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Please can any of you help me understand some of the basics of DLNA so I can work out why I've got some lip sync problems. To start, my set up is: - Panasonic BDT110 Blue Ray player - Samsung 46' 7000 series LED TV connected to the BDT110 via HMDI - A 10yr old Yamaha RX-V620RDS connected to the BDT110 via optical I’ve disabled the HDMI audio output from the BDT110 and have determined that I need to set an 80ms audio delay to achieve lip sync when viewing BluRays. (I’m assuming that I need this to take into account video processing delays through the Samsung TV - is this correct?). Now to the DLNA bit.

I have a Windows XP PC and I’ve connected the BTD110 via a network cable to a Netgear Broadband Rx and Router. It should be noted that I really only want to use the DLNA function to view video files.

I’ve tried a few of DLNA servers including Samsung’s Allshare (extremely bloated and buggy) and Twonky (still appears bloated). I’ve ended up using Serviio which looks like it provides the basics that I need (the server functions). Now the problem is that I’m getting lip sync problems when viewing video files via the BDT110 (the lip sync problem was the same between Twonky and Serviio).

Bravia Sync Software For Pc

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Now, what I don’t understand is why would there be different lip syncs when playing video files and BluRays through the BDT110. It should be noted that I don’t have lip sync problems if I view the video files on the PC with Media Player. This leads to a number of questions What role does the DLNA server play when viewing video files? Does it just stream the “raw” mpeg data to the BDT110 or does it do any decoding/encoding stuff that could introduce lip sync problems? Could there be different lip sync timings depending on the video file encoding method? I know there are loads of threads related to lip sync probems so aplogies if this is covered elsewhere.

By the way, and just as an observation, I’ve tried using the “Smart TV” function of the Samsung TV (having connected it to my network via a cable) but found that the file viewing functions to be very poor – you can’t fast-forward or rewind for example. The DLNA server if it supports transcoding will convert the video stream in real time so it plays on the device if it does not support the original codec, the loss of audio sync might be down to transcoding problems, perhaps the CPU on the PC cannot do it fast enough or there is some issue with the transcoded output the BDT110 has with it.

What kind of CPU does your PC have? Ccs Pcwhd 4 120 Keygen For Mac here. The fast forward rewind is a mess with Samsung they have their own version of DLNA (it's a horribly broken standard) if you apply the Samsung C/D series profile to the TV's IP address in Serviio (click generic DLNA profile text) I believe that will solve the fast forward/rewind issue.

I have a new Sony Bravia KDL32EX403, a Sony UWA-BR100 LAN adapter, an N standard router and a new white Macbook. Sony internet video is mostly drivel, and to access enhanced features the TV screen says 'visit', which I can't find and makes no sense as a web address. I mainly want BBC iplayer and ITV equivalent, so via the macbook seems the only way but I don't want to be messing about with cables. Again the TV screen says 'install send from PC to TV plugin', but I can't find this either. Sony instructions really are rubbish - ditto their website for anything beyond selling stuff. Can anyone help, please? Hi All, All info is in the Sony iManual.

If you are using Mac iOS device just download iMedia Share from App Store (free) and it will mirror your iOS device to your your Sony no problem (after setting up WiFi Direct which is also easy) As for mirroring MBP you can use HDMI of course and make sure system preferences are looking at the Sony in 'Display Settings'. Or you can of course stream wirelessly using your LAN / WiFi connection. I bought a new W6 last month and it is all up and running with no cables. Also you can reset the internet start page to a URL of your choice - it doesn't have to be the Sony products website page as your start page.

Hope this helps.