Conexant Fusion 878a Driver For Winxp

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Conexant are very clear - 'Please note that Conexant does not manufacture PC-based TV tuner or video capture cards. We suggest that if you have an issue with your TV tuner or video capture card, please contact your manufacturer for information regarding drivers.' So, who made the DVR card? M actually you are right, the dvr was built using conexant chip but it is not conexant who made the dvr card. And i can not tell who manufacture the dvr card because it does not have a manufacturers logo or name on it. The card comes without a box, no labels and no cd.

How can i know the manufacturer? Search this Thread Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post I accidentally deleted my audio driver the other day. I run windows XP pro. The driver was an AC'97 Realtek. But now when i try to reinstall it, my comp crashes.

All Drivers – Windows XP, 7, 8 and Mac Driver Downloads. Download There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood. Guide to printer, notebook, modem, sound, webcam, graphics card, scanner and other types of. Lightwave TV-Card Conexant Fusion 878A Driver Download. Lightwave TV-Card Conexant Fusion 878A Driver. LightWive TV Card Driver (19090).

Conexant Fusion 878a Driver For WinxpConexant Fusion 878a Driver For Winxp

The audio problem is very much affecting my gaming. Please help me fix it. -Dxdiag- -----------------.

Smattman22 Driver Support 2 04:05 PM Hello this is my first time posting on this forum. Problem: I'll run a program such as Stress Tests or CS:S and roughly within 15 minutes (give or take) I start to stutter and soon as I close the program CS:S I'll look at my processes and notice that system nt kernel is saying anywhere from. X Myth BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs 40 02:53 AM Please help.

My computer has been running slow and many times when I upload a page it says it is not responding. The other issue is that when I do a search on google and click on the correct search,it directs me to another soliciting site.

I have tried to run GMER both ways and it just will not. Lubo1 Inactive Malware Help Topics 8 10:28 PM I have recently formatted my primary hard drive and reloaded XP Pro.

I then had issues with it wanting to start from the CD at one point but after a few reboots a second format / reinstall and numerous windows updates it seems to be working fine with the exception of. If I turn the machine off. Cmorejava Motherboards, Bios & CPU 8 11:51 AM Hi I have followed your first step instructions reset my internet options etc but my browser is still redirecting me to all different websites that I do not choose and also is running quite slow.

My browser is redirecting me through the following url and then onto different websites. Kbabe28 Resolved HJT Threads 22 06:44 AM Posting Rules. Free Dianetics Book.