unfinished, slash or contain many references to torture and abuse I wanted to try a less over the top version myself.

I was actually not quite sure about whether or not to start writing this story because it is a multi-chaptered one and I'm not too good at keeping those up, but in the end I thought 'why not give it a shot?' And didn't find an answer that was a sufficient deterrent. Provided the cute little picture of Elfling Harry which I have used for my cover. Thank you so much:) Also, has started writing a translation of The Promise of a New Dawn in Polish that can be found here:. Is my longest story, and I'll once again mention that I am really bad at those. I know it has literally been years since my last update, but I still don't count this story as abandoned yet!

About my most recent stories I can tell you two things: 1) I love writing crossovers and 2) I prefer to write short stories and one-shots. Because I'm horrid at updating a story once my first writing burst about an idea has vanished.

3) Except in the two cases where a wonderful reader made me fanart that I could use as cover image, I generally 'make' all my covers in Paint. By removing the background of an image I want to use with a tiny eraser and then copying it onto something else. It is, of course, an utter waste of time, but I get so giddy when I stare at my little collection of stories on my profile page that it's so worth it. Inside I'm still a ten year old. XD I'm a very slow and sporadic writer - any story that is not marked as complete (and a few that are) might be continued at any time, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Generally I write whatever I'm inspired to write. It's a fun hobby that I've grown to like but I have always been more of a reader than a writer and I don't think that that will change. Lastly, I want to thank my reviewers, who completely blow me away with their enthusiasm for my crossovers. And a special thanks to for the artwork for Fly! If anyone wants to see the larger version of the image I used for my cover, this is the link:.

She has also made me a picture of Griffin!Harry and Captain America after their battle with the droids that can be found here: Please drop her a line as well to tell her what you think! Has translated one of my HP/Avengers crossovers into Spanish! It can be found here:. Favorites: My list of favorite stories on this site has become very extensive over the past years, but my absolute favorites remain mostly the same: The two most humorous, complete and lenghty stories that I've come across are by (Harry Potter) and by (Twilight). A few other of my favourites are Whispers in Corners by (Harry Potter/Sherlock Crossover), by (Naruto) and by (Harry Potter/Avengers Crossover). I also enjoy reading Time Travel stories, especially in the Naruto fandom. Some of my absolute favourites are by and by, both of these feature an older Naruto going back in time to help Konoha and his younger counterpart, with a fluffy main dish of Team Seven.

There are tons of other time travel stories in my favourites list, but I like these ones best. Possibly my all-time favorite fanfiction story is by (Lord of the Rings); a lovely Cinderella retelling! My favorite 'mini-'verses' are the stories from in the series (Lord of the Rings) which focuses on a gentle friendship between the hobbits and Aragorn pre-LotR, and the Hiraku Kazama series; and (Naruto) by, in which a betrayed Naruto becomes an audacious missing-nin. My favorite Hikaru no Go stories can be found in my community.

There are many, many other great fanfiction stories that I would certainly recommend, but since I can't exactly list everything here you'd just have to sift through my favorite stories list to find them. Disclaimer: It should be blindingly obvious from the context (this being Fanfiction.net) that none of the ideas, few of the characters and little of the specifics I use in my stories belong to me.

It is also quite clear from the category in which each story is placed to whom the characters that I use actually do belong. I am not going to write a disclaimer for each of my stories so this one should be enough to count for all of them: I do not own the characters, ideas and other aspects of my stories. They belong to the writer of the original work(s). Prompts/ideas up for adoption: Grimm: So, I've been re-watching Grimm and was hit my an idea/musing mid season 2: In episode 14? Or somewhere around there, Nick has found out about Captain Renard, has gather everyone in the spice shop for the cure for the obsession spell. He drinks the purification potion that Renard had drunk before in his succesful attempt to wake Julliette. One of the ingredients of 'step two' was Nick's blood.

A fact that Monroe, Rosalee and Nick kept hidden from the ones drinking that second potion: Julliette and Renard. Renard is a Zauberbiest. See where I'm going with this? So, what if the potion had unexpected side-effects on Sean Renard due to Nick's blood? Of course, he's not exactly a Hexenbiest, so it doesn't have to be losing his powers.

Maybe his powers were strenghtened instead? Or maybe the Hexenbiest part of him died, leaving only the Royal. You could even link it with the spell, or the purifcation potion both of them drank at one point.

Maybe Nick's blood had a different effect because Renard was 'pure of heart' in the chemical sense of the words. Hal Message Wave File there. So many possibilities, but it could definately have had an effect on Renard, his powers, or his Wesen-ness. Other sites: Besides FF.net, I've created an account on ao3, where I've uploaded most of my stories as well. So far, I haven't written any stories that need a rating higher than permitted on this site and I don't think I will be writing any either. Mostly I just made an account because I came across a few stories that I really loved there and I wanted to keep track of them easily. My pen name there is also.