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Bluetooth Development Kit Menu Support the Site Other Links Bluetooth Development Development Kits & Systems Suppliers of Bluetooth development kit application wireless. If you know of others details. Atmel Corporation Founded in 1984, the company focuses on design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductors, including advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits. In support of their ICs they supply the following Development Kits.

This aims to reduce the costs, development time and effort required to create Bluetooth enabled devices. The kit includes two Bluetooth development boards with the PCMCIA, UART, and USB interfaces. Two RF daughter cards, drivers, firmware, software utilities, and documentation. Includes two PCMCIA Bluetooth evaluation cards with integrated radio, drivers, firmware, software utilities, and appropriate documentation. Bluetooth Reference Design includes schematics, gerbers, layout files, BOM, as well as firmware, drivers, software utilities, and documentation. Includes Schematics, gerbers, layout files, BOM, as well as firmware, drivers, software utilities (object code), and documentation. It features the same Features, Utilities, and System Requirements same as the evaluation kit.

Casira Bluesuite Скачать

Describe: CSR Bluesuite Casira testing environment, CSR chip can test the state, RF state View chip communication quality, CSR said the debugging tools. File list(Click to check if it's the file you need, and recomment it at the bottom): 15_AN100b_Casira User Guide.pdf 1951_BlueSuite v1.21 SRN Rel.

Bluegiga Technologies BlueGiga Technologies is a wireless technology company who offer a complete hardware and software platform which combines network technologies and Bluetooth. Is a complete development environment for short-range wireless interfaces between devices and users, industrial cable replacement and industrial device networking for remote control and diagnostics. BlueLogic Technologies Inc. Bluelogic Technologies, Inc is a venture company with a specific focus on the use Bluetooth, short range wireless data/audio communication technology.

Features: Size: 200X140(mm2), Embedded: UART, AUDIO, USB Interface, CSR Module (Class1: 20 dBm), Host CPU: S3C3410X (ARM7TDMI), RAM: SDRAM 64Mbit, FLASH MEMORY: 8Mbit, ROM: 4Mbit, Protocol Stack: HCI UART Driver, HCI USB Driver, HIC, L2CAP, SDP,RFCOM, Upper API for Application S/W, Porting (Windows98/2000,WinCE, OS9). BlueTags The core of BlueTags concept lays a pending patent based on the capability of using Bluetooth wireless technology in tracking, monitoring and identification of objects or personnel as well as their movement within a predefined range. As a technology house BlueTags aspires to enter into partnerships with solution providers and application providers within different business areas. Bluetags Development Kit. To download a PDF file on the product. BrightCom Technologies BrightCom Technologies designs and sells Bluetooth Application Processors, chip and software platforms that aid the development of Bluetooth products, branded the IntelliBLUE product family. Provides the user with Bluetooth device for demonstration, application development and obtaining hands-on experience with Bluetooth technology.

Is a modular Bluetooth development environment that provides OEM developers with a hardware platform and software tools for development and implementation of Bluetooth wireless applications. BEK-2101B Development Board has all required software components necessary to build wireless applications based on Bluetooth technology. The BrightCORE components have been tested and run on IntelliBLUE product line, a highly integrated silicon platform for Bluetooth application processors. Cambridge Silicon Radio, CSR CSR designs and manufactures single-chip radio devices and reference designs using them, initially focussed on Bluetooth, where the company has a high market share of design-ins. CSR's solutions are based on commodity low cost CMOS technology. See also their and consists of a BlueCore radio module with its fully Bluetooth qualified protocol stack plugged onto a motherboard.

The motherboard contains host I/O and man-machine interface elements including RS232 and USB drivers and external connector, audio codec, external audio socket for a headset, plus internal connectors for PIO lines, audio PCM stream and synchronous serial interfaces. Charlotte Carpet Installers more. This is packaged in a plastic case featuring a removable lid for easy access to the hardware for embedded system development.

Low cost development support for USB connected hosts desktop styling and a Bluetooth radio containing a BlueCore integrated device, MicroSira offers a low cost development platform for USB connected host side software. MicroSira requires no external power supply, is approved to V1.1 of the USB specification and supports 12Mb/s operation on the USB interface. Host side Bluetooth Development Kit is a type one compact flash format expansion card featuring the BlueCore integrated circuit. It offers class one performance with adaptive power control for maximum application flexibility.

Casira Bluesuite Скачать

It is a low cost development platform for PC or PDA based applications. For fully-embedded Bluetooth applications - BlueCore devices incorporate an on-chip RISC microcontroller, allowing cost-effective single-chip Bluetooth solutions to be developed for relatively simple embedded applications such as headsets and human interface devices (HIDs). Vmware Workstation 7 Serial Keygen Generator on this page. Is a family of software utilities supplied with CSR development systems (Casira, MicroSira, CompactSira).