Bebop Licks Guitar Pdf Sheet

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Bebop Licks Guitar Pdf SheetBebop Licks Guitar Pdf Sheet

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Charlie Parker (or 'Bird') is considered as one of the founders of Bebop. He was the master of chordal improvisation and that's the reason why he is so interesting for guitarists to study. Even if you would leave the band out and listen to Parker playing solo, you can still hear every chord of the tune's chord progression. Outlining the chords in your improvisations is a way to make your solo's more interesting and give them more structure. Having a look at some Parker licks can help you a great deal in accomplishing that. Make sure you have a look at the, a book with transcriptions of Parker's compositions and a great resource for every jazz improvising musician.

Recommended listening: (CD box with 101 of his most representative recordings) Charlie Parker Lick 1 A lick from Charlie Parker's classic Bebop tune Donna Lee. There are two items to pull away from this phrase, the first being the interval leaps in the first bar, followed by the b9-#9-b9 triplet motive in the second bar.

Both of these items are characteristic of Parker's soloing material, and can be studied outside of this lick so that you can apply both concepts to other tunes and progressions in your playing. Asiasoft Pashto Software Download there. Listen & Play. Charlie Parker Lick 2 The first bar starts with a Dm triad over the Dm7 chord, a common Parker improvisational choice. Lg Android Phone Driver For Windows 7 more. In the second bar, you can see a Bdim7 arpeggio being played over G7. When doing so, you are outlining the 3-5-b7-b9 of G7, giving it a bit of tension that is then resolved when the Ab moved to G in the line. Bdim7 Arpeggio Over G7 B D F Ab 3 5 b7 b9 Playing a dim7 arpeggio from the 3rd of a dominant 7th chord is a popular Bebop concept, and is something you should explore furhter in your jazz guitar studies. Listen & Play.