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Applied Acoustics Chromaphone Keygen

Chromaphone is an atelier for musicians and producers At the turn of a few knobs become an instrument maker shaping metal carving wood and stretching skins Craft and play expressive and responsive instruments that have a reallife presence Chromaphone 2 is.

Applied Acoustics Chromaphone Keygen

• NEW Factory library The completely renewed factory library has well over 600 production-ready sounds classified for fast and intuitive exploration. • NEW Drumhead resonator This new model reproduces precisely how a real drumhead vibrates resulting in super realistic and responsive drums and percussions. • NEW Envelope mode The envelope generator for the noise source is now equipped with an AHD mode for carving precise one-shots. • NEW Noise filter bank The noise source spectrum can now be tailored with a 10-band filter bank for fine control of the tone. • NEW Low-cut filter Resonators have been complemented with a low-cut filter to control the clarity of an instrument response. • NEW Arpeggiator Add motion and give a new perspective to sounds with the new built-in arpeggiator module.

• NEW Source mixer Fine control of the mallet and noise sources to shape the attack and sustain phase of sounds with precision. • NEW Compressor and equalizer These new additions are perfect to add punch and definition to your sound, letting you cut through any dense mix or stage. • NEW Limiter The new output limiter protects your ears and monitors during experimentation with the synth’s parameters while providing a maximum of distortion-free dynamics. • NEW Streamlined interface Redesigned from the ground up, the new interface now divides Chromaphone 2 into three panels: Play presents shortcuts to the performance and effect parameters including bypass switches for quick edits; Edit lets you tweak and create your sound; while FX supplies equalizer, compressor, multi-effect, and reverb processors for a final sheen. • NEW tunings via Chromaphone 2 now supports the Scala scale file format for microtonal music making. • UPDATED Overhauled effects Reinvigorated and polished, Chromaphone 2’s multi-effect processor features our best sounding chorus, delay, phaser, flanger, distortion, notch filter, wah-wah, auto-wah, and reverb to date! • NEAT Backward compatible with Chromaphone 1 presets Simply copy your banks from Chromaphone 1 in Chromaphone 2‘s bank folder to convert them.

Try Chromaphone 2 now for free Fully functional. Less than 32.0 MB to download. Seconds to install. One-shot revolution One-shots are no longer limited to the velocity dimension. Chromaphone uses the entire keyboard range to modulate volume, mallet noise and stiffness, noise filter frequency and density, hit position, and coupling to open a whole world of expressive sounds—and that in a totally stepless fashion.

Creative drum kits Chromaphone ships with ready-made creative kit patches where each note provides a new sound slightly different from the previous one. Over the entire keyboard range the sound morphs from bass drum to snare to hi-hat. Discover a mixture of electronic and acoustic qualities intertwined to form highly playable, addictive, and always fresh drum sounds. Playful Direct access to FX shortcuts, performance settings, and the arpeggiator. Performance Chromaphone 2 will match your playing style or musical context with ease thanks to the tap tempo and sync to host clock options; up-to-4-voice unison; and the flexible vibrato. Arpeggiator Ready, willing, and able, Chromaphone 2’s arpeggiator offers various syncing resolutions, playing algorithms, and rhythmic patterns that will spruce up any chord progressions into percolating melodies or pulsing sequences.

Mix and match Chromaphone is an atelier for musicians and producers. At the turn of a few knobs, become an instrument maker, shaping metal, carving wood, and stretching skins. Craft and play expressive and responsive instruments that have a real-life presence. Resonate Instruments are created by combining acoustic resonators. A wooden bar makes a xylophone, turned metallic it becomes a glockenspiel.

Adding a tube transforms it into a vibraphone or marimba. Plates shape up in bells and cymbals. Greg Lynn Folding In Architecture Pdf Free. A drumhead combined with a cylinder becomes a bass drum, snare, conga or bongo. Mix and match strings, plates, drumheads, membranes, beams, bars, and tubes to reproduce real-life instruments or create original ones.

Perfect couples Chromaphone is the first synthesizer that takes into account the effect of coupling between resonators. Bringing together acoustic objects, for exemple the string and soundboard at the bridge of a guitar, changes the way each of them vibrates. Elementary Fluid Dynamics Acheson Pdf Creator. A proprietary technology models precisely how objects interact and exchange energy thereby capturing key acoustic behaviours of musical instruments and resulting in sounds that have a real-life presence. The perfect stroke Shape the attack with the Mallet module which provides the triggering impact.

Use the Amplitude and Stiffness controls to craft different type of sticks, mallets, and beaters, and the Noise parameter to bring texture to the hit. All can be modulated by keyboard velocity and pitch to provide great playing dynamics. Get noisy Sustain is provided by a flexible noise source. An envelope generator and filters provide tailored excitation to complement impacts from the mallet.

A density parameter controls the rate at which noise samples interact with the resonators from random individual particule-like hits to a fully continuous flow. Loud or quiet, bursting or evolving, dense or porous, broadband or filtered, this noise source is the key to unusual and creative effects.

Bare naked—All suited up You’ll love the pure raw sound of Chromaphone 2, but the built-in effects will bring it to so many places that you’ll enjoy having them on hand. And you have a chock-full of them to choose from: compressor, equalizer, delay, distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, wah wah and notch filters, and reverb. Tutorials Learn more on how to use Chromaphone 2 More than one hour of tutorials A complete video series of tutorials on Chromaphone 2. Learn all about the ergonomics, the modules, and the sound of our acoustic object synthesizer. Buzzing Around The community has good things to say about Chromaphone • Extremely flexible and powerful The math behind this is very complex, but Applied Acoustics Systems has done an amazing job of completely hiding the complexity to create an extremely flexible and powerful instrument that's both fun and easy to use—and that’s quite a feat! • Knockout All in all, Chromaphone 2 is a knockout example of physical modeling, wrapped in an interface that is remarkably easy to understand.

The most intuitive physical modeling synth to date. • MusicTech Excellence award—10/10 The depth and roundness of the more percussive categories is incredible, and because all of the sounds are completely synthesized without samples or wavetables you won't get any machine-gun effects during fast rolls and so on. Liam O'Mullane, Music Tech • Wonderfully dynamic—9/10 With its physical modeling, Chromaphone produces wonderfully dynamic, expressive sounds.

Experimenting pays off, as just the turn of a knob or two can yield completely different, unique sounds. • Novel and clever Download the trial version—you'll find a novel, clever instrument that makes sounds your other virtual intruments don't make.

• Amazing variety of timbres It creates an amazing variety of timbres: anything from the tiny plink of a short, taut string to the massive roar of a giant detuned gong, and all points in between. It's hard to think of another software instrument which is quite so versatile. WINDOWS MAC OS X 32-/64-bit VST AU RTAS AAX Native NKS STANDALONE Chromaphone 2 is compatible with nearly all DAWs.

What type of copy protection does Chromaphone 2 use? All AAS instruments use a proprietary copy protection based on a challenge/response mechanism.

Can I re-authorize Chromaphone 2 if I upgrade or change my computer, or have a computer crash? The license agreement for Chromaphone 2 allows authorization on up to two computers which belong to you. You might need, however, more than two authorizations if for example, you get a new computer or change some piece of hardware such as the hard drive.

In these situations, it won't be a problem to obtain additional authorizations. With your product serial number, you will be able to generate two different authorizations every 90 days directly from our website.

Beyond that threshold, you will have to provide an explanation of why you need an additionnal authorization. Do you offer educational pricing? We do offer educational discounts on our products to students and teachers. Site licenses, representing a substantial savings on the regular price of the products, are also available to educational institutions. For more information on educational pricing or to order please contact by email or phone.

What’s included with my purchase? • Links to the Windows and Mac OS X installers (less than 32.0 MB) • Serial number • License for two computer installations (e.g.

A laptop and desktop) • Standalone application (runs without a plug-in host) • VST, RTAS, and AAX Native plug-ins for Windows • AU, VST, RTAS, and AAX Native plug-ins for Mac OS X • Manual (PDF) Are upgrade paths available for Chromaphone 2? Yes, all the upgrade options are available from your Offers page—the Upgrade button below will take you there.