Adobe Premiere Could Not Load Any Audio Drivers

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Adobe Premiere Could Not Load Any Audio Drivers

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Adobe Premiere Could Not Load Any Audio Drivers

Sep 25, 2006. My PC is Scaleo T and I am trying to install Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0. The installation seemed to run ok but when I try to open the program, I get an error telling me that it cannot load any audio drivers. Adobe sent me Realtek HD audio driver 1.42 but when I try to install this, it tells me I need 'microsoft.

All in all, the MP4Box computer program can do a great deal of MP4 related fine tuning and can surely be added to the software arsenal of any video editing enthusiast. As long as the absence of the GUI is not a problem at all for you, then this can prove to be “the beginning of a beautiful friendship” (Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine in 1942’s Casablanca).