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So yeah, as far as Cowboy Bebop material goes, there's already been 3 OSTs, the movie soundtrack, the 4-disc box set, the remix CD, Vitaminless, Cowgirl Ed and Ask DNA. Now there's this one. Nine of the 12 songs from this can be found on one of those other records. The three that aren't are nothing particularly new and.

One of the cooler experiments in TV during my childhood was the Rugrats special “All Growed Up,” an hour long special that displayed our favorite babies as teenagers. It was so awesome to see Tommy finally gain some of that purple hair of his father and mean girl Angelica grow up to bemean girl Angelica. I won’t lie, however, that I was highly disappointed with the series that they made of the concept. Maybe it was the lack of charm that its predecessor had or maybe it was just the fact that babies’ hijinks is funnier than teenager ones. Either way, it wasn’t as funny.

But this got me thinking: what shows from my childhood would make for a dope new adult oriented cartoon? I asked around and had a few ideas myself and came up with a list of Cartoon I Wish Had a Sequel.

I tried to imagine what the title, what the show would be like, and what our favorite characters would be doing. 7) The Wild Thornberrys Sequel Title: Eliza’s Crossing Plot: Eliza finally gets done travelling around the world with her family and life returns to normal. They find a few ways to pull some strings and are able to keep Darwin as a “pet.” Her father becomes the owner of a zoo while her mother teaches at Eliza’s new high school. The show is centered around Eliza’s struggle to make human connections like she did with animals. Oh, yea she can still talk to animals but with more people around, it becomes harder and harder for her to look like a normal teenage girl.

Cowboy Bebop Tank The Best Rar Sremmurd

Ironically, her two biggest friends are her sister Debbie, who often tried to help her assimilate to normal, teenage life, and Donnie, who after very strong therapy sessions, was able to transition to normal life very well, although he does have spells in which he resorts back to his old, babbling self. Likelihood I would watch: 15%. I never really enjoyed The Wild Thornberrys so it’s not likely I would stick around for this.

But who knowsit might be fun watching Eliza struggle to understand that the Nae Nae is not an exotic animal. Artist: 6) Doug Sequel Title: Dear Doug Plot: Doug has gone on to become a very successful writer.

Quailman has become one of the biggest selling comic books of all time and has even spawned a movie. He’s written a couple of books and memoirs (which were nothing more than his journal entries) and had traveled the world.

However, he suffers from anxiety issues and has a strong dependency to psychedelic drugs that he gets from his sister. Patti–yes, she marries him–worries for him and suggests he sees a therapist every week. Reluctantly he does and each episode he tells his therapist about his events during the week. He’s still very good friends with Skeeter, who has gone on to challenge the biggest shoe companies with his innovative sneaker designs. Roger ended up marrying Bebe and the two have a couple of kids together.

Judy is still looking to make it into acting, doing a number of small productions. Doug details his adventures to his therapist and as the series goes on, he feels better and better, eventually concluding with the birth of his first child. The series finale shows that the previous events never happened–Doug went to therapy but had a nervous breakdown after the first session and is ultimately locked up in a psych ward the whole time. He does have his newest memoir though Likelihood I would watch: 100% I’ve been telling y’all for awhile now that Doug is nuts. And there’s no way you can tell me this plot above isn’t FIRE. Who doesn’t want to watch the episode in which Roger asks Doug to babysit for him?

Artist: Jerron Couture 5) Proud Family Sequel Title: Proud Family: Penny from the Block Plot: Penny is a rising senior in high school and is really trying to navigate her life in the direction she wants to go. Proud Snacks has gone out of business (because.yea.) and now her dad works a regular 9-5 job. Suga Mama is still as spry as ever. Penny is still running with the same clique of friends with Zoe becoming the most popular girl in school, thanks in part to her discovering that she’s very good at soccer. She ends up leading the school to it’s first ever state championship. LaCienega is still snobbish but now she and Dijonay have become known as “THOTianna” and “THOTTY THOTTY OXEN FREE.” Penny feels like she is basic and needs to make her senior year mean something. Penny’s search to find herself before she graduates is the base of the show.

Likelihood I would watch: 50% A show centered around girls “finding themselves?” Not my cup of tea obviously. But seeing how many different people can come up with creative ways of calling two of the girls “thots” might be worth it. Artist: Patience Lekien 4) The Boondocks Sequel Title: B.R.U.H (Brothers Ready Under Huey) Plot: Granddad has passed and in a stunning move, has left the house to Huey and Riley.

Huey initially leaves the house to Riley but after one day away realizes that he misses his brother (and that his brother would lose the house immediately.) Huey starts his new crusade: to take down the KKK. He recruits Riley, who is in it simply for the likelihood that guns would be involved. While this is the main storyline, celebrities will continue to do dumb shit and “nigga moments” will continue to happen. Likelihood I would watch: 99% The 1% is strictly because I know what happened the LAST season. But if you think I’m really going to miss out on the episode that B.R.U.H goes after Donald Trump or the one where Riley convinces Gangstalicious to battle Young Thug, then you’re out of your mind. Artist: Unknown (if you know let me know!) 3) Rocket Power Sequel Title: Rocket Park Plot: Now in high school Rae Sremmurd Otto and Twister are tighter than ever.

Their grades still aren’t the best but they excel in their respective areas of expertise. Otto was able to convince the school to start an extreme sports travel club and constantly wins awards and Twister has gone into full on director mode. Twister actually dated Trish but are on a break currently because she’s a bit too “smart” for him. Reggie’s Zine is gaining more and more notoriety. She doesn’t skate as much as Otto but when she does, she’s the only one able to steal a couple victories. Reggie and Sam actually date and are doing quite well.

Sam continues to be a nerd but he’s been able to balance being a nerd and hanging out with some of the coolest kids in their class. He’s obviously on pace to be the valedictorian. All the while Raymundo has made so much success off the Shore Shack that he, Tito and Conroy opened another skate park named, you guessed it, Rocket Park Likelihood I would watch: 80% If there is a way to get an episode in which Otto tries to take two girls out in one night, then yea I’m watching that. If it’s just skating 24/7, then I don’t know how much more different that is from the original. Artist: MCK 2) Recess Sequel Title: College Plot: Talk about a time jump! So much has changed but not really.

In a stunning move, they all end up going to the same school (let’s say it’s based off a small school in California.) Gretchen had offers to all the Ivy schools but couldn’t find it in her to leave her friends behind. Vince became the star basketball player the minute he stepped on campus, averaging the most points in the country, even though the team had very limited success. Mikey started smoking in high school but now that he’s in college, he’s really ramped up the the pot use. Microsoft Works 4 5 Oem Gm here. He’s still the best of friends with Gus, who joined the ROTC program at school. He meets a nice girl in the program and they begin dating. TJ is still Mr.

Backwards Cap but now he wears a multitude of hats. If you were wondering if Spinelli ended up dating TJ or ending up liking girls, you’d be right on both. Spinelli enters college “experimenting” as some girls do. Eventually during the series after many teases, the two end up together. Throughout the series, they encounter old friends, including the still in contact Ashleys and new principal Randall. Likelihood I would watch: 100% Recess is one of the best cartoons because it took 6 friends and really displayed how strong that friendship was. So watching that friendship develop during the “best years of their lives” would be interesting.

Watching TJ stand up for Vince when he encounters racism will be a strong episode. Watching Gretchen deal with her virginity and Spinelli’s experimenting would be powerful. And of course, the episode where TJ finally spills his guts to Spinelli will be a dream come true.

Artist: kpo134 1) Hey Arnold Sequel Title: Yo Helga Plot: Helga has become one of the most important poets of her generation. At the tender age of 25, she’s already recited poetry for the President and written 5 collections of poetry. The show follows her as she continues to struggle to develop a relationship with Arnold. Arnold has become a counselor and lives with his best friend Gerald. Gerald isn’t always around as he became a pretty successful DJ, after idolizing a character loosely based on DJ Pauly D (you know because of the hair?) Harold slimmed down and ended up marrying (get this) Rhonda. Chocolate Boy actually died of a drug overdose and was the first person Arnold couldn’t save.

It bothered him and it happens that Helga is the shoulder he ends up crying on. They end up spending the night together, leading to a series of events that eventually leads to Helga finally telling Arnold how she feels about him after all these years. Likelihood I would watch: 100% If I can’t get the show to come back to figure out the simple answers, give me this show. Helga is really the most fleshed out character in the original so it’s only right to focus more on her. Imagine the strong episode in which she (finally) confronts her mother’s alcoholism. Or the one where her father dies of a heart attack and she writes the saddest poem about her daddy issues during the funeral.

Then there is that wonderful episode where Arnold and Helga let all that yellow hair down and, well, you know. Artist: Unknown (if you know let me know!) WHAT YOU THINK?! ANY SHOWS YOU WOULD ADD? WOULD YOU NOT WATCH THESE SHOWS? Pitch Switch Full Download - And Torrent 2016 here. ! HIT THE COMMENTS!

Tell some directors/writers to give me a call. I’m ready to write the next great TV series! Artist: Unknown (if you know let me know!) Tall Guy **All pictures used are not mine and are the work of some very dope artists! Posted in,,, Tagged,,,,,,,, Post navigation.

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